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The Dangers of War

It is Not The Path That Leads to Heaven

Warning: Difficult to Read Message

Yikes. This is a tough one. I received a very difficult message from God about the dangers of choosing to engage in war. Creator wants to remind you that every action does put into motion a counteraction. It’s called Karma.

The Karma associated with war is severe. The act of violence, harm, and killing is horrifically tragic and painful – for both humans to endure, and God.

Here is the vision that God gave me showing the devasting effects that some of the soldiers will face for the choices they made in the war on Ukraine.

God awoke me from a sound sleep and after announcing Himself and surrounding me in His vibration of light and energy, He opened up my Third Eye and showed me this movie:

I saw a lineup of six soldiers all standing side by side wearing uniforms, but their clothes were dark. They all had large burn marks that were still on fire covering their faces and bodies. I was horrified when I saw this. I saw the flames spread to different places on their cheeks, arms, and legs. Big patches of embers glowing with fire were all over them while they stood at attention. A man in the middle was holding two rifles in his arms. I saw that these soldiers would face the fate that they put upon others by first feeling the ‘burn of ammunition’ that they caused others to feel when they hurt and killed people with gunfire.

As I sadly watched the Karmic fate they created for themselves, I’m pained to say God announced: “They will all go to Hell.” Then, the Earth beneath them opened up under their feet, and I watched them drop ‘down.’ I saw them fall through Earth into a large pit of burning flames – the fires of Hell. I was so taken aback…

I felt shocked and horrified at the fate of these soldiers. I was equally devasted for them that they would experience this.

I have been dragging my feet to deliver this message for about two weeks. God wishes for me to share it, but because of how serious it is and how many people still do not want to believe in an Afterlife, especially one with negative dimensions, I delayed.

God is sending this message to warn the world that acts of war come with painful consequences. God told me that these soldiers would be sent to Hell because they committed “crimes of His laws” and “war crimes.”

These soldiers are the ones who have committed senseless killings of innocent civilians, including children, torture, mutilation, rape— abuses far outside what was necessary to fight an opponent in a war. They are using war to behave in a sadistic and cruel way and cause inexcusable levels of pain and torture to people they know are vulnerable to their intimidation and control. Soldiers who commit war crimes – will go to Hell. The other soldiers may very likely go to a level of Purgatory, depending on if and how they committed murder or violence. The ones who did not commit murder or harm most likely will be spared from Purgatory.

God wants His message heard to deter this kind of behavior and protect people from making unwise choices so they are spared from ending up in the lower levels. Supporting war will only cause more people to be harmed in vicious ways. Too many soldiers lose control of themselves and commit inexcusable harm and violence to innocent people and children. The soldiers who have a dark side and commit the horrific abuses will be sent to Hell to suffer. Many people are misguided about this reality. There is an Afterlife. We all go on to the dimension that our soul has evolved to and is in alignment with – and the one we have earned.

Please do what you can to speak up and vote against war crimes and, more wisely, against war. Your enlightenment and level of wisdom are necessary to save those who are not evolved enough to choose a peaceful path. Your strength can help save people from making bad choices.

The only path to Heaven is the peaceful path. All other choices will lead to where you will have to face the pain you created – which will be living in one of the lower levels (Purgatory or Hell), where no peace exists, only misery.

** People do not see this topic eye to eye and want to challenge it. Please promise me that you will speak honorably about God, the Ascended Masters, and me if you choose to talk about it. I would like to remind you that God’s messages are intended to ‘protect’ you, and that is my intention as well. I work for Them, and I obey my Superiors and Their requests. Out of respect for Their help and gifts, I ask that you speak honorably about Them and me, Their Oracle, if you do talk about this topic (and all others).

Sending you each Love, Light, and Peace

Oracle Maureen


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