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There is No Death; There is Only Transition

Dedicated to My Mom

There really is no death. We do live on when our bodies fail to function any longer. Our souls 'graduate' from this dimension, the Earth Dimension, and ascend to another in our Afterlife.

It is with sadness that I grieve my Mother, who has just transitioned last week on St. Patrick's day to her Afterlife. But it is also with some happiness that I celebrate her new life – because I have been given the gift of already seeing and hearing from her several times and have proof that she is in a much, much better state now than when she was here suffering in a sickbed.

I wanted to share some of my experiences with my Mom's recent visitations to help enlighten and inspire you - on how your loved ones live on. They do not die. They live in another place, another dimension, that is predetermined for them on the Otherside… based on what they have earned.

I also wanted to share my personal experiences of connecting with my Mom to help you understand how tremendously healing the visitations have been in helping my grief. When I saw my Mom standing in front of me looking young and beautiful again, able to stand on her legs, instead of being confined to a sickbed, it was amazing. I also heard her voice sounding young and energetic and able to talk again. Witnessing and feeling this shifted my sadness so many degrees. Blankets of grief just lifted off of me. Sadness began to subside because of these visitations, and I started to look at a future with my Mother in my life – just in a different way.

My Mom passed on Thursday morning, March 17, 2022. My first visitation came on Thursday evening at 9 PM. I was watching TV, and suddenly I felt and saw a woman's hand touch my right thigh to get my attention. Startled, I turned and saw my Mom's face and heard her say my nickname, "Mo." I was like wow. I had been waiting for her visit, but I was still surprised :) She filled me with her love, and then I saw her step away and disappear. I was sad, like, bummer, that's all?

The next night, I asked my Dad to come to me for clarity to learn why she was didn't stay longer. I was answered, and I want to share it, because I think it is important to know. When I saw my Dad and asked him, God answered me.

Creator said, "She has been summoned by Jesus. She is with Jesus in a conference." I was then told that she would be in a meeting with Jesus going through her 'Life Review' for three days, and then He would allow Her to visit me longer and her other children and loved ones.

Saturday, I was getting my nails done, and I was startled when I felt and saw a woman's hand on top of my right arm. I was immediately filled with love. I saw my Mom standing on my right side, holding a bouquet of pink roses. (She told me she wanted pink roses at her funeral, and we arranged that for her). She handed them to me and said she loved me along with several other meaningful messages. Her messages helped me heal even further in the grief process because I had unfinished business with my Mother. She then moved to stand directly in front of me. I could see Jesus standing behind her. She said that Jesus had brought her to me and allowed her to visit me and that she regretted ever doubting in His existence. My Mom again looked beautiful and free of all the sickness and old age that burdened her before she transitioned.

She came to me again on Sunday night. As I was about to fall asleep, I felt someone hold my hand again, and then I heard my Mom's voice sing me the song that she picked out for her funeral, "Here I am Lord." I then saw her, and she looked really young, pretty, and happy. She then sprinkled pink rose petals over me and she filled me with her love. Then, I saw her holding her beloved cat, Oscar, who had passed away not long ago. He looked perfect. His fur was a shiny silver (not dingy grey). He was very sick when he transitioned, but now looked completely healthy. Mom gave me more validating messages that actually blew me away and really helped heal my heart on some personal matters.

These experiences also helped me accept her transition and release more of the sadness of her not being on Earth anymore because I knew our relationship would continue.

I have had three visitations so far, two of them with long, meaningful messages from my Mom in less than a week since she graduated. It has given me so much peace and help in the grieving process over the loss of a loved one – that I wanted to share with you. Hearing her voice, her messages, and seeing her looking healthy and happy - changes everything. When you have an experience like this with someone you have lost – you no longer see them as gone… you can see and understand for yourself they are just living in another state – their 'Perfect Soul State' – on another plane of existence.

I know what you're thinking: “But Maureen, you're an Oracle… so it's easy for you to connect at a more advanced level, given your abilities, with the souls passed on.” True. But you can also connect to some degree! You have a couple of options. You can work on using your psychic channels and be more committed to receiving your people when they show up and not discount them or ignore them. You can also work on opening up your psychic abilities further and expanding them, so it is easier for you to connect with them and receive them. You can also go to qualified mediums more frequently to keep the conversations going and commit to continuing the relationships. :)

I love my Mom. I will miss my Mom not being on Earth…. very much. It's hard not reaching for the phone to call her (I keep doing that). But these experiences have helped me tremendously. They have already started to turn me away from looking at the past, mourning, and thinking of what I have just lost - to begin looking forward, where I can see Mom will still be a very big part of my life - as long as I let her in— which as a devoted daughter (and Medium) – I obviously will!

I hope that you do too. Let your loved ones in, who have 'graduated,' because there truly is no death. It is a mistake to think that….. for your sake and theirs.“This is dedicated to my Mom. Thank you, Mom, for all of the unconditional love, kindness, generosity, and support you have given me over my lifetime. I look forward to receiving more, giving you more, and continuing our journey differently. I love you now and forever.”

Love Your daughter, Mo xoxoxo 🌈💖

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