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More Dangers of War. It Opens the Door to Possession

A Special Message About War Part 2

Oh boyy… Another tough message to deliver, but a very valuable one to learn from. The day after I sent the last mailer warning about the dangers of war and the Afterlife that soldiers who are committing war crimes will face, I received a second message… from The Buddha.

Buddha came to me and said: “More dangers about war.War opens the door for possession.” Lord Buddha explained that when soldiers choose to engage in a violent act, like war, with the intent to harm and kill their enemies and the innocent people who get in their way, this level of violence opens the door for the soldiers to become possessed. Demons lurk around waiting for the chance to cord into humans to take them over and use them to commit their evil acts. When our Psychic Shields become thin or non-existent, they can possess us and use us to execute their harmful deeds.

Unfortunately, demons from the lower world are nearby and are constantly looking for their next prey. Our Psychic Shields act as barriers that protect us from their attacks. Just like God suspends the Psychic Shield protecting our planet, when He is displeased with our choice to engage in war, Heavenly Father also withdraws from us individually His ‘Gift of Protection’ from the evil one and its minions (which there are legions of). This means that soldiers automatically lose a portion, or even all, of their Psychic Shield from God when they choose to fight in a war because they are breaking His law—‘Thou Shall Not Kill’ (or harm).

When someone’s Psychic Shield drops, thins, or eventually fails to exist, there is no protection around that person that saves them from getting possessed by a demon. Our Psychic Shields are strong, energetic barriers that surround us outside our auras, protecting us from the malice spirits that exist in the Universe.

God has shown me to look at the Psychic Shield of Protection as a “Golden Temple” that surrounds us. He calls it our “House of God” because it is a gift from Him. Jesus has shown it to me as a “Brick House” that stands around us where nothing can get in. Archangel Michael has given it to me as a “Silver Suit of Armor” that completely surrounds us, protecting us as it would a warrior.

When we do something that displeases God, such as making a sin or mistake that makes Heavenly Father unhappy, sad, or angry, our Shields will cease to hold their full power. The shield will weaken, or it can even be taken entirely away. When God is pleased with us, and we have done things that have earned His blessings and grace, Heavenly Father will reward us by strengthening our Psychic Shield to protect us from dark forces.

War opens the door wide for soldiers to become possessed, which is one of the main reasons they become more violent and commit heinous war crimes like killing innocent people, kidnapping, torturing, and raping. For most soldiers, this kind of behavior is out of character, but under a demon’s influence, they cannot resist the urge to commit evil.

Many soldiers are being controlled by demons because they have lost a great deal of their Psychic Shield from engaging in war violence. Demons are influencing them to commit even more acts of violence, and murder, because the demons want to offend God and get the humans in trouble with God - to prevent them from making it into Heaven. They are devious and are purposefully trying to sabotage people’s lives and futures – and God – by trying to take His children from Him. They are using the soldiers to kill and destroy God’s people. They are trying to get the soldiers to behave in harmful ways that will cost them their chance to enter Heaven - and instead be sent to the lower levels where they will be away from God.

The Buddha wants you to know that if you participate in war, your “Psychic Shield will not beintact to the degree that it could and would be if you chose to live your life peacefully, where guns, violence, and killing are not an option in resolving conflict or gaining what you desire.”

For those that choose to fight in wars, please hear Buddha’s warning. You have much to lose. Being possessed by a demon is a negative, life-altering experience and a difficult process to get rescued from. Trust me— I know. When God and Jesus called upon me several years ago and anointed me with the “Gift of Protection,” giving me the power to exorcise demons out of people and required me to perform this service– I learned a lot. I know first-hand how damaging and even dangerous possession is. It dramatically affects someone’s mental and emotional well-being and ruins their relationships.

It is a process to get uncorded from demons. A long one. When God started training me to do exorcisms, He said, “It is normally a one-to-two-year process for the typical possession.”

Please hear this message. Going to war is putting yourself in a situation to get possessed, and you will have to fight hard to undo this. Being possessed while fighting in war will cause you to make unwise choices that will create high-level karmic consequences for you. We want to bring this to your attention… so you can be mindful of this and watch your karma and make good choices for yourself.

Living harmoniously and obeying God’s Laws ensure that your Psychic Shield is fully activated and working to protect you from the dark forces around us.

Think of living only a peaceful path – this is how you will make it to Heaven, and how you can make Heaven happen here while you are on Earth.

Please Think Peace…

Oracle Maureen


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