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Are You Acknowledging The Higher Power? Let Me Help You See More Clearly Why You Should

I was recently given this incredible experience and asked to share it with you. I thought the message that God gave me was truly amazing and beautiful. I was actually very happy when Creator asked me to share this one with you – because of how special and powerful it is. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when He gave it to me.

I was walking down the stairs of my house to go to church (on 2/18/23), and suddenly I heard the lyrics to one of my spiritual songs, "I AM," being sung to me. The chorus, “I AM,” kept repeating itself and getting louder.

Eventually, I recognized that it was one of my Guides, Angels, or God wishing to communicate a message to me using the song's lyrics by the way the volume kept escalating. My thought was soon answered when God announced Himself to me and told me He was the One using the song to communicate to me.

After I got into my car, God kept singing the chorus “I AM” to me while I drove to church. Finally, while walking up to the church, He told me that I was walking up to His “House.” When I was going to church, I was putting myself in a state of being close to Him. He said that when people go to church, especially His church, the Catholic Church, it “pleases” Him “immensely,” and He gives blessings to those who attend. He asked me to share this information, so other people would know what else they can do to earn a blessing from Him.

Later that day, I was surprised to receive another visitation from God. He came through in the early evening and gave me a long channeling about the creation of mankind. As part of His message, He said this:

“I AM all that they have. I AM all that they have ever had. They have just dimmed this knowledge and insight- wake Them up that I AM all that will ever be for them.

I AM the One who gives them the breath of life, the joys and happiness in their lives, and their sorrow and pain- which are the lessons that they helped create in which to learn from so they could achieve more for themselves and from Me. It is learning how to achieve more from Me that I can gift them more of My joyful blessings.

I AM all that they will ever need and want, in addition to My son, who is a gift from Me in their spiritual growth of their soul’s evolution.

I AM the Being that exists above them, besides them, and within them, and I have been since the moment of the inception of their soul, which I created to give them the gift of life- as well as gifting Myself further expansion of My Ever Present Being in My Universe.

I AM God Almighty since the beginning of time and will be throughout all of eternity.

It is wise for them to begin shifting into understanding and accepting that a Higher Power - Mine - does exist and controls and manages every facet of their existence… and at My Will.

I AM the One who carries them wherever it is that they help co-create for themselves, and I do it with the most unconditional love, care, compassion, mercy, and grace to each and every single soul that I have ever created since the beginning of time.

I AM their true Source of Life and Divinity… and will be for all of eternity.”

~ Given to Oracle Maureen on 2/18/23 from God, who wishes to enlighten His children about His omnipresence and everlasting presence in their lives.


In case you are interested in listening, here is the song that God was playing to me!

Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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