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Mother of Jesus

Mother Mary, also known as the Mother of Jesus, is one of the most beloved figures, not only in Roman Catholicism and Christianity. Blessed Mother Mary, also known as, The Immaculate Heart and The Queen of the Universe, was given a very special mission and privilege. She was chosen and entrusted by God to bring Lord Jesus into the world and to care for Him. 


As the holy Mother of the most revered being in the Catholic faith, and many would say—the world; Mary represents the sacrifice, devotion and unconditional love of a mother to Her child. Because She was a virgin when She carried baby Jesus, the miracle of Her immaculate conception also brings to light Her un-worldly divine purity. Mother Mary is a divine source of grace, purity and a loving mother that we all can turn towards for help and healing.

Mary, Mother of Jesus  

At a mere 16 years old, virgin Mary was visited by an angel, Arch Angel Gabriel, who gave Her a divine message from God. 


Arch Angel Gabriel told Mother Mary, a young girl from Nazareth who lived a modest and humble life, that She was chosen by God to give birth to His sacred and Holy Son. She was informed that Jesus would be like no other. He was to be our Savior, who would work miracles and save their souls with His wisdom for all those who would listen to Him. 


Stunned and overwhelmed, Mary carried Her special mission in secrecy, to protect both Herself and Her coming baby from harm by those who did not welcome God into their hearts or this world. Mary also kept this gift to Herself because She was engaged to be married to Joseph. As the time was nearing for Mary to show Her expanding belly, revealing a child, Mary decided She needed to disclose this information to Her fiancé, Joseph. 


Unable to accept and comprehend such a grand miraculous event, Joseph doubted Mary and shunned Her. 


Joseph, however, soon received His own miraculous experience through a vision where he was visited by an Angel who told him that Mary was in fact telling him the truth. Overwhelmed, Joseph had a change of heart and embraced Mary and supported Her special role in carrying Jesus, the Son of God, into the world. Through immaculate conception and divine intervention, Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ and brought Him into the world on December 25. 


This day continues to be celebrated across the world as the Catholic holiday, Christmas, with feasts, celebrations and prayers which honor welcoming baby Jesus into the world.


Mary is Our Advocate

Mother Mary is a loving Saint. She is extraordinarily kind, wise, compassionate and devoted. She is committed to helping us in every way possible and for as long as it takes—until each of us makes it into Heaven full time and are finally released from having to re-incarnate on Earth any longer. 


Mary is our intercessor. She stands at the closest level to Jesus, as one of His Ascended Queens. Kuan Yin is His other Queen. I see Mary stand right next to Jesus on His left side, while Kuan Yin stands next to Him on His right side. Because of Her position of being so close to Jesus, Mary can bring our prayers to Jesus and plead to Him on our behalf. Mary works as an advocate for us, by serving us in this manner. She is the strongest voice in Jesus’s ear and can help our prayers be heard louder and quicker, If She deems them worthy. If you pray to Mary, your prayers may be more likely to be heard by Jesus and answered by God.


Mother Mary is known to be one of the purest beings, with a heart full of grace, love, and devotion to God and Her Son, Jesus—and us. Mother Mary teaches us to remember that we are born pure, and that when we give our souls to God and show our devotion to Creator and Her Son, Jesus; our purity and faithfulness can reward us with earning a place in Heaven.


Mary Has Earned One of the Highest-Ranking Positions in Heaven. She is an Ascended Master and Stands Right Next to Jesus

Mary has earned the title and ranking of Queen of the Universe. She holds an enormous and unending flow of unconditional love for us and looks after us, much like a mother. She is devoted to serving our world as much as possible and intervenes whenever She is allowed to—to help us. She also holds constant vigils for us and prays for us—asking Jesus and God to lessen our consequences and for more mercy and relief to be given to us. She is an advocate for us and pleads to Her Son, Jesus, on behalf of us asking to grant us help through miracles, healings and divine intervention.


Blessed Mother Mary is beautiful. This is what She looks like when I see Her. 


Mary’s face is serene and angelic with large round, beautiful, brown, eyes and the most peaceful expression. 


She has creamy-white porcelain colored skin, with a delicate mouth that gently curves up into a warm smile. Mary is petite, slender and not very tall. She has long, dark brown, thick hair that She usually wears back in a low bun, with a white veil that sits midway on Her head and runs down Her back. She wears a long flowing white robe, with another long blue robe under it. Sometimes, I will also see Her wearing all white; a long white robe with a white cloak that partially covers Her head. She always wears a cross on a long a chain, and I usually see Her holding a Rosary. My guides told Me the meaning behind the color of Her robes. The white robe represents Her exceptional purity; and the blue robe represents the color of an empress or royalty.


Mary’s voice is very tranquil, sweet and loving. When She speaks to Me, it is mesmerizing and beautiful to listen to. It is overwhelming to receive Mary’s visitations. I am immediately surrendered into the most humble and awestruck state to be allowed to be so close to Her grace and filled with Her compassion and love, while She is communicating to Me. 


Blessed Mother’s love is immense and so is Her wisdom. I treasure each and every visit that I am privileged with when I receive Mary’s visitations, as well as the teachings that Mary brings to us to learn from. 


Devotion to Mary Brings Miracles

Mary has visited Me and given Me messages about the importance of praying the Rosary and wearing Her medal, The Miraculous Medal. She has told Me that when people commit themselves to these acts, they can earn Her blessings and miracles—because they are showing Her devotion and respect. 


Mother Mary has guided Me to encourage people to embrace putting the time and work into both of these practices, because She does desire to intervene and help people—but they must be awarded Her help through God and Jesus first. 


Many, many people from all across the world are highly devoted to the Blessed Mother. She has special sites meant to give people places where they can go to connect stronger to Her. By making the sacrifices of time, energy, financial resources, travel and praying in a more intense way to Her, people can show Mary a higher level of devotion and hopefully earn Her intervention and gifts. Millions of people flock from all around the world to Her special devotional sites in Fatima, Lourdes, Medjugorje and Guadalupe to pray for Her Blessed intersession to heal them from painful and crippling illnesses, inflictions and conditions. There are many documented cases of miraculous healings and transformations for the pilgrimages who have been privileged with receiving Mother Mary’s miraculous healings.

mary heavenly.jpg




When Mary is coming through and visiting Me with a message. I will often first see a Rosary suspended, hanging, very close, in front of My face. I see it with My physical eyes, not My Third Eye. It is usually a blue or pearl life-size Rosary. She will hand it to Me very close to My face, to get My attention.


Another common gift that Mary will give Me when comes through is a pink rose, usually it is a single rose. Sometimes it will be multiple roses too, though. Mary will also use giving Me a cross or white Lillie’s to get My attention



The white lily represents the purity and holiness of Mother Mary and symbolizes Her innocence and virginity. In fact, many artistic scenes of Angel Gabriel and Mary show the Arch Angel giving Mary a lily. 


A rose is also associated with Mother Mary, as She has been named, “the rose without thorns.” Red roses symbolize heavenly love; while pink represents joy. Their thorns represent the original sin. The Rosary is also depicted in artwork as a garland of roses being given to Mary; and it is Her prayer.

Immaculate Heart

The Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary refers to Her divine inner life. This is often depicted as a heart with flames and a sword piercing it. These symbols represent Her devotion, sacrifice to Her Son and to God; and the deep sorrows that She carries in Her heart. The Immaculate Heart is traditionally depicted with seven swords piercing it, each being one of Her Seven Sorrows.

Hail Mary Full of Grace

Mary intervenes and like a concerned loving mother, guides, heals, protects and warns us of mistakes that we are making that are creating hardships. I see and feel Her concern and sorrow for our wellbeing when She comes to Me with Her messages. I also see and feel Her extraordinary commitment in wanting to help rescue us from consequences that are our sins and mistakes are creating. 


With the love of a devoted and compassionate mother, Blessed Mother Mary intervenes as much as She is permitted to—to save us. She stands by watching over us, ready to perform miracles whenever and wherever She is allowed to. Showing your sincere devotion to this very powerful and loving saint, who desires to ease our burdens, is how you will earn Her blessings and Her miracles. 


Devotion, respect, humility, sacrifice, and time spent praying, are the ways you will earn Mary’s miraculous gifts…. Which She so wishes to give with you.

The Rosary


The Rosary is one of the most powerful prayers you can say. When I first started receiving visitations from Mother Mary asking Me to deliver Her messages, She asked Me to teach people about the importance of Her prayer—The Rosary. Mary explained to Me that when you pray the Rosary; you earn Her blessings. She also told Me that it is important because you are also praying to Jesus and God, and She needs Their blessings to intercede on your behalf to heal, protect or guide you. She also taught Me that praying it often is important to Her, and Them, and to do it with a sincere intention. If you want to show Mary devotion, then pray the Rosary to Her, often.

When praying the Hail Mary, one says that She is “full of grace.” This is because when the Angel Gabriel originally spoke to Mary, He told Her that Her heart and soul were made with the grace and purity of all of God’s virtues. By remembering our own grace, we can become closer to Mary and Her holiness and withstand our trials and tribulations in our lives with more grace and ease, if we use Mary as a role model and if we ask for Her intercession.


The Miraculous Metal


Another way you can show Mary devotion is by wearing Her special medal, created just for Her. Mary showed Me Her medal a few years ago, when She asked Me to deliver a message about the importance and validity of wearing it. She appeared in front of Me, holding a gold Miraculous Medal on a gold chain. She turned the medal around so I would see the details on both sides. She, then explained why it is significant and important to embrace, wearing regularly. 


Mary said wearing the Miraculous Medal on a chain, where people can see it, shows Her devotion. She told Me that She is looking to help people who show Her respect and devotion; and that She is only allowed to intercede with people who are genuine and faithful. 


The Medal is lovely. On the front, Mother Mary is depicted with Her hands spread open and crushing a snake at Her feet. The snake symbolizes Mary protecting you from the devil and evil; while the rays of light shining behind Her back means that God is behind Her helping Her conquer evil and save you from evil and keep you in the light. On the back side, there is the letter “M,” which is surrounded with a holy cross and 12 stars. The cross represents Jesus, and the stars symbolize His 12 Apostles. The back side also has two hearts with flames. This represents Mary and Jesus’s passionate, loving hearts which are joined in saving all souls from evil, pain and misery and devoted to help bringing them into a higher, happier existence.


Mary Created Devotional Sites So We Could Honor Her & Receive Her Blessings

There are various pilgrimage sites that Mary has helped create to invite pilgrims to join in devotion and service to Her; so, they may be allowed to receive Her blessings and grace. Four very well-known locations, which attract millions of pilgrimages each year are Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje, and Guadalupe.

These sites are known to hold special powers, because they belong to the Immaculate Mother, who blesses them to give us gifts. There are many documented accounts of pilgrimages who have journeyed to these devotional sites that Mary has created and received miraculous healings from chronic and disabling illness and conditions.                                                                        


The Grotto Flows Miraculous Healing Water at Lourdes 

At Lourdes, France in the Grotto of Massabielle, the Blessed Mary appeared to a young 14-year-old girl named Bernadette Soubirous in 1858. She visited Bernadette, who later became declared a saint, a total of 18 times. During one of Her visitations, Mary asked Bernadette to take Her hand to the ground and told Her that a holy spring of water would erupt that could help heal people. Unsure, at first, how water would just come out of the ground, Bernadette did not doubt the Virgin Mary. She obeyed Her Blessed Mother and dug a hole with Her hand and was surprised to see a beautiful spring of water come up out of the ground just where Mary advised Bernadette to dig. 


Since then, a large stunning grotto was created, where healing waters flow from the Grotto that Mother Mary created and has blessed. The Grotto that Mary gave us has given us holy water that Mother Mary has blessed so that people can have access to—in hopes of being healed from painful conditions. Pilgrims from all over the world travel to the holy Grotto seeking the grace of the Madonna to heal and rescue them from sick beds, wheelchairs, crutches, cancer, life-threatening diseases, addictions, and any and all painful, disabling alignments that medical treatment has failed to cure them from. Here they can anoint themselves with Mary’s blessed holy ‘healing waters’ from the Grotto and worship Her in a special place, one of Her chosen devotional sites, praying for Mary’s intercession to heal and cure them from their pain and suffering. 


Believers are Said to Have Received Miracles Who Climb
Apparition Hill in Medjugorje

In a small town called Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mother Mary appeared to six children since 1981 with messages of Her willing-ness to intercede and help and Her desire to create a devotional site. The hill where the apparitions took place soon became revered as a holy place and name Apparition Hill. The site for pilgrims to visit was also given the name, “Our Lady of Medjugorje.” Every year, visitors climb Apparition Hill to see where the original apparitions took place, as well as the possibility of any new sightings that they may witness.


The Shrine of Fatima Attracts Pilgrims Hoping for Mary’s Grace

Hundreds of thousands of pilgrimages travel to Fatima, Portugal throughout the year to the Shrine of Fatima. Pilgrims are seen crawling on their knees (with and without knee pads) along a 182-metre path, from the Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity to the Chapel for Apparitions. They are praying to Mary for specific requests or have returned to thank Her for favors granted. People travel to Fatima year long, but the 13th of the months of May-October are the days that celebrate the apparitions that the Virgin Mary appeared to the three Shepard children who witnessed Mary’s apparitions.

Tepeyac Hill 2_edited.jpg

The Faithful Walk Tepeyac Hill in Mexico Seeking Blessings from Mary 

Guadalupe, Mexico City is another location of where Mary has appeared requesting a special devotional site in Her name. Mother Mary appeared to a peasant named, Juan Diego, on December 12, 1531. Here, the Blessed Mother became known as “Our Mother of Guadalupe.” Juan Diego had called Her “Coatlaxopeuh” in his native language, which translates to “She who crushes the serpent.” 

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