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The Sins of the Parents 

Carry Down to the Children

Anyone who is a parent knows that being a parent is not an easy job – on many levels! Lol. Although it is an extraordinarily rewarding and enjoyable experience, most people would agree that it is also the toughest job in the world.

The topic of this message is also hard, because of the truth of it. I received a message from Creator, June 21, 2022 who showed me a long movie-level message mistakes that parents are making harming both them and their children – and our society, as well as hurting and offending Him (God).

God is highly displeased about the choices some parents are making and how they are negatively influencing their children. He wishes to warn parents of their mistakes so they have the opportunity to correct their actions and protect themselves from creating negative karmic consequences for both them and their children.

God wants you to know that the sins of parents are passed down to their children - often. I was shown that the parents' behaviors are emulated by their children at a much greater level than what we recognize. God wants to enlighten you about this truth. Harm is being committed against both children and our society from how children are, sadly and innocently, learning destructive and violent tendencies from their parents.

In the vision, Creator showed me a group of kids, ages 5-13, playing in a very aggressive way. While they were ‘playing,’ the names of their parents were written out in large white letters over their heads and their sins and mistakes were revealed. I was shown how the children were innocently duplicating their parents' behaviors- because it was all they knew.

I saw a young boy, around 7 years old, holding an AR-15 and pointing it at another very young boy. He had a menacing glare and no remorse. The boy he was pointing it at was holding a handgun in retaliation. The AR-15 boy had the words “father” and “terrorist group” written above him. I saw how his father’s violent beliefs and intentions shaped his aggressive play. I then saw and heard “heavy metal bands” also written out next to him, showing me that he had a second influence (listening to heavy metal music in his house) that covets aggressive behavior (and the desire to use weapons, like guns).

God expressed His extreme unhappiness with the lack of awareness that the parents were showing in what they were exposing their children to; and how they are guiding them to support violent acts.

I then saw a young girl around 12-13 years old talking very disrespectfully. I saw that it mimicked how her father spoke to her mother. Not only was God unhappy, but He was also worried that her behavior was already showing signs of someone who would be verbally abusive someday, like her father.

In the group, I saw many more kids playing unkindly with one another reflecting other sins and mistakes that they are copying and acting out - causing harm to one another.

God also showed me how many parents are blind to their children’s behaviors and are doing nothing to correct their destructive ways. Mainly because they support (agree) with their negative behaviors. While others do not support it, the damage has already been done and the children cannot retrain themselves easily because their belief systems have already been established – by their parents' sins.

God wants you to know children are highly susceptible to becoming mirror images of their parents. Children tend to idolize their parents, and right or wrong will adopt the mindsets and habits of their parents, knowingly or unknowingly becoming like them. Because children look up to their parents as role models, they tend to form their personalities around their parents’ personalities. The sins of the parents are passed down to their children… more often than not.

God wishes to open your eyes to the reality that many young people who exhibit violent behavior, and right now our world has had a lot of gun violence committed at the hands of teens and young adults, are often the result of the environment they have been raised in.

God is bringing awareness to this sad reality, so the violence can be stopped.

Yes, there are exceptions. Not all children/teens are exposed to harmful behaviors at the hands of their mothers and fathers who support aggressive/violent acts. Some children/teens simply do have a predisposition to act out aggressively because of mental illness or possession, and the parents can be completely innocent. This message, however, is not about those circumstances. This message is about warning that the sins of the parent are often passed down to their children, so those parents guilty of this should stop any negative behaviors and protect their children – and our society.

Your Heavenly Father is distressed. He wants you to understand that most children emulate the mentality and actions of their parents - good or bad - because of what they have witnessed and how they have been raised. It’s part of the human nature.

We wish to help you understand this very close connection between parents and children, so you can have this awareness and guide your children to be loving, kind, and peaceful. This way, both you and them, can be an asset to our society and fall into God’s Good Graces, earning His blessings.

Please hear Our Plea to raise your children with harmony so they think of how they can love one another and please God, not offend God… and you will both be safe from karma here and in your Afterlife….


Oracle Maureen


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