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The Buddha: Concerning the Violence Happening

I received a message from The Buddha on the importance of choosing peaceful actions, rather than violent ones, and how your choices do affect your Afterlife. Given the recent surge of aggressive behavior and violence between police brutality, race crimes, and hate groups, The Buddha wants to open your eyes to the reality that your actions now will determine your future fate. If you wish to have a happier Afterlife, please listen to His wisdom. “They need to achieve creating Peace inside themselves before they can create Peace in their outer world. They must achieve creating Peace full-time, in order to live in Nirvana.” ~ The Buddha, given to me April 17, 2021 By “Nirvana,” Buddha means Heaven. He is saying that you must learn how to live Peacefully on earth, full-time, in order to be free of having to come back and live incarnations here in this exceedingly difficult dimension (Earth). You must achieve living Peacefully here on earth before you will be allowed to live permanently, full-time in Heaven, also known as Nirvana. So, think you have everything to gain if you achieve this goal. Heaven awaits you as your final destination, but you must pass your test of living Peacefully here.

Blessings, Master Channeler Maureen Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin Principle Oracle for Jesus Primary Oracle for Mother Mary Primary Oracle for Buddha Direct Oracle for God


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