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The State of Our Future Economy you can prepare I was asked to give you two messages that Heaven gave me that have to do with the future of our economy. I am delivering these messages with the intention of giving you insight that you can use to prepare yourself for what is now coming. If we know what shifts to make when life changes, we have a much better chance of making wiser decisions to protect ourselves and create peacefulness. Message About the Economy I was woken up to receiving a vision on April 26 to prepare/warn you that we are heading into an economic hardship. The words were: we are on an “Economic Downslide.” The vision with the words was: I watched a dark grey (dark means negative) ‘Scale’ slide out of balance and ‘fall down’ on to one side. I was told the economy will fall out of balance, creating an economic hardship for most of us. I was told to prepare for an economic hardship that will last until 2022. You Have a Heads Up, to Prepare Knowing this now is a Gift, because you can start to conserve and plan ahead for it. Heaven wants you to know now so that you can start to make choices that will help you; such as living conservatively, not spending or living in excess, saving, re-using, and being very wise about your money and spending habits. Message about Big Businesses and the Government The next message I received was that, “big businesses will begin to open their doors in the next couple of months.” The vision I saw, with that message, was the doors to a big business opening up its doors, wide and fast, to the public. Then, there was a message that followed it, saying that most small businesses will not do the same. They will not be able to open their doors. I was told that this is an injustice in the eyes of Heaven, because most of the big businesses getting funds right now to open, do not need help with getting funding; but, that the small businesses do and will fail, if they do not get funding. I was told Heaven is exposing this truth to warn big businesses that their choice to take this money that they really do not need – is “considered greed and is punishable in the eyes of God.” Guidance for the Wiser Choices Given that we are going to hit hard economic times for the next two years, it is going to be very important that the small businesses receive financial relief, or many will fail. It was exposed that the big businesses going after this funding, do not need it and they are being greedy. So, the message is to alert people that the government should re-devise how it is doing its business relief, or it will bankrupt the small businessman and contribute to the big business’ being greedy. Small business owners, you must make more noise and persevere stronger for what you need. Big businesses, you must be more mind-ful of what you are taking and of your karma. Greed creates a highly negative karmic consequence for you to feel at some point. This message was sent me to by God, so people would know how He sees it and what His wishes are. He asked me to deliver it in the hopes that His children create an environment where sharing is a virtue that is honored. I was also told to tell you to pray and ask for more grace, given how the pandemic is going to affect the economy now. I was also told to remind you that your prayers Are heard and Do make a difference in giving you relief and rescuing you from hardships. Believe. Be Faithful. And ask for more help... ask for more Grace. “Dear God, Please show us more mercy and free us from this pandemic and all of its’ negative effects. Please restore everyone’s health and well-being and the economy and jobs affected. Please increase our quality of life on earth and release us from Corona. Please show us more grace and restore our health and economy. And so it is. Amen.”


Maureen Allan

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher

Primary Oracle for Kuan Yin

Full Time Oracle for Jesus


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