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Your Heart Always Knows the Answer

Life on earth has a purpose. It is designed to allow our souls to evolve. However, with our evolution we would not grow if we were not challenged. The challenges that we face are sometimes obvious, but in many cases they are not really clear to us because they can be hidden in the tests and temptations we face. Having a path and knowing how to maneuver through our challenges is key in creating a life filled with happiness, opposed to suffering. Goddess of Mercy & Compassion Kuan Yin has intervened to help you achieve more joy that can be had, based on how you make your choices.

Ascended Master Kuan Yin Said:

“Listen to Your Heart. This is how you will make the wise choices that will bring you abundance, soulmates, desirable opportunities, and love.

Ignore your heart’s desires and you will bring into your world that which will make you weep.

Follow the sounds and frequency of your heart—and you will experience a better life on Earth.”

~ Given to me from Kuan Yin on 10/25/21 in hopes of helping you find the path to happiness. Peace to you.

Prayer from Kuan Yin to Help You Live by Your Heart

“Dear Kuan Yin,

Please show me the way to my heart. Please help me to attain the strength and discipline to not fall into the trap of my ego and fear. Please strengthen my ability to hear my heart and listen to its desires.

Please help me live by listening to my heart, clearing away all fears and doubts, so I may bring more happiness into my life."

Master Channeler Maureen

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