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Ascended Master Kuan Yin

Boddhisattva ~ Goddess of Compassion and Mercy

Kuan Yin is a powerful, highly evolved, loving and wise Ascended Master and deity. She is the Goddess of Mercy & Compassion. Kuan Yin has attained Total Enlightenment and achieved the ranking one of the highest-ranking Ascended Masters in the Universe, second to Jesus Christ. 


Ascended Master Kuan Yin is a beautiful Asian Goddess who is of the Buddhist faith. She is one of the most highly revered and worshipped deities in the world. 


There are millions of devotees to Goddess Kuan Yin. In times of fear and difficulty, many people in the Western world turn to Christianity’s Savior, Jesus. Similarly, in the East, Motherly deity Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, is the one who they worship and turn to in prayer for help and intervention.


Goddess Kuan Yin serves all those wishing to pursue spiritual paths and evolve. Dedications, altars, and worshippers of Kuan Yin are found across all over the world, but especially the East, including China, Asia, Tibet, and Hawaii.


Goddess Kuan Yin, who achieved becoming a Boddhisatva, made a vow to God to put off entering Nirvana, and instead promised that She would stay close to Earth to help rescue all souls in need of help; as well as to help them ascend—until they made into Heaven. Because Kuan Yin is so extraordinarily compassionate and wise, Her deep care and concern for people is what keeps Her devoted to helping all the souls suffering on Earth. Kuan Yin has devoted Her life to helping save and guide anyone who is in need of help; but especially those who show Her devotion and anyone who calls out Her name. 


Kuan Yin’s deep compassion for people is what has made Her make it Her mission to help mankind until every single soul has been freed of painful Earthly incarnations—until they are finally only living in Paradise. 


Because of Her devotion to helping mankind in their time of need, Kuan Yin has been given the name: “One Who Hears The Cries of The World.”  If you want Kuan Yin’s help, you can ask for it in pray, meditation or just whenever you need it. However, I know as one of Her Principal Oracle’s that if you show a true, sincere belief and devotion to Her—you will be much more likely to receive Her help or more of the Goddess’s help. 


History of Kuan Yin       

Hailed by the Chinese as the “Goddess of Mercy and Compassion,” Kuan Yin first appeared in the Middle Kingdom more than two thousand years ago. She was introduced into China as early as the 1st Century AD, and reached Japan by way of Korea soon after Buddhism was first introduced into the country from the mid-7th century.  She became a very popular deity around the Song Dynasty (960-1279) of whom people revered and worshipped, asking for intercession and help from. 


Kuan Yin lived two incarnations and perfected Herself in God’s eyes of achieving Total Enlightenment in Her first incarnation, as Avalokiteshvara, where She first became a Boddhisatva.  Kuan Yin was originally male until the early part of the 12th century and has evolved since Her first incarnation and prototype as an Indian male prince named, Avalokiteshvara. 

Her Time as Avalokitsvara

Avalokitsvara learned the meaning of life was not about seeking personal gain, fortunes and attachment to things, but rather to live in a loving, compassionate and peaceful state. Eventually, He gave up the pleasures of Eartly materialism and chose instead to pursue the humble life of becoming a Buddhist monk. Avalokitsvara was such a deeply compassionate, kind, humble, and obedient and faithful servant to God that God blessed Him by anointing Him to the ranking of a Boddhisatva. Kuan Yin told Me while writing this, that She had achieved Her Boddhisatva status in Her Avalokitsvara incarnation: This is true. Avalokitsvara is the most famous Boddhisatva in the world, especially in China. 


A Boddhisatva is an enlightened being that has been deemed worthy by God of being allowed the privilege of entering the bliss of Nirvana full time, but choses instead to put off Paradise to help others reach enlightenment. 


Kuan Yin said to Me that: “A Boddhisatva’s ranking is similar to that of a Buddha in that They have both reached Total Enlightenment; but a Boddhisatva has simply chosen to work more actively with, and on, the Earth dimension helping humans ascend; so they make it into the Paradise of Heaven.”

Her Time as Miao Shan

Kuan Yin’s second and last incarnation was that of a female princess, Miao Shan, who also went on to become a Buddhist monk, living a pure and humble life dedicated to making many sacrifices and serving God and others, just like Her original form Avalokitsvara lived. Kuan Yin is the feminine figure and name for Avalokitsvara. This is true, Kuan Yin showed Me Herself as both of these deities—combined—to validate that She did live as both of these incarnations—and is one and the same. She showed Me a clear vision of Herself as a half an Asian woman and a half Indian man. She was Her female part, Kuan Yin, on the right side of Her body; and a male Indian, that looked just like Her (Avalokitsvara) along the left side of Her body. It was amazing to see. So, of all the legends that you read about Her—Yes, this is true. They are one and the same.  


Kuan Yin—as both Avalokiteshvara and Her female counterpart (incarnation), Maio Shan, held highly virtuous ethics and lived a holy and humble life. She focused on serving others with kindness and compassion and extraordinary faithful-ness to God in both of Her lifetimes. She turned away from the vanity and materialism of Earth and chose instead to make the many sacrifices necessary and to live as a humble Buddhist monk and perfected Herself through spiritual cultivation so that She could bring salvation to the world.  Her exceptional virtues, purity and desire to serve God and the people by making constant sacrifices, acts of compassion, good works, as well as Her deep devotion to God, is what pleased God so much so that He anointed a Boddhisatva. 


A Boddhisatva is someone, in the Buddhism faith, who has achieved Total Enlightenment and is just at the threshold of becoming a Buddha. They have ascended to the level that God has allowed Them the privilege to leave the sufferings of Earthly incarnations and has rewarded Them with the bliss being allowed to live in Nirvana full time, permanently. Instead of enjoying this gift, however, a Boddhisatva renounces Their reward of living in Paradise, and instead chooses to delay Their eternal joy for turning back towards Earth to help all the suffering souls in need of help. This ranking frees Them from ever having to live through any more painful reincarnations on Earth. Upon earning this privilege, Kuan Yin, having such a compassionate heart chose instead to remain close to the Earth dimension so She could help bring relief to the suffering, rather than enjoy Her reward of the ecstasies and bliss of Nirvana. 


In Mahāyāna Buddhism. Bodhisattvas are the Buddhist equivalent of Christian Saints.


Kuan Yin made this decision as She was standing before the Gates of Heaven, after earning the right to enter Nirvana full time. As She was about to enter Heaven, Kuan Yin heard the cries of anguish from Earth below. Her compassionate and merciful heart filled with empathy for them, and Her high level of wisdom knew that the people needed both help from their suffering and also guidance to save them from creating more. Kuan Yin made a vow to God that She would delay the joy of living in Nirvana, until every single soul was rescued from the sufferings of enduring Earthly incarnations until they too have achieved the gift of living in Paradise, as their permanent home. Goddess Kuan Yin has since lived closer to the Earth dimension, while in Her Afterlife in the Heavenly realms, so She can hear the cries of the suffering louder—and She can intervene and rescue people quicker. 

What Goddess Kuan Yin Looks Like

Breath-taking. Kuan Yin is a very beautiful Asian Goddess who appears to Me looking around age Twenty-five. When She comes through on Her visitations, She does not look anything like the ‘older’ statutes that are really popular of Her. She is very young and just beautiful. She is medium tall and has flawless white porcelain skin with delicate features. Her eyes are a large dark drown and almond shaped. She has jet, black hair that is very long. She almost always wears it up in a fancy up-do bun on top of Her hair, or sometimes pulled back in a low bun. Sometimes, She will wear diamond tiara crowns on Her head. She always wears long stunning goddess gowns, usually in white, red, gold or pink. She often wears a necklace, a long string of pearls, sometimes it will have a cross on it—looking like pearl Rosary. She is also ordained in other fancy gem-stone jewelry, like earrings and rings, especially rubies. Red is Her signature color.  She will often come through holding a pink lotus in Her hands. When She comes through to Me, She will often give Me pearls—Her pearls (as in Her pearls of wisdom). She will put pearl necklaces around My neck or around My wrists. Or She will put Her pink Lotus flower in My hands. She is mesmerizing.

Pilgrimages Allow Devotees to Show Respect & Earn Her Blessings  

Many seek refuge in Kuan Yin’s mercy. She helps heal the sick, rescues those who need saving, inspires those who have given up, restores faith to the faith-less, and gives Her compassion to all who want and needs it. She also helps the departed soul’s transition more peacefully in the grace of Her compassionate heart. 


Millions flock to pilgrimage sites to worship the wise Goddess Kuan Yin. There are many throughout the eastern countries. Perhaps the most popular pilgrimage site is located in China, named Putuoshan; while in Korea there is a vast pilgrimage consisting of 33 temples. Japan also has a few pilgrimages that honor Her. In addition to pilgrimages, there are numerous temples all over East Asia to show devotion to this incredible deity. They are found in Tibet, Thailand, and Nepal, among other countries. Pilgrims often bring gifts to Kuan Yin which may include silk capes, incense, Lotus flowers or colorful lanterns. Some may even take a pinch of incense ashes from the temple to bring back home to use in medicine. 


Kuan Yin’s Hope - The One Who Hears the Cries of the World

An important element in Mahāyāna Buddhism is that all beings have the potential to reach Buddhahood. This is to achieve such enlightenment that one does not have to return to the Earth realm to reincarnate again, thus being free of pain and suffering from living lifetimes on a difficult dimension, Earth. This is the ultimate level of achievement and spirituality that all Buddhists seek to achieve. 


When Kuan Yin reached Total Enlightenment, She denied the opportunity when She heard all the sorrowful cries of humanity on Earth below Her. She decided to give up Nirvana as a sacrifice to help us in an act of compassion for all of all humans suffering. Kuan Yin’s vow is to remain involved with Earthlings (us humans) until we all have achieved enlightenment and have earned living in Paradise full time. This would mean for all people to no longer sin or harm one another and become complete beings of love and compassion—like Her.


If you want to receive Her blessings, show Her your devotion and respect. She is nearby wanting to intervene to help you. Sincerity is what will get your prayers answered quicker by Kuan Yin. Devotion and respect to Her is what will most likely get them answered to begin with. Listen to Her when She speaks to you and obey Her wisdom, so you evolve quicker and can complete your incarnations—so you can ascend sooner and call Nirvana your forever home. 


Invoke Kuan Yin for help and let Her guide you on your path, so you can reach enlightenment easier and happier and ascend into the bliss of Nirvana with the grace and guidance of one of God’s most highly evolved deity’s—Goddess or Mercy & Compassion, Kuan Yin.

Many seek refuge in Kuan Yin’s mercy. She helps heal the sick, rescues those who need saving, inspires those who have given up, restores faith to the faith-less, and gives Her compassion to all who want and needs it. She also helps the departed soul’s transition more peacefully in the grace of Her compassionate heart. 


pink lotus 2.jpg



Here are some things you might experience when you are in the presence of Kuan Yin to validate that She is with you.


Lotus Flower

Whether you are praying to Her for help, sitting in meditation or having just received Her divine intervention, you may experience seeing a lotus flower in your third eye. It could be pink or white. She gives Me both.


Seeing Red

You might see the color red or a beautiful ruby gemstone. Red is Her signature God-given color.


White Pearls

You may also see a string of pearls. When She wants Me to use Her advice, Her wisdom or My wisdom, She will hand Me a long pearl necklace and put it in My hand or around My neck and tell Me to use My “pearls of wisdom” (that She has gifted Me over the years.) 


If you are lucky enough to hear Her when She talks to you, you will hear a very beautiful-sounding feminine voice with a Chinese accent. She speaks slowly and deliberately, articulating each word gracefully with intent, so you never miss a word or its meaning. When She speaks to you, it is an amazing experience because you will also feel Her love and compassion or strength flow into you as She gives you Her guidance, Her wisdom. 



One Who Hears the Cries of The World

Kuan Yin’s name means “One Who Hears the Cries of the World,” as She has devoted Herself to the mission of rescuing all of mankind from suffering. Goddess Kuan Yin also pronounced or spelled, Guan Yin, Guanyin, Kwan Yin or Guanshiyin. 


The Compassionate One

Kuan Yin also earned the name, “The Compassionate One.” Because She is so caring, kind and merciful. Kuan Yin teaches us that the only way to ascend and be allowed into Heaven is to be compassionate and merciful to others, as well as ourselves. She helps us learn to accept ourselves, by practicing compassion—where no judgements can exist.


Kuan Yin, “The Compassionate One,” also teaches us that with Her Light we can soften ourselves into a gentle surrender so we can better be able to receive joy, beauty, and inner peace. Kuan Yin represents the feminine energies and the Motherly energy that nurtures and holds compassion for all people and animals. She encourages us to follow in Her loving and compassionate ways, so love and harmony can be created among us here and the on the planet.  


She invites us to never give up hope, not even in our darkest hours. Kuan Yin intervenes to remind us to always have hope, especially during our of challenges and setbacks and to never give up or give in to despair. She is the embodiment of what using resiliency, strength and hope can accomplish.


Queen of The Universe, to The East

Because Kuan Yin has attained Total Enlightenment is so powerful and gifted, She has been given and earned many names. Kuan Yin’s ranking in Buddhism is the equivalent of what Mother Mary is in Christianity—a Saint—and a Queen. God told Me that Kuan Yin is the “Queen of the Universe, to the East” and Mother Mary is the “Queen of the Universe, to the West.” Heavenly Father told Me that He “created two Queens” for our world and that Kuan Yin is one that He created for the Eastern part of our world.


Kaun Yin, The Ascended Master, The Goddess of Mercy & Compassion, The Compassionate One, The One Who Hears The Cries of World, The Queen—teaches us about love. She teaches us the only path to love is through compassion and mercy towards others and yourself. She embodies the importance of never giving up hope, no matter how difficult your circumstances on Earth are. She is love. She is strength. She is compassion. She is our Mother. She is our Queen. She is our hope for a better tomorrow and a life in Heaven for all of eternity.




There are many statues and images of Kuan Yin available. She was originally depicted as Her original form, Avalotiksava, a young Indian prince.  Her image started to change during the Tang, however, and the feminine characteristics of Kuan Yin became the prominent representation. She has asked Me to depict some of the symbols associated with Her images to help you better understand their meaning and what they are conveying about Her.


Pink Lotus Flower

Many statues show Kuan Yin sitting on a Pink Lotus Flower. She told Me that the Lotus Flower represents several meaningful things. One meaning, She said is Her desire to help people “Open up their ability to the World through kindness, compassion and mercy; so, they can experience expanding their soul’s awareness and evolve.” A second meaning, She said is that it “represents purity and love,” and Her pure sacred love that She guides us with. It is also a symbol for peace and harmony, and Her desire that we hold this inside ourselves and live in a peaceful state.


String of Pearls 

Kuan Yin will often be seen wearing long strands of pearls. I will also see Her wearing a pearl Rosary. She said this signifies Pearls of Wisdom; which means, Her guidance and wisdom that She imparts on people to help when She give them guidance, which is intended to help them ascend and achieve enlightenment.  


A Thousand Arms & Eleven Heads

There are many statues that show Kuan Yin with a Thousand Arms and Eleven Heads. There are many legends that you can read about why this is; but She wants Me to tell you Her meaning behind it. She said the massive number of arms reaching out and the eleven heads seeing out—signify Her “willingness and ability to hear the many cries for help and reach as many as possible at the same time.”  It also shows Her commitment to helping save all souls from hardships for all of eternity—until everyone has attained enlightenment and has made it into Nirvana. It represents the vow She made to never rest until She has finished Her mission and freed all sentient beings (people) from reincarnation—until everyone is free from the sufferings of this World. 


Sacred Vase of Oil or Water & Willow Branch

Kuan Yin is often seen holding a Sacred Vase. This jar is filled with either water to purify people; or, oil, to anoint them with Her blessings.  The Sacred Water Vase or Jar is special because it also represents the holding the ‘Water of Life,’ which symbolizes longevity, abundance and prosperity.


Kuan Yin told Me that if you ae lucky enough to receive Her gifts from Her Sacred Vase/Water Jar containing pure water or holy oil; She can grant you ‘purity’ by giving you the divine nectar of life—which is the wisdom that She imparts on you, helping you become more compassionate and wiser. 


She can also anoint you with Her holy oil from Her Sacred Vase and using Her Willow Branch, gift you blessings. Using the leaves from Her Willow Branch She can sprinkle the divine nectar of life upon Her devotees and bless them with many physical and spiritual gifts, as well as bring them up into a peace state. 


Slaying The Dragon

Kuan Yin is often depicted standing atop a Dragon, and sometimes a Snake. There are many legends that you can read about the meaning of these, but Kuan Yin has asked Me to tell you what is significant to Her about them. She said they represent the power She has in taking down evil. She is a Goddess and a warrior. Kuan Yin has the power, strength and ability to protect you from harmful spirits of the lower realms, as well as shield you from danger from other Earthlings.


There are so many more important and significant messages in a lot of the symbols of how Kuan Yin is represented that I could go on and on; but these are some of the main ones that She wishes you to know the truth behind and understand. Here desire is that you understand that you can pray to Her and ask Her for help and know that She has the ability and power to intervene in numerous ways to help rescue, enlighten, save and bless you.   

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