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Jesus Christ

Son of God

Jesus Christ was sent to us by God, our Creator, to teach us how to make choices that would allow us an Afterlife in the Paradise of Heaven. He is The Master Teacher given to us by our Heavenly Father to guide us so that we would have the chance to learn from Him how God wishes for us to live life on Earth. Their intention (God and Jesus’s) in sending Jesus to teach us was out of pure love for us—so that we could receive the necessary enlightenment so we could evolve to the level that would earn us a place in Heaven’s Kingdom for all of eternity. 


Living with virtues such as kindness, compassion, forgiveness, strength, resiliency, bravery, humanitarianism, and love is what our Creator, our Holy Father, wanted us to achieve while living on Earth. Jesus, His Son, was sent to us to help us learn this so that we could have a happy existence in both our life on Earth and in our Afterlife. A virtuous life creates positive karma and allows us to receive Their blessings—allowing is to have joyful experiences. 

Jesus is the Light of the World  

Jesus is King. He is our Lord and Savior. Jesus was given a special mission by God to come and save us from the mistakes that Creator saw we were making. The mistakes that God saw that mankind was making would cause us suffering because they would result in negative karmic consequences and lessons for us have to learn from. Jesus wanted to rescue us from these painful outcomes that we would face both here on Earth and in our Afterlives. He was sent to us to teach us what God’s wishes and rules were for us to be allowed to live in God’s world (Earth). His teachings were intended to protect us from our own mistakes. Jesus taught us that by heeding God’s Word, we could create rewards, which would bring positive things (karmic blessings) into our lives both on Earth and on the Otherside. He educated us that if we disobeyed our Creator’s rules, we would suffer unfortunate experiences (karmic consequences) that would result in undesirable circumstances in our future. Instead of being allowed fully into Heaven’s Paradise, our consequences would send us into a lower, more painful dimension (Purgatory) to learn from our errors; as well as being continued in future incarnations. 

Jesus came to enlighten us that on our path of free will, we would have to make choices. Depending on what we chose, those choices would have either a pleasant or a painful outcome for us. He taught us that this fate applies to our Earthly lives and when we leave this dimension—our Afterlife. He showed us that we would live on after when our physical bodies no longer existed. He brought us insight that the only path to a happy Afterlife, free of pain and suffering, was the road that followed His teachings and obeyed God’s wishes—which is also the only path to Heaven.

Jesus came to Me and said: “I am the Light of the World,” and then asked Me to share the message. He was given a special Holy Mission to save all souls from the pain and suffering that we create through our own karmic choices. He came to save and protect us from the un-favorable and painful future fate that exists in Purgatory, Hell, and even in our lives here on Earth. He was given to us, like a gift, to rescue us from our unwise choices that would result in miserable outcomes for us. He showed us the way to protect ourselves from pain and misery and become eligible to receive the blessing and wonderful bliss of being allowed to live in God’s Heavenly Paradise—free from suffering. 

He was created and entrusted by God with the wisdom, strength, and power to have absolute authority over us. Jesus is The Master Teacher to us and to the entire Universe. He is like no other. Jesus appeared to Me and said that He is a “True God.” He was chosen to do God’s Will at the highest level possible. Jesus was anointed by God with every spiritual gift possible including miraculous powers and all knowledge at a God level—for all of eternity. He is an Ascended Master, and our Lord and Savior. He is Christ. 

Jesus also said that He is the “leader above all of the other Ascended Masters, Spiritual Guides, and Angels in Heaven” and that "They all work under Him.” The vision that He showed Me was Him standing a couple feet taller than all the other Ascended Masters (and other Guides and Angels) and standing in the middle (above Them), leading Them. He also appeared much ‘larger’ than any of Them. 

Christ sits at the Right Hand of God, serving Him from Heaven. I have seen Him sitting on a huge Golden Throne, watching over the Universe with God, governing everyone and everything—all the time.  

Jesus Was Miraculous Since Birth

From the very beginning, Jesus showed signs of miracles. He even entered our world through one—the immaculate conception. 

God has the power to do whatever He desires, and He showed us this by bringing Jesus into the world in a miraculous way.


Mother Mary conceived Jesus not through traditional means with a man. She, instead, simply received Him, as a virgin unexpectedly and miraculously in Her womb. Mother Mary received a divine visitation from Archangel Gabriel who was the messenger who told Her of Her gift from God and Her mission to birth and raise the Holy Son of God. Jesus was created and given to both Mary and our world in a sinless manner. He was created without original sin.

While Jesus was here on Earth He was largely human because He had a human mother, but the sinful nature of humans was not passed down to Jesus because He did not have a biological father. The human nature of Jesus came from Mary, but the Heavenly nature came from God and the Holy Spirit. As a result, Jesus was both God and human while He was on Earth. In Heaven, He is entirely Divine. 

God sent Archangel Gabriel to Nazareth with a message for Mary, who was betrothed to Joseph. The Angel told Mary that She would bear a Son, whom She would name Jesus. "He will be mighty," the Angel said, "and will be named the Son of the Most High God." 

Mary was surprised, as She was a virgin. "The Holy Spirit will come upon You, and God's power will rest on You," the Angel said. Mary responded, "I am the Lord's servant." 

When Joseph found out that Mary was expecting a child, rather than believing She was pregnant by the Holy Spirit, He believed that She had been unfaithful to Him. With a broken heart, Joseph decided that He should end Their engagement.  

However, something interesting happened. Mary received another visit from the Angel Gabriel, who told Her that the Holy Spirit would come upon Her and that "You will conceive in your womb and have a son, and you shall call Him Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High, and the Lord God will give Him David's throne, and He will rule over Jacob's house forever, and His kingdom will have no end."  Joseph was not aware of this visit.

Then, not long after leaving Mary, Joseph had His own visitation. "Do not be afraid, Joseph, son of David, to take Mary your wife into your home," God’s Angel advised, "Because this child has been conceived in Her by the Holy Spirit. She will give birth to a Son, whom you should name Jesus because He will redeem His people from their sins." 

When Joseph awoke, He followed the Angel's guidance. Rather than leaving Mary, He welcomed Her into His home, married Her, and awaited the birth of Jesus. 

Jesus continued to show signs that set Him apart from others. He went through a normal maturation process like all other growing kids. However, He was endowed with God's Spirit and favor from the moment He was born. Thus, He was far ahead of other young men when it came to absorbing God's Word and spiritual concepts. 

Jesus referred to God as His “Father” openly since childhood, never wavering. Luke's account of Jesus's life includes a story about something that happened when He was 12 years old. On a journey back from Jerusalem, Jesus had gone into a temple, unbeknownst to Mary and Joseph. He was missing for several days. They frantically looked for Him and were worried sick. When They finally found Him, He was seen engaged in serious discussions with some of Jerusalem's most learned teachers. Rather than being annoyed by someone so young, these men were stunned by Jesus's questions and His mastery of complex theological issues. Luke’s account says, “They were astounded by His intellect and responses.” Mary inquired about where Jesus had been. He responded, confused as though it would have been obvious, “Why did you seek Me? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?”  

Jesus became a human to take on the corrupted fallen nature of mankind, live obediently within that nature, restore our existence to new life, and condemn iniquity in the flesh, thus creating a new way to be human. 



At age 33, Jesus began His ministry and formed His Disciples to help Him. He started preaching to those who would listen to Him. He also performed many miracles at this time and soon gained a large following. 

The Lord’s objective was to set an example for us. He lived everything He taught through His teachings, parables, and sermons. Jesus’s ministry was truly remarkable. He healed people everywhere He went, further revealing several important things to us. 

His miracles proved that He indeed was a miraculous being, unlike any human. Also, He had an unheard of and exceptional level of care for people’s physical and spiritual needs. Regardless of gender, status, age, or race, Jesus respected all people. He demonstrated a high degree of love that the world had never witnessed before. 

Jesus performed many miracles during this time. He healed the sick, made the blind see, cured contagious diseases like leprosy, made the lame walk, and brought people back from the dead. 

His kindness and popularity eventually threatened those who sought power and control. They (and the people who did not want to hear about the importance of obeying God’s wishes) turned away from, and then eventually on, Jesus. 

Jesus is


Jesus brought His teachings to Earth to save people from the mistakes they were making that were causing them pain and suffering. He came to enlighten us that committing sins and mistakes would cost us painful experiences to have to live through at some point, whether it be in our lives here on Earth, our Afterlives or our next lifetime. He came to protect us and to show us the way to Nirvana—Heaven.


He appointed His Apostles with the wisdom and authority to continue His teachings and chose Apostle Peter to form what would become the Catholic Church.  Jesus gave Peter three commands: “Feed my lambs,” “Take care of my sheep,” and “Feed my sheep.” Sheep indicate both God’s and Jesus’s people. Jesus appointed Peter to shepherd His people and lead them to His church. 


The rituals found in the Catholic Church, such as the specific prayers, taking in the Eucharist, and observing the sabbath, are ways to show your faith, respect, and devotion to God. Following God’s wishes and Laws, such as the 10 Commandments, protects us from creating karmic consequences for ourselves, which protects us from pain and suffering. 


Respecting your Creator’s wishes, which Jesus taught and that the Catholic Church encourages, helps us ascend to a higher level here and in our Afterlives.

Catholic Practices To Help Us Acsend:

  • Attend Mass on Sundays and other Holy days of obligation. Refrain from work and activities that could impede those days' sanctification.

  • Confess your sins and receive the sacrament of Reconciliation at least once each year.

  • Receive the sacrament of the Eucharist, at least during the Easter season.                       

  • Observe the days of both fasting and abstaining from meat.

  • Help provide for the material needs of the Church, each according to his own ability.

  • Read the Bible.

  • Practice the 10 Commandments.

  • Show outward devotion to God, your Heavenly Father, and Jesus, His Begotten Son and your Lord and Savior.


Some argue that these rules are man-made, but if you look at the Bible, they truly stem from Jesus’ teachings. God’s grace is not something that one can ever have enough of. It is what saves us from the pain and suffering that we are exposed to while we are here on Earth and what protects us when we leave this planet. To follow the Catholic Church, which teaches and upholds God’s wishes and laws that He created for us, is how we will continue to receive both His and Jesus’ mercy, so we can experience peace and joy in our Afterlife.




When The Lord appears to Me, these are things I will typically see or hear things that will prelude His visitations. Usually I will see a cross suspended right in front of My face or to the right of Me. It is always large, nearly a foot tall. It may be a simple brown cross, or an ornate gold or silver one. Other times, He will hand down a very large gold chain with a cross dangling from it, similar to a Rosary. I will also see a white lamb with Him standing behind it or the white lamb surrounded by a rainbow (rainbows are one of God's symbols).


Sometimes, I will see a Bible floating over to Me and suspend in front of My face. As I start seeing these images, I will then also hear Him announce Himself. These are His more common names He says to announce Himself:

“Jesus,” “The Lord,” “Christ,” “Messiah,” “Lord,“ “Rabboni,” “Jesse,” ”Yeshua,” “Master,” “The Master,” “Lord, Your Savior,” “Mighty One,” “Son of God,” and “Your Beloved” (because I am one of His wives and Principal Oracles.)


Then, very quickly, I will see Him appear in a full or partial apparition, like a 3D hologram, with My physical eyes, which is beyond breathtaking; or, through My Third Eye.

So, you can look for signs such as a cross, Bible or hear Him announce Himself, or maybe even see Him, if you are lucky enough to have Him come gift you a blessing, healing, protection, or guidance. 

His Grace


Jesus is beautiful. I have been privileged to see Him in His entirety many times since He started visiting Me. He is tall, slender, and has the purest white skin that radiates Heaven's white light. He is flawless. He has medium brown hair that falls just below His collar, lightly curling up at the ends. His hair is parted down the middle with medium-length bangs that fall back in waves away from His face. He has the most amazing brown eyes that I have ever seen. They are a beautiful shade of medium brown with a golden halo on the inside, not the typical dark brown eyes you would think He would have given the period of time that He incarnated here as a Middle Eastern Jew. Jesus also wears a well-groomed beard that He keeps short. 

As far as what He wears, I have only seen Jesus wear long, flowing robes with high collars. The most common colors are sky blue and white. I have also seen Him in a purple robe. Sometimes He will wear a golden crown. A large radiant white halo of light surrounds Him, and sometimes, it will have a golden ray of light in it. I have seen Him wearing brown sandals, and I have also seen Him come through to barefoot. He is usually donning a necklace with a large golden cross on it. He is very well-groomed. His beauty truly takes My breath away every time I have been gifted the privilege to see Him. It is the most humbling and blissful experience to be in His presence. It usually takes Me a little while to recover (get back into a grounded state) after being visited by Jesus. Being in His vibration is so powerful that it can leave Me very altered and in a euphoric state for quite a while—because His energy is so extraordinarily powerful, like no other. 

When Jesus visits Me with the other Ascended Masters, He stands (floats) about two feet above Them and is visibly larger. When He appears to Me with other Spirit Guides and Angels in Heaven, again He is noticeably larger than They are. He is The Master. He is Their Master. It is very apparent that They all work under His authority, and so do we.

Jesus Sacrificed



During the height of His career, many Jews came to believe in Jesus as the Messiah. Because of His increased following and influence on people, Jewish leaders feared Jesus. Soldiers arrested Jesus with the help of Judas Iscariot, and He was tried for claiming to be the Jewish king. Under Roman law, rebellion against the ruler was punishable by death by crucifixion.

When it came to Jesus's punishment, Pontius Pilate was reluctant to execute Jesus. Pilate couldn't find any wrongdoing of Jesus. Still, he was pressured by Church leaders and wanted to give the people what they wanted—Jesus's death. He eventually gave in against his better judgment. Pilate washed his hands in front of the people to show that he was not guilty of Jesus's death and then turned Him over to be beaten and tortured. Jesus was forced to wear a crown of thorns and carry His cross along the walk to the hill where He would be killed: this would be eventually known as “The Way of The Cross.” Catholics have since embraced a special prayer called “The Way of the Cross” to show respect and honor to Jesus for all that He suffered.

The crucifixion of Jesus has always been a part of God's plan from the moment He was conceived. Mankind's sin would need a sacrifice. Jesus gave His spotless life so that man could be saved and have eternal life in Heaven. Jesus was tortured, crucified, and murdered for His good deeds of helping the world so we would gain His knowledge and know what path to take that would allow us to live in the bliss of God’s Kingdom.

I have actually been shown Jesus’s crucifixion a couple of times in long movie-level visions, and also that I was present at it. When God or Jesus show Me My experiences that I have had with Jesus (or any of My other Guides, Angels, or God), They tell Me They are giving Me a “reward” and call them “Gifts of Clarity.” In one, I saw Myself standing right up by Jesus’s feet while He was hanging on the cross, weeping and completely heartbroken. I stood alongside other Apostles, who were also close to Jesus, devastated. I looked just like Myself now, except around 20 years old.

In another vision, He showed Himself hanging on the Cross, and I saw a sword pierce Him two times on the left side. Again, I was devastated when I saw this because I knew then that He was no longer on Earth.

Another vision that Jesus gave Me showed Me at His crucifixion, standing at His feet weeping helplessly in rage at His death, and feeling like I lost the love of My life. In this vision, He said to Me: “I died for you. I died for you (meaning mankind).” He asked Me to tell people so that they would better understand His teachings and respect the advanced mission of sacrifice that He took up in order to enlighten us—so we could earn a place in Heaven. He did it out of nothing except unconditional love for God and mankind.

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Jesus Christ


The teachings that Jesus brought to our world when He was here are still true today.


Both Jesus and God have shown Me this. They wish for everyone to learn from Him, so they can evolve to the level where they can get into Heaven and call it their full-time, permanent home—someday. They want all to be released from enduring any more incarnations on Earth, where suffering exists.

Jesus is your Lord and Savior. To receive His blessings and gifts, you must show Christ devotion and respect. He, in turn, will be more inspired to perform miracles for you, which will bring more joy into your life. He is Love. He is Wisdom.


He is available to you… just ask and pray to Him, but be sincere. He answers prayers much quicker to those genuine and faithful to Him. Jesus’s arms are open to you—and even wider if you are devoted to Him. 

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