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The Enlightened Ones

Learn about the Ascended Masters 

I have completed an important assignment that Jesus and Kuan Yin asked me to do, which was to give you information about the Ascended Masters. It is Their desire that you know more about who They truly are, so you can work on developing a connection to Them, believe in Them, and show Them devotion. Your devotion to Them will, in return, open the door to allow Them to be able to give you Their gifts and blessings. To learn more about them, visit this page my website and click on “Learn More” under each Master.

I worked with each of Them as They gave me further insight into what They wished the world to know about them, as well as information that I have been privileged to learn from Them over the years. They are incrediblywise, loving, and the most highly-evolved Spiritual Guides in the Universe. Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, and Buddha have ascended to the top level of God’s hierarchy of enlightened ones. All other Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Angels, and even Archangels, exist underneath Their leadership. They have attained the highest honor possible and are the ones who work closest to God. We should consider ourselves extremely lucky every time They choose to grace Earth with Their presence and gift us Their wisdom. They are considered “royalty” in Heaven, and I have been asked to teach people here to think of Them and treat Them that way – as royalty. They even live in what Jesus calls the “royal mansion.” It’s a large, beautiful white mansion designed for the Four Ascended Masters and Their personal Oracles and helpers. I have seen it a couple of times. I have even seen myself in it, serving Jesus and Kuan Yin as one of Their Oracles. When I say you should think of Them as “royalty,” I mean it literally. Jesus is King. Both God and Jesus have said this to me many times. I have seen Him wear a crown and a purple royal robe in Heaven and when He has visited Earth giving me His wisdom to give to you. Kuan Yin and Mother Mary are Queens. God told me that Kuan Yin is His “Queen to the East” and Mother Mary is His “Queen to the West.” Buddha has attained the position and title of “Lord.” Now that you know how superior They are and how much They have been blessed, please remember to always speak to them with the utmost respect – so you can receive Their help, guidance, healings, protection, and miracles – Their gifts.

The Four

Jesus Christ is the Master Teacher. No other Guide compares to Him and the gifts that God has bestowed upon Him. He stands above all other Guides and Angels in Heaven and leads Them with ultimate power and authority. He also holds absolute authority over us—mankind— as well as all of the Universe in His mission to serve God Almighty’s wishes. Boddhisatva Kuan Yin is ranked the second-highest Guide in the Universe, second to that of Jesus Christ. Her extraordinary love, mercy, and wisdom have earned Her the title of Goddess of Mercy and Compassion in the Buddhist faith. Blessed Mother Mary continues to show Her commitment to Her son, Jesus, and the world by intervening as much as She can to help us with Her love and devotion. Her intersession rescues us from our suffering, pain, and sorrow with Her blessed miracles. Lord Buddha is forever giving us His priceless wisdom and helping us learn the value that following the Buddha’s path of peacefulness is the only way we can achieve Nirvana. Please read about God’s top Four Ascended Masters so that They may be an example of how living an enlightened life can help you ascend – so that you can achieve life eternal in the Paradise of Heaven by following the Masters’ paths. And so it is… My Love I Give to Each of You…. My Gratitude for All that You give to Us to Help us Evolve… Thank You my Beloved Guides… Blessings and Amen to You Now and For All of Eternity….


Oracle Maureen


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