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Wars Bring Destruction in So Many Ways

Another Reason Why Not to Choose War.

The war on Ukraine has been painful and heartbreaking to watch. Many of us have given our money, time, and energy to help those who have suffered and need to rebuild their lives. The effects of war, unfortunately, don’t just stop at the physical level (the people involved and the planet affected). I was given a message from Creator about the effects of the war and what else it has created for us. This is a tough message to deliver, but an important one for you to know.

I awoke with a message and vision from God on April 3, 2022, who asked me to enlighten you about the dangers of the war:

After Heavenly Father woke me from a sound sleep, announcing Himself to me, He surrounded me in His grace and energy and opened up my psychic abilities. He showed me a movie where I saw Earth floating in front of me. I then saw a large fireball hit and destroy a section of Earth, causing complete destruction (the war). As I saw Earth destroyed and set on fire, God said: “Manifested.” He also wrote the word across the planet in white letters.

Almighty Creator then moved my eyes up to where I saw tons of grey smoke rise above this area of Earth, where the burning fireball hit. As the blue skies filled with the grey smoke, polluting our clean air, I was hit with overwhelming feelings of anxiety and anger. These were God’s feelings that He filled me with— His negative feelings of displeasure. As He did this, He said: “They have manifested this...

He then showed me a vision of God’s large white hand handing me my exorcist’s case (the actual one I use for exorcisms and cord-cutting ceremonies). He then put a cross in my other hand and said: “You need to drive out more of them. Demons. There is now an infestation of them on Earth.” He said there is currently an infestation of them due to the act of war that has been committed.

God told me that when people chose war and the act of violence and killing as their strategy, instead of peaceful measures like cooperation, compromise, and sharing to resolve differences, it created a serious and severe problem for us—a Karmic consequence of demons. They have gotten into our planet because we have lost some of God’s protection due to our harmful behavior.

God wants you to understand that when His children behave in violent ways, He will suspend a level or more of protection that He gives to us to protect us from the ‘one who shall not be named’ and His legions of followers (other demons). He did this because the Karmic Law of justice upholds that “what we do, we create.” This is known as manifesting. Because people chose the act of war, using violence, unfortunately, through the Law of Karma, violence will be, and has been, sent to us. In this case of this war, He wants His children to understand that the violence that has been sent to us has been through demons. They negatively influence people to do unethical and violent things to one another. This karmic lesson is sent to us by our Father in hopes that those who still need to learn not to be violent – finally learn it.

He asked me to deliver this detailed message in hopes of enlightening you that every act we do creates a counter act. This is Karma. This is how we receive whatever lessons we need to live through in order to learn and grow from - to evolve.

If we want to be protected from the evil ones, whose sole purpose is to commit harm by possessing or cording to people to get them to commit their evil acts of lying, stealing, cheating, manipulating, abusing, etc., then we cannot, ever, act in a violent way. If we do, we will get sent an experience to live through that mirrors the act of violence. Demons, and the destruction they cause, deliver this lesson on violence. God’s hope is that we learn that the only path to choose is a peaceful one, so that we experience only peaceful circumstances to learn from. But that is our choice to make, not His. He is only setting into motion the lessons that balance out the Karmic fate of which the Universe is governed by under His Laws of Karma, which we agreed to live by when we incarnated here.

If we want the gift of living in more peace and harmony, then we must act in ways that will create that Karmic outcome. When we mirror those virtues, He sends us His Angels and Spirit Guides and Their serenity and love to surround us with.

It all comes down to—what we do, creates a circumstance for us – positive or negative. We determine if it is positive or negative based off of our choice. We manifest every experience that happens on Earth, individually and collectively.

If you want more joyful circumstances, you now know not to ever create or support the act of war. War opens the door for demons to get close to us and use us to destroy each other and our planet.

God is very unhappy and very upset with the Karmic consequence that we have created. He wishes for His children to be schooled about this because nothing good comes when demons have infected a person or the planet. We have a big problem. We have an infestation of them.

What You Can Do:

Pray for forgiveness to God for the war happening and make it clear to your Heavenly Father that you do not support war or violence - ever.

Do a lot of Psychic Shielding and Protection prayers to create a stronger psychic shield around you, so that you do not get influenced by them. This also works to protect yourself from a friend or family member that has been taken over by one, who could hurt you (verbally, emotionally, or physically).

If you can tell that someone’s personality has dramatically changed and they have become very negative, hurtful, or dangerous to be around, do not go into denial that it’s just mood swings, etc. Get them help. Arrange an exorcism for them. Possessed people cannot usually get themselves help. They need others to intervene and be part of the process.

By the way, I have been doing more cord-cuttings (the level before an exorcism) and exorcisms (when someone has become possessed and the demon is merged into the person and they are highly taken over) over the last year than ever before. I know first-hand that there are, unfortunately, more of them on our planet trying to ruin people’s lives and relationships. So, please hear this message from God and take it seriously. Please help someone who you know needs this kind of spiritual help. Please do more prayers of protection on yourself and your loved ones during this unfortunate time.

PRAYER FOR PROTECTION Repeat 3-5 times, or more. Give Archangel Michael gratitude after.

“Dear Archangel Michael,

Please surround me in the strength and power of your Heavenly Angel Wings and all the rays of Light from Heaven and shield and protect me from all negative entities, at all times. Please gift me more protection from all demons and all other negative entities that could ever affect me. Please shield my body, mind, and soul; and please shield my bed and my house.

Dear Archangel Michael, please surround me in your magnificent Angel Wings and gift me full protection from all negative entities that could ever cause me harm. And so it is…”

Sending everyone more love, light…. and protection…

Oracle Maureen


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