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Who Can Heal Will Give Us a Better Future

…Message on Election Day, 2020

I received the message from Jesus this morning, November 3, and was asked to deliver it. He asked me to also remind people to be mindful of their choice and to think with their hearts.

“The state of your government is a reflection of the ethics of the vast majority of your people. You should ask yourself: ‘What kind of leader will represent and serve my interests and those that I share my country with so that I will experience more freedom and peace free from disparity?’

The ethics of your leader will either create that path for you or block you and send you down one with un-desirable views that is difficult to walk.

It is not who can open up fiscal opportunities for you, but it is who has shown himself to have compassion, honesty and the desire to heal versus monopolize.”

~ Channeled to Oracle Maureen from Jesus

Principle Oracle for Jesus Christ

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin


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