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Fri, May 21



An Evening of Spirit Communication

Virtual Group Reading with Medium Maureen Allan

An Evening of Spirit Communication
An Evening of Spirit Communication

Time & Location

May 21, 2021, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM PDT



Love is eternal. Our beloved friends and family do live on. Medium Maureen Allan will bridge the gap between this dimension and Heaven’s and help you reunite with your soulmates in the Afterlife. This miraculous experience is powerfully healing for both you – and them. Using her blessed spiritual gifts, Oracle Maureen will help give you the chance to have closure, peace and proof that your loved ones loved on… and are still with you, today.

TIME: 6-7:30PM (PST)

WHERE: Online Virtual

PRICE: $25

REGISTRATION:  Visit Maureen’s HeartSpace event page here:

Find this event and Click the ‘Reserve’ button and pay there. If you need help, call #949-752-5272. 

*Also, please email Maureen’s office at to let us know of your attendance.

YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THIS EVENT IS HELPING BRING RELIEF TO THE PRECIOUS, INNOCENT ANIMALS BEING KILLED THROUGH THE CRUEL ACTIVITY OF SPORT and TROPHY HUNTING: I will be donating my proceeds to help protect our precious animals from being killed and hurt because of Hunting. I have been given several alarming visions showing me the truth of how truly inhumane this "activity" is seen in the eyes of Heaven. To read them, please go to the How Heaven Sees It section on: I have been guided to give my profits to to help support their efforts in stopping this cruel behavior of KILLING Our Animals!

Message from Oracle Maureen

In a Group Reading, sometimes not all attendees will be read. This is determined by factors such as the size of the group, sharing the medium with others, the amount of time given; and, what I think is the most important reason - if someone is not holding an open and honest state and choosing to participate in the group session.  If you wish to receive messages during the Group Reading, it is best to come humble, honest and receptive…. so that you may be blessed with earning the gift of a reading, which is determined by God, and not by me. Please know that a Group Reading cannot guarantee you a reading for these reasons. It gives you a chance to receive messages in a very powerful and amazing way of sharing the experience with others as a collective group. If you want a reading guaranteed, than you would be best to arrange a private session. If you want one with me, please send a request to:  Wishing you a an open mind and an open heart, so you and your loved ones in Heaven can experience the joy of being reunited.                              

Blessings,                                                                                                                                                                                                                Oracle Maureen

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