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Through Only Peaceful Measures Will Peace Exist

Jesus has given me a strong message that He hopes people will listen to. A message about what true harm is - Hate - and to warn you of the dangers that will wait for those who choose to engage in OR support those who wish to cause harm. The attack on the Capitol, Jesus told me, sadly, was an “act of terrorism.” He also told me that it was “planned, pre-meditated and orchestrated by hate groups with Trump being the dominant commander.” He also said, “They are not insurrectionists. They are terrorists.” That is how Heaven sees them, and Heaven wants you to know that. Heaven Wants You to Know the Truth: Jesus, and my other Guides, have only referred to the “rioters”- as terrorists. They told me that most of the people went to the Capitol with the intent to scare, intimidate, and were prepared to commit harm to the politicians and the policemen and women. I was also told that the attack on the Capitol was more serious than what people realize. They said it was actually "a planned takedown.” I was told that Pence and Pelosi were both “targets.” If they had not escaped, they would have been harmed. I was shown that many of the “terrorists” were operating from delusional thinking and misguided fantasies that filled a void in them to the liking of filling an adrenaline rush or a high. I was shown that many of them were acting violent – just so they could be in the state of hatred. I was also told that the “thinking” the terrorists gave to justify their behavior in their hate groups were not only irrational, but were insane. I, then, also saw how many of the terrorists are sadly very possessed and corded to dark entities; another truth Heaven wants you to know so that you protect yourself more from them. Message to Help Enlighten the “Terrorists” & Those Who Support Them: “We are saddened to see so many of God’s children fall so far from grace and partake in violent game playing, where power and control are the real driving factor. My heart is breaking, as well as God’s, that so many find excitement in scaring and threatening and harming others so that they may win at nothing more than a fantasy. Please know that your actions, your deeds, do have consequences, and ALL those who perpetrate harm against another will be held accountable at a minimum three-fold stronger punishment (karmic consequence) than I wish I would ever have to execute. Your desire to seek excitement fuels your motive behind your fictitious games you play in your devious clubs and groups: your hate groups. Please know these choices will result in only painful circumstances for you to have to experience – at a triple level of pain. So, please hear Me, and please stop your games of violence and deception. Your hatred poisons your soul, and in the end, you will be the one on the other end of having to feel your violent anger of the hatred you created. Please Stop participating in the hate groups. Please choose a higher destiny for your soul, so you can exist in peace now and in your afterlife. This is what We wish for you and the serenity of your world.” ~ Channeled from Lord Jesus to help stop hate groups and their ways of thinking

A Prayer To Help Create Peace When There is Violence:

Here is a special prayer that Jesus not only gave me, but required me, to say very often right now in my daily hour-long prayers. He said, saying this prayer will help “take away their (the hate groups) aggression.” The more of us that say it, the more powerful it will be. I am sharing it with you in hopes that you say it to - so that we can weaken the violent ones and also receive God’s protection from them.

“Dear God, Please intervene on all hate groups and protect us from their hate crimes.”

~ Given to me from Jesus to help stop violence

(Repeat 3-5 times.)

Think Love - Receive Love. Love Brings Rewards. Sending you each Love. Oracle Maureen, Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin Principle Oracle for Jesus Primary Oracle for Mother Mary Regular Oracle for Buddha Direct Oracle for God


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