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Message from Mother Mary

She Must go 'Through Him' to Give You Gifts

I have beautiful and strong message from Mother Mary to give to you.

She appeared to me with great sorrow over the state of our living conditions. She came to me because She is worried that many people are still not seeing how crucial their belief in Jesus is. Mary said there are so many people who still doubt His existence as the chosen Holy One who was sent to earth to save people from a painful afterlife because of their sins and mistakes – which He has and is trying to wake them up to.

Mary came with great sadness and concern because of the state of the world right now. Covid was meant to wake people up to become more humble to truly believing in a higher power that could and would rescue them from danger if they held Faith - in God and Jesus. She said, "still not enough people have shown true faith and commitment in The Lord and the power that He has over them and their fates."

She said:

"Tell them that everything I can do for them and that every Saint, Angel, Guide, Ascended Master and beloved friend and family of theirs – can do for them - has to be done "Through Him.'"

I then saw Mary move and stand directly behind Jesus, who had appeared to my right. She showed me Her soul 'moving right through His body, His chest, like floating right through him. She explained that everything She does has to be done with His permission, His Grace, His Blessing.

Mary's Message About Covid and Our Current Circumstances:

We are still in troubling times. We are still battling Covid and its mutation. It's not over yet. They wish for us to wear our masks still, get vaccinated, and still stay mostly at home. We are also dealing with many deceptive people in political positions who wish to serve themselves with their lies. The lying is causing a great upset with God. Gun violence has spiked up. Natural disasters and tragedies are also increasing because He is dis-pleased and is expressing His un-happiness with so much dis-honesty. The level of low ethics and manipulation that many people in positions of political authority are showing is affecting our quality of life right now. They are negatively influencing other people in harmful ways by getting them to believe in bogus and defamatory 'conspiracy theories.' As a result, we now have harmful conditions to deal with as a consequence.

Mother Mary came to me because She said we need Her help and the mercy of Heaven to protect us from these harmful circumstances. She said She "needs you to understand that you must show faithfulness to Jesus for Him to grant" Her your wish to give you what you are asking for: protection from illness or guns or healing from anxiety, illness or harm or grace – with all of the above and everything else in your in life.

You Must believe in Him and show Him respect because She must go “Through Him” - before performing a miracle for you.

Things You Can Do to Show Faithfulness to Jesus:

  • Pray to Him

  • Attend His Church (a Catholic Church) regularly

  • Put up a statue of Him

  • Put up a Cross in your house

  • Read the Bible

  • Give $ to the starving in His Name

  • Thank Him for the suffering He endured when He was on Earth teaching people how to live so they can be allowed an Afterlife in Heaven (not to sin) when their souls pass from this dimension; instead of the fate of a lower dimension - and continuing to teach us.

  • Accept and Believe He is your Savior and your path to Nirvana

  • Believe in Him

Wishing you enlightenment... now and always. Amen.

Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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