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Tucker Carlson's Insurrection "Claim"

Attempt to Deflect on– the FBI? Really?

Well, it's a good thing I got me that reflective outerwear and those really tall boots for when I read the political news now a days because I needed them to get through the Tucker Carlson FBI claims. Carlson shockingly tried blaming the FBI for the insurrection recently. Like… gulp.

Oh no he didn't? Oh Ya, he did…. Uh-huh. He did. So, now uh ohhh… someone's in trouble… glad I'm not Tucker….

To most, it looks like Carlson's "FBI claims" are a very deliberate attempt of deflecting responsibility away from Trump and Trump supporters– who created and caused the deadly mob violence at the Capitol– onto pegging another source. I completely agree with this, however, it has been brought to my attention that Carlson has another motive in addition to trying to cover up Trump's, and Trump supporters, horrific actions of causing a deadly revolt that they know has left a deep and long scar on our nation that will not go away quickly– if ever.

Heaven wants you to know the truth behind Carlson's ridiculous charade so that you don't fall for his "conspiracy theory," or what Heaven prefers to call – "just a lie."

Carlson's lie, which he told on his Fox News television show, has opened the door to cause a ripple effect of causing a lot of people to run now around and run their mouths and lie about something very serious that happened in our nation and mislead other people about the truth…uh oh!

Jesus and Kuan Yin came to me to give me inside information behind Carlson's behavior, saying his information is "an FBI scandal" and that he has made "false claims." They have also offered clarity about why he did it. They do not wish to see you get dupped or fall prey to someone's deception. If you do, it will cost you. You will end up creating negative Karma for yourself. They are offering you protection by giving you the truth, so that you know which way to turn with your beliefs. They want to see you only create positive Karma for yourself, and so do I.

Tucker Carlson is a political commentator/journalist who has hosted his own nightly political talk show, "Tucker Carlson Tonight," on Fox News since 2016. It was the most-watched cable show in May and has an average audience totaling nearly 3 million viewers. He claimed as much on his Fox news show platform on June 15, specifically that the FBI deployed operatives to orchestrate the whole thing is a false flag operation. Hmm… by the way, 3 million viewers… that's A Lot of people he tried to mislead or did mislead. This manipulation is another reason why Jesus and Kuan Yin have intervened to make sure you know the truth. He has put lies out there to a significant amount of people and is causing a domino effect of making this drama continue and expand and try to divert from the truth of the facts from the people who are responsible; who we already know are responsible – Trump and his supporters. By the way, because of Carlson’s choice to do this, to lie to masses of people – he is in big trouble with Heaven and faces painful Karma, and Heaven wants you to know this.

Here is part of his ridiculous “claims”, I mean, deception, that he said on his TV show:

"Strangely, some of the key people who participated on Jan. 6 have not been charged. Look at the document. The government calls those people unindicted co-conspirators. What does that mean? Well, it means that in potentially every single case, they were FBI operatives.

The government knows who they are, but the government has not charged them. Why is that?

You know why: They were almost certainly working for the FBI. So, FBI operatives were organizing the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, according to government documents." (according to the Washington Post and tons of other credible sources that quoted Carlson)

Because of Carlson's false claims, we now have many Republicans in the GOP who have embraced his conspiracy theory (I mean – "just lies") and are influencing anyone who will listen to them, also. See what political Rep. Marjorie Greene and Rep. Matt Gaetz have said on their social media platforms, supporting this lie. Oh, and then, of course there are the Trump supporters, who helped give the insurrection life, who are also likely embracing Carlson's crazy lies. Let's not forget; there are also the terrorists who participated in the attack, who want and need to blame someone for their behavior - so they do not go to jail. Needless to say, there are many people who may have a motive in carrying this lie forward and mis-leading, or rather, brain-washing other people into believing untrue information.

There are many articles for you to review, so I am keeping my message brief. Carlson twisted the events and is blaming the FBI for the violent attack at the Capitol - so that the focus is off the people who are actually responsible for the dangerous insurrection. He is a known Trump supporter (most of the time), so he would have an agenda to protect Trump. But that is not the only reason that Carlson has made this bogus claim. Here is the other reason, the real reason he made it.

Jesus and Kuan Yin said:

"He did it to create drama and interest on the ever-present topic of the insurrection. He needed content for his show. He does not actually believe this himself. He just threw it out there in the Universe to give people a pot to stir and get his name to circulate out there – for rating's sake."

They went on to say that although he is a Trump supporter and wanted to deflect attention away from Trump, "so he can be in Trump's corner and gain favors from him one day," that was not the real driving force behind his behavior.

"He did it for the show… for rankings. He did it to elevate his career for himself by getting attention. He did it for money and career opportunity."

Jesus's Message About Honesty:

Jesus said about Carlson's dishonesty (and the others who support this lie, namely the politicians in office who have made public statements supporting it (Greene & Gaetz, to name two):

"Karma for deception is serious. God takes honesty as one of His top virtues. When He sees His children failing to be honest, He takes action to teach them the importance of not lying to His other children. He has a wrath when it comes to lying. They are also lying to masses of people and influencing them, as Trump did. This will result in a much stronger consequence for them given they lied and manipulated so many other people… so many of God's other children." ~ Jesus said.

Tucker, put down your ego and your "conspiracy theory" (I mean lie) and stop deceiving people and using your television show platform to do it. I say turn the channel off on Tucker until he can treat you with Honesty. Clicking the button and turning Tucker off… buzzzz….

Please listen to your intuition during all this "conspiracy theory" bs. Please listen to Jesus and Kuan Yin and let Them Guide you - so you walk away embracing the right beliefs and not the ones that will cause you to create negative Karma for yourself. They know what will please your Creator and what will not. Focus on your Karma, and away from the drama, so you can achieve more Gifts and Blessings from your Heavenly Father. And so it is…

Blessings Now and Always,

Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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