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Testimonials About Oracle Maureen

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"I have known Oracle Maureen for over ten years, and this was back in Minnesota when she was Maureen Allan.  I met with her in person a couple of times and was amazed with the information she gave me through her communication with my loved ones and spirit guides.  Throughout the years I had more personal readings via phone after she moved to California. These readings are very truthful and correct and have allowed me to receive advice of how to live my life, and yet, it is also everything else that Oracle Maureen provides that is just as impressive.


Maureen's emails (Monthly Newsletters) to her readers that are channeled from God, Jesus, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha are about difficult times, but are necessary to hear and learn from. They have made a difference for me along with reading Maureen's words about the Ascended Masters on her website, listening to her meditations, and of course the readings that she has given me throughout the years.


While all of this is wonderful, it is her classes that have really changed my life. I feel honored to be one of your students in both the Psychic Development and Bible Study classes.  Taking them both at the same time has allowed me to spend more time working on them and I feel the benefit of how each class goes so well together.


I believe that Oracle Maureen is the most important and pivotal person in my earthly life who will help my eternal life. I am truly humbled and honored to be her student for my purpose in life, and I hope to continue learning from her for many years to come."


Her blessed student,


Rachel Inselman

Duluth, Minnesota



“I’ve been having readings with Maureen for about 15 yrs. Throughout those years I have come across loss, sorrow, anxiety, grief, uncertainty; and at times, feeling a little lost and needing some guidance. During these hard times, I always turned to Maureen. She would give me messages from my angels, loved ones and most importantly God and Jesus. These messages and guidance helped me when I needed it the most and I could not be more grateful. I started taking psychic development classes and Bible study classes with Maureen, since taking her classes I have a much greater appreciation and understanding of my spirituality and my faith. These classes has sure changed my life and the amount of love I feel is amazing. I want to thank Maureen for all she does and for all her teachings.”





"I first encountered Oracle Maureen about a year ago when my cousin highly recommended her to communicate with my dear relatives who had passed. I was very skeptical as I have encountered many sub-par psychics and/or charlatans. Her accuracy is astounding and to me seems 100% accurate.


She wanted me to start praying the Rosary and this was difficult for me at first due to my Jewish upbringing, but she lovingly persisted.


Actually, there are a lot of references to Judaic Law in the Mysteries of the Rosary. Long story short I figured I would give it a try. 


Whenever I prayed the Rosary, I felt loved and protected at least through the next day. I therefor started reciting it daily as I need all the protection I can get in this trying period of human history. Besides the protection, there were many miraculous things that happened too numerous to mention. I was surprised that even my interpersonal relationships improved. However, there was one miracle that really stands out and can be seen by most people. Some people just cannot see it. That’s why I juxtaposed it with a picture of my statue of Mother Mary on the right.


This (pictured below) appeared on Christmas day 2021 which makes it even more auspicious. The vision is on a steamed-up mirror.


I hope you can see it and partake of the amazing gifts Oracle Maureen is providing through the Ascended Masters she channels."


~ Michael Goodleman


"Recently, I was watching one of Oracle Maureen’s YouTube videos, and I just happened to look up from off the screen. That’s when I saw a Cross suspended in front of me, and right next to the Crèche that I had on display for the Christmas season. I knew in that moment that Jesus was actively with me, pleased that I am working to evolve my soul, which includes my learning from one of His chosen Oracles."


- June Hessler, MN



"I met Maureen three years ago at the Conscious Life Expo in LA and she picked me out of 75 strangers. She described my father perfectly. I have since been to many of her Group Readings and classes, where Buddha and Quan Yin have come into my third eye and helped me with psychic development- when Maureen is 400 miles away (these events were all through Zoom).  I have had private readings with her, and she is nearly 100% accurate. She is truly a gifted medium, and I would recommend her to anybody seeking a higher form of spirituality. She can provide closure, comfort and the knowledge that we survive death."




 Fred Thayer



"Maureen's messages are a gift from God! The messages from our loved ones who are on the other side are so meaningful and life changing!

- Cheryl O.


"Maureen's calm, engaging presence put us at ease right away. She is probably one of the most accurate and gifted psychics out there who are channeling loved ones who are in spirit. My husband and I both were blown away by our readings with Maureen. We contacted her shortly after the passing of loved ones (including our beloved dog, who came through!) and the messages we received through Maureen were incredible and gave us such comfort. Honestly, she was channeling answers to specific and personal questions we had in our minds and hearts but had not even asked. In my husband's words: 'She's the real deal.' "

- JA


"Maureen has completely changed my life. I’ve had several readings and taken many of her classes. When I first saw her, I had no sense of direction in my life but with her help, I’ve found a happier, healthier path. She gives priceless high-level wisdom and guidance that you won’t find anywhere else. She’s by far the most intuitive and accurate medium I’ve ever been to. The experiences are mind-blowing. She’s also extremely compassionate, personable, and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her."

- Ciara


"I have lost both of my parents in recent years. Maureen, with Ascended Master Quan Yin, opened a portal to the "other side" so I could communicate with them and other relatives who have passed. It was a very emotional experience. There were some misunderstandings before my parents passed. It was like having a direct conversation with them. I feel these issues are now resolved.  Now that they are on the other side, they understand me much better and now I realize more than ever how deeply they love me. I had the opportunity to tell my Dad he was the hero of my life and he said he was beyond speechless. Last minute details were mentioned that Maureen couldn't have possibly known. I have total confidence in Maureen and her relationship with the Ascended Masters she works with. We are extremely lucky to have this Divine Resource available to us. I plan to do more readings with her, and I would highly recommend you do so also."

--M.G., Fairfield, Iowa


"Maureen has the most amazing ability to communicate with spiritual energy.  For example, six months before the 2016 election, she told me that Trump would win. She was also able to predict and help prepare me for my sister's passing last year, as well as navigate troubled waters at work.  She is the best."


- Carol


"Thank Heaven for Maureen! Losing Mom to Alzheimer’s was a years-long nightmare. Her loved ones suffered alongside her,  and her children were excluded from decisions by her sister who held power of attorney. It was hard to distinguish grief from anger, only wanting what was best for her. I could not 'un-see' my beautiful Mom's tiny, frail body as she agonized for weeks and carried that pain and sadness -- I thought  -- the remainder of my life.  When my daughter-in-law told me about Maureen, I just sorta knew it was going to be okay. 


First,  Maureen was incredibly peaceful,  and I immediately felt comfortable.  The hour quickly passed, yet time was sufficient for messages from Mom (who did cartwheels to show she was indeed okay ;) and Dad and even my baby brother!  She relayed things she couldn't have possibly known and waited patiently as I grappled at times with all that was being told to me. I was ready for another 'visit ' with my Loved Ones by the time I arrived home from the appointment. Best of all, I was sure Mom was okay and eventually I could release those last images of her that I was hanging onto. 


I have great respect, even reverence, for Maureen and highly reccomend her. I can personally attest to a great change in the course of my life as a result.  Her ethics  equal her abilities: Outstanding!  In studying with her I've learned to communicate with Mom (and others) on my own,  and I’ve fallen back in love with life and deepened my relationships with God and Nature.  There are so many possibilities in life for us to enjoy and learn from  -- I say, "Go for it!"


- Big Love, Kelly Moreno 


"Maureen has helped me tremendously with multiple instances of theft. In one instance, I had just got back in town from a weekend away and realized my brand new Bose music speaker that I had just received for my birthday was missing. 

Maureen blew me away, when she was able to see find it and what happened it to. She described the person who took it, down to specific details profiling what the person looked like. I was surprised to find the description matched my roommate’s friend. Maureen then saw and located where it was. She described it being in the trunk of her car. The person denied taking it for about a week; but, I continued to press the issue. After multiple attempts of trying to get her to confess, she finally admitted she had taken it. She said she ‘intended’ to take it the beach and thought she returned it to me and must have ‘forgot.’ Thanks to Maureen’s abilities, I was able to get my expensive birthday gift back. Thank you Maureen.

Maureen also located earrings that I had lost another time. She blew me away, when she saw them and found them hidden and stuck in the carpet on my staircase."

~ Signed, A Very Grateful Client 


"My readings with Maureen began over five years ago.  I have such gratitude for these opportunities to check in with on my spiritual journey and soul’s journey.  I’m always validated with messages from my Guides and departed loved ones with Maureen.  


I also have always appreciated the beneficial knowledge that comes from one of my readings with her, and I look forward to my spiritual check ins."

- Andrea


"I'm still in awe of how much the session with Maureen helped me to have a sense of peace and comfort. I know without a doubt now, that there is still a strong connection between me and my loved ones, and that there is no death of the spirit. Though I knew that in my mind, I had to experience the validation of that through Maureen's gift of being able to help us communicate. Through that experience many of my questions were answered that had been causing worry or guilt about the way things happened before my mother passed.


My mother came through to tell me it was all part of her destiny and the way she had to return home. She expressed her gratitude and her concern and love for me, just as she would if she were here, and told me many specific things about my life, so it was clear she is still very aware of what is happening in my life. That allowed me to stop wondering if she was "with me" and to just know she is. She cares and is helping from the other side as best she can, along with my father and others on the other side, who also came through in the reading. Thank you Maureen, for the gift of reassurance which has been so healing for my heart in the loss of my dear mother." 

- NS in Minnesota


"My wife Michelle struggled with a very rare and painful neurological condition for years and though it was never considered life threatening, she passed unexpectedly one year ago today from an adverse reaction to a medication she had recently begun taking. Devastation, heartbreak, fear, physical, and emotional pain I never could have imagined followed. I was one of those people who never got the chance to say "I love you" one last time or "Goodbye" and this is what hurt the most. Maureen was able to give me the chance to say those simple but affirming words to the one I loved - and more importantly, to hear those words returned to me in a manner that only Michelle could have expressed. Thank you Maureen - you are a blessing to all who need you and are fortunate enough to find you."

- Scott, St. Paul 


"Maureen has given me much insight and peace of mind when I have gotten intuitive readings from her. She has given me specific and accurate information that has come true: Once letting me know that an aunt would help me out financially during a difficult time in my life; and, another time letting me know that I would not get the job that I was applying for - but that the new office that I would be moving into instead would be good for my business. I highly recommend Maureen's readings to help guide one in there search for truth." 

- Julie Ann, Mpls. 

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