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Mormonism Part 3

Not the Way to Faith

Your faith is your salvation – for you here and in your Afterlife. COVID was sent to us to wake us back up to this (read previous messages here and here about why COVID exists). God has let us know through this deadly disease just how much He values devotion. He has given me messages to educate His children of this, because many of them have fallen away from Believing, Trusting, and Loving Him. He said He has had to remind His children about Loyalty. The humbling and crippling experience of living with a deadly plague was to teach us that the only way to be protected from suffering is through His Mercy and Grace. The only way to receive His Grace is to be being Faithful to Him. I have been asked to finish giving you why practicing Mormonism, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, is not the way you will show your faithfulness to God because it is not in God's favor, nor Jesus's. They want you to know the truth about this 'organization' so that you do not invest your time and energy into a group that will not serve you in showing Them faithfulness and help you earn Their blessings. Instead, it will do the opposite. You will be part of an organization that will not help you earn Their blessings, because it was not created with Their guidance, inspiration, or blessings. Instead, it was falsely made up by a con man and it has brought Them great sorrow over the years. They are Required to Wear Special Clothing – Underwear Mormons believe in wearing special garments to receive privileges, protection and also to show their commitment. It is are 'underwear.' To be included in the Mormon organization, Mormons require certain members, most members, to wear a uniform of underwear, called the temple garment. This ritual was initiated by Mormon Founder Joseph Smith, who claimed God asked him to require his members to wear it to receive His blessings. Smith and other members swayed members into believing the underwear had special powers and privileges that the members would receive if they wore their special underwear, which eventually gained the name "magical underwear." Folklore stories say the special underwear had magic powers that kept the wearer safe from anything harmful or evil. For example, they could receive protection from the dangers of bullets, fire, knives, anything that could hurt the part of the body where the underwear covered or the wearer's whole being. The Mormon's special underwear, known as temple garments or kiddingly referred to as 'magic underwear' is a very modest two-piece set of a tee-shirt and long boxer shorts, in color white. Mormons believe their special underwear to be very sacred and wear them every day, all day, and all night. The garments are even given to members during a special, private ceremony inside a Mormon Temple, which Mormons can only attend. Mormons who practice this ritual of wearing their sacred underwear take it very seriously and do not appreciate being made fun of with the term 'magic underwear.' They argue that it is used in their organization not for special powers of protection, even though it may still be implied today and started out with this intention, but as a reminder of the promises they made to be pure, honest, virtuous, and keep the ten commandments. Most Mormons are devoted to the ritual of wearing their special underwear, and do believe them to be truly special, for one or a combination of the reasons stated above. But it IS underwear and here is the problem with their temple garments or 'magic underwear,' that they believe to be sacred and special. Jesus said: "It is deceptive. There are no special privileges or powers of protection that have ever been promised if you wear this underwear. There has also never been a request or command by Myself, Jesus, nor your Father, God to wear certain clothing, ‘Underwear,’ in order to earn Our blessings. Your acts. Your deeds. Your faithfulness and devotion, and love are what will earn you your gifts. We have asked that you wear a Cross necklace and a Rosary to show devotion, but never - Underwear. Please come to your senses." Exercised Blatant Bigotry & Discrimination Against African Americans Mormons showed racial bigotry against African Americans by enforcing a racial temple ban that prohibited black men from becoming priests from the mid-1800s until 1978. Their bigotry also cost black men and women access from being allowed into the Church's temples to participate in sacred temple rites such as ordinances like sealings and endowments. Essentially, this barred them (in their Mormon belief) from entering the highest level of Heaven after death (known as the Celestial Kingdom), which Mormons believe can only be obtained by people who have received those ordinances in the temple. They also opposed interracial marriages. The Church’s first presidents, Joseph Smith, and Brigham Young are said to have taken the stance that black skin was the result of the Curse of Cain or the Curse of Ham. As early as 1844, leaders suggested that black people were less valiant in the pre-existence. Many leaders, including Ezra Taft Benson, were vocally opposed to the civil rights movement. Before the civil rights movement, the LDS Church's stance went largely unnoticed and unchallenged for around a century. LDS Church took the position of being pro-slavery often, and then eventually alternating it to neutral and anti-slavery, at times, throughout its history. Young was critical in officially legalizing slavery in the Utah Territory, teaching that the doctrine of slavery was connected to the Curse of Cain. More discrimination was committed at the hands of Mormons against Native Americans. The Church historically encouraged its members to buy Native American slaves. The Mormon Church has been depicted as a sought after whites only members Church from the get-go. Founder Smith created it with the belief that white skin was closest to Godliness. A bigoted concept that Smith used when he created his Church, which members now will be quick to disagree with and argue away. But the facts are the facts. The history of the Mormon Church is one darkened with the tragedy of persecution against African Americans and Native Americans. Not one that upheld: "Thou Shalt Love They Neighbor as Thyself," (2nd Commandment) or "Do to others what you want them to do unto you," (The Golden Rule of Leviticus 19:18) "Discrimination in any form is not the word of God, or Jesus. 'Mormons failed to see where they were mis-led and to discern a sheep in wolves clothing who was mis-leading them down the wrong path: Away from God and their Savior, Lord Jesus. My Hope in this expose is to reveal to you where your thinking has gone wrong and help you recognize your errors, so you have time to get yourself back into a Holy and Approved place of worship, so that you may receive Our blessings now… and when your judgement day comes when we meet at Heaven's Door. A Door I only open for the Faithful." ~Jesus said. Founder Smith was Not a True Prophet Smith was a con man who tricked people into believing into ‘his organization’ so he could have power and glory. He was a not a prophet. He was a liar who wanted money and attention. He was arrested and convicted in New York and was found guilty of being a con-artist, an impostor, and a charlatan. This conviction was four years before he published his book, which passed off as a bible- the Book of Mormon. Court documents prove he was a convicted criminal. Smith was in trouble with the law for his whole adult life. He went to jail more than 40 times. He was arrested for stealing, trying to con people, violence, dis-orderly conduct, vagrancy and more. Smith proved he had a an unethical, deceptive and aggressive part of his personality – not the peaceful and honest traits, that a true prophet holds. Both Jesus and God hold great sadness and anger that Their names are connected to a lie and want it known – and cleared. "Joseph was not a true servant of the Lord's. He did not achieve or was created as a prophet, a messenger for God. He was not a scribe. He did not hear clear, accurate messages from Us, Lord Jesus and God Almighty… and take down Our wishes and commands to teach and guide people. He stole from the prophets and took their holy work and miraculous messages for himself and created a manual, which mimics a comparison to the Bible. He adopted the teachings and gospel of the Bible and tried to pass it off as his own book (The Book of Mormon.) He was not a prophet. He was a con man who stole and committed forgery and deceived many through his deceptive acts. A true prophet is not capable of deception. A true prophet could not and would not deceive multitudes of people and trick them into following his terms and conditions, asking them to 'glorify' him as their leader." ~ Jesus said. "His morals were not high enough or pure enough to ever even be compared to a prophet, a messenger of God's." ~ Jesus said. He also started a polygamy movement with men members that also wanted this kind of lifestyle. Smith also practiced polygamy taking nearly 40 wives for himself. Not all were intimate relationships. Some were "sealings," which the Mormons believe are marriages they secure in the Afterlife and for all eternity. He hid his plural marriages from his Church, deceiving his members, and lived a double life. They thought he was monogamous and faithful to his wife until his many transgressions were revealed, and without him disclosing it. The Mormon Church first hid this his mis-deeds, trying to cover their Founder's transgressions and deception by not revealing that he too was living a polygamist's life. When the Mormons received criticism and speculation for the validity of Smith's sainthood, because of this, they decided to disclose the truth of Smith's polygamy on their website, but then also later concealed it. It is a topic that they continually either reveal and then later cover up. Smith was a deceptive, aggressive, and promiscuous con artist who lived a shady life of being constantly in trouble with the law. He liked to seduce women and have multiple intimate partners. Smith preyed on other men who had the same desires and fantasies of plural marriages. He wanted the power of being a leader and the glory of being connected to something magnificent – God & Jesus. So people would look up to him and idolize him. Smith lied to and deceived a lot of people when he started his 'organization' which required his 'members' to: • Wear Underwear garments are required for most members, day and night (now mocked as “magic underwear”) • Practice Blatant Racial Discrimination • Embrace Plural Marriages (see Mormonism Part 1 Message) • Embrace his made up manual - The Book of Mormon (see Mormonism Part 2 Message) • Believe his suspicious 'Golden Plates' story of the Church's origin (see Mormonism Part 2 Message) • Promoted greed (for himself and the Church) by requiring members to pay a fee just to attend his Church. The other Church leaders, after Smith, followed his business practice and the Mormon Church has since succeeded in amassing nearly $100 Billion Dollars, largely in thanks to member fees, which is typically 10% of their income. (see Mormonism Part 1 Message) Mormonism is not a true religion, it has more of the makings of a cultish organization. You cannot deny this unless you are covering for your choice to be Mormon and lying to yourself and others, in denial, or genuinely confused. Please hear this message if you are Mormon. Because there is no confusion, God and Jesus did not give Smith the religion of Mormonism. This organization is not where you will succeed in showing Faith to God and Jesus and be in Their Good Graces and earn Their blessings - Because it was Not created from Them or with Them. Mormonism is a lie that a con man made up. Please Think of your Salvation. God and Jesus are begging you too. Hoping the ones who need to hear this message - Hear this message - and make the choice that will bring them to showing true Faithfulness so they truly earn Salvation.


Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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