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We Have a Forgiving God

Mercy is Ours

We have suffered for a long time battling a deadly plague. Covid, Omicron, and the other strains have caused us to suffer with deadly and extreme illnesses for nearly three years. Our world had to bear the pain, misery, and hardships of having to live in a pandemic state that tragically took the lives of many people, as well as causing so many others to become horrifically ill.

In addition to the pain and misery of losing loved ones to the deadly, contagious plague and caring for the people who got sick, we also had many more burdens to bear and endure along the way. We had to worry about getting the deadly virus and find ways to protect ourselves (and still do today for a little while longer, but at a much smaller level). We were forced to live confined to being home-bound and lost many privileges such as social and employment opportunities. Many lost money or their businesses because their work abilities were stripped from them. Friendships fell to the wayside because of the inability to foster them as you once had. These losses of social and career opportunities, money, businesses, friends – and of course, the most precious gift, the loved ones who died, along with living in constant fear that you might get sick yourself – caused a lot of depression and anxiety in most people during the pandemic.

We have been tested. We were “disciplined.” None of this was just an accident that happened because of a lab in Wuhan, China. The truth is this deadly plague was sent to us with the intent to do precisely what it has done for the last few years. It was given to us - to “humble” us.

But, I have received good news for you – finally.

God has given me a message that He is finally pleased with the changes He has seen in His people – as a result of the consequence of His plague and what He was hoping it would create for them. God told me that He is “giving us mercy” now and lessening the threat of having to live in the threatening environment of battling a deadly plague.

God awoke me to this message and asked me to tell you:

God has a soft spot. God is a forgiving God. God is giving them mercy. I am restoring My mercy upon My children and bringing them up and out of the effects of the lesson of a plague. At last, My children (enough of them) have achieved My desired goal – which was to be faithful to My will and My Son, Jesus.

Weakening them was necessary to help them remember their Almighty, Powerful Creator and Father in Heaven and to respect Him. Too many strayed from My side and fell into disobedience and or unfaithfulness. The whispers and messages I sent, as well as the ones I sent through My Spirit Guides, Angels, and Earth Guides, fell on deaf ears for many years. It was only through a sad, and then eventually, angered heart that a life-altering plague was sent so that My children would wake up to their dire mistakes.

It brings Me joy today to see that through their Lesson – their disabilities, limited resources, and lower quality of life - many have found their way back to Me, their Heavenly Father, and their Lord and Redeemer, Jesus…. Because they were humbled into doing so. Sinking to their knees, enough have finally gained clarity that We are the only two Beings in the Universe who could rescue them or grant them mercy when they were dropped to their knees and living in a surrendered state.

You may now breathe a sigh of relief. My mercy is restored upon you, and the dangers of living with a deadly disease are behind you.

But please know it can and will be reignited to humble you again, if needed. For now, grace is being given to you as I begin to lift this plague from you because you have moved My heart.”

As God channeled this to me, the vision He showed me was layers of the plague being lifted and released off of Earth in specific locations (that have earned it). He showed me to look for this to be done gradually throughout the world. He also showed me His Hand right next to Earth, ready to reach back and send it back on us if enough people fall back into unfaithfulness and disobedience to Him and Jesus.

I hope you are as relieved and happy as I am. Please thank God and Jesus for Their mercy and grace. Thanking Them shows Them respect, which will also help us earn more of Their blessings and possibly lessen any of our karmic consequences, like the plague or something else we have created.

Prayer to Express Your Gratitude for His Mercy

“Dear God,

Thank You for Your mercy and grace in delivering us from having to live in a deadly plague. Thank You for giving us relief, bringing us out of our misery, and improving the quality of our lives. I promise to be forever faithful to You and Your laws and wishes – and show You praise for the gifts and blessings that You grace my life with. Thank You for releasing us from this severe hardship. Please keep showing us Your loving mercy until the plague is completely lifted and no soul is in danger of its effects any longer. Thank You for giving us Your grace. Thank You for this gift from the bottom of my heart… And so it is. Amen.”


Oracle Maureen


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