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Response to Covid Spike... Sadly Taking More Lives

This is a miserable thing – isn’t it? Covid. Instead of improving, things are getting worse. Because of this, I was asked to give some clarity. We are being humbled. It is that simple. I was given the warnings back in March that we would be facing a deadly plaque, and I was told what we needed to do in order to get it released from earth: Be Faithful to God and Jesus and Believe in Miracles. Because the disease is, unfortunately, still spreading and taking more lives, I am re-sending the messages. 

If you have embraced that being humble and faithful is the best action you can take right now - yeah:) And, then maybe you can inspire a friend or family member that is still resistant to showing devotion.  Because I can promise you all the face masks, sanitizers and vaccines – will not take out this disease. We need God and Jesus to release us from this hardship; before anything here will work. Which, by the way, They would be the Ones that would sending us the solution, or just taking it from us.  

When I was asked to write this. I was also asked to give you guidance about all the things that people are fighting about and having controversy over. Here is guidance that both Jesus and Kuan Yin have offered to help you make your decisions and help you live safe and peacefully:

1. Whether to Wear Face Masks or Not? 

Answer: Yes. Absolutely. It is unwise to not protect yourself and selfish to not protect another. It does help stop and inhibit the spread of the germ.

2. Wear Gloves?

Answer: Yes. Whenever you are not at home.

3. People Dining Out or at the Bars?

Answer: No. No groups socializing. If people would stay quarantined, we could do this safely by September. 

4. Quarantine?

Answer: Yes. They said we should all be quarantined, except for going out to get basic needs, and then to wear masks and gloves. Or, for a walk, run, bike ride (where you are not in a group).

5. House Parties?

Answer: No. It is considered ignorant and selfish. 

They also asked me to remind you of your Karma. • For those who are committing acts where they put others in danger by not obeying the strict limitations that Corona, unfortunately, has us under – there will be strong negative karmic consequences waiting for them. 

• For those making the miserable adjustments and making sure that they are safe and that others are safe – positive karmic blessings will be waiting for them.

Here is part of the message that Jesus gave to me telling me some of the reasons why we are experiencing Coronavirus. I was given this on March 3, 2020:

"The disease has been given because God is dis-pleased with sinners. Corona Virus is the unfortunate act of God sending an experience to earth to remind people that they are ‘Vulnerable.’  People have to remember to not ‘Tempt Fate’ and fall into the temptations of the ego… which is where the choice to sin follows. But, rather, to Think and Live in a state of seeking the Approval, the Protection and the Blessings from the One who Created them and gave them Life = which is God.

Pray for those who have been directly affected by this disease and pray for yourself and your loved ones - For Protection that you do not experience its effects. Ask God and Us for more Grace and Protection. We are the Ones who Protect you from your Vulnerabilities, while you are there, on earth; and it is Our wish to serve you and Guide you with Our Blessings… with Our Protection."  ~ Jesus

Here is part of another message that Jesus gave me to about why we are living with the threat of a deadly plaque. I was given this on March 14, 2020:

Jesus said we needed to be made “vulnerable;” "because there are so many people that do not Believe in God, Jesus and Heaven. And that bringing the non-believers into a weakened state was necessary to shift them out of their egos - in order to bring them back into Believing again - in the Source that created them, as well as in Miracles.”

Show Jesus and God that you are a Believer and not someone who needs to be corrected and humbled because you have become un-faithful.

Life is hard. We are tested every single day in difficult and painful ways. It is tempting to lose faith after enduring disappointments and setbacks, but that is exactly what having Faith is all about. It is not losing faith, no matter how hard life is, and believing that there is an All Loving, All Forgiving, All Knowing Source of Life that created you – and that is helping guide you in the direction that truly is best for you. He announces Himself to me as Creator, Divine, Source of Life, Supreme Being and God. He created a special soul. His Son, who He sent to earth long ago to teach us to not sin, so we could earn a place in Heaven, when our lessons here on earth are finished. He gave His Son, Jesus, full command to lead mankind – to Guide us – so we would make it to Heaven, and not to one of the alternative places.

They have impressed on me to impress on you the serious-ness of this plague and Their un-happiness with how people are conducting themselves.  Please take Their message to heart and listen to them and think of Your afterlife. They are by sending us this difficult disease – to stop us in our tracks and make us think and re-evaluate.

Here is a prayer offered by Jesus and Kuan Yin that you can do to help be in Their in good graces and to help the world, for the ones who are still in denial of their mistakes.

“Dear God & Jesus,

I hear you loud and clearly. I no longer want to live in the threat and limited state that Corona has thrown us in. Please forgive any and all of my sins and mistakes. Please make me aware of which ones I have committed. I no longer want to be in denial of them. I want to seek accountability and seek your forgiveness. Please also forgive my fellow brothers and sisters, who may not be willing to confess their mistakes. Please forgive all of their trespasses – so that Corona may be lifted from us. Please forgive the sins of the world. Please take away the disease and give us health and higher quality of life back. And so it is. Amen.”

So it is simple. Be Humble: Ask for Forgiveness, where you have fallen. Believe in our Father, God Almighty, & in our Saviour, Jesus. Believe you are worthy of Their forgiveness, because you are. Believe in Their Mercy.And Trust in a Miracle.  Sending you each love and healing in this challenging time, as well as hoping and praying for this difficult lesson to end soon – for us all. Blessings, Maureen Allan

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher

Full Time Oracle for Jesus Christ

Principal Oracle for Kuan Yin


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