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Message from Buddha

How & Why to Rise Above the Chaos in this Dimension

I was visited by The Buddha on 10/02 when I was watching a news show about the U.S.’s involvement in wars and their motive of using revenge to justify making strikes back – and killing people. This show chronicled the U.S.’s involvement in the Afghanistan war, where many people spoke up admitting that they now regret their decision to participate in the war, especially in the revenge killing tactics. As I sadly watched the information unfold from the sources revealing that we really didn’t need to be fighting in Afghanistan, I was surprised to receive a visit from The Buddha. He appeared on my right side. I heard Him coming through announcing Himself as “Siddhartha. Buddha.” I was then filled with the most amazing halo of peaceful energy that ran all through me and around me like a loving cocoon… until I was emersed in His magnificent Holy vibration. He then held my right hand and said: “Peace can Only be attained through thoughtful words and actions. A life lived committed to holding an awareness to peaceful thoughts and deeds is a life that creates harmony.” Buddha asked me to share this with you, so you would know that the only way to create a world where violence, deception, war – and Harm will not exist – will be through our Thoughts. What we think – We create. Those holding the violent and destructive thoughts will carry them out – somehow, some way, someday. If and when the negative thoughts enter a mind wishing to cause harm and violence, a person must use their thoughts to over-come them … until they reach a state of thinking only in a non-harmful way. If we engage with those who think in harmful ways, we must not give them energy by encouraging them – or we too will be guilty of their crime. Think peaceful thoughts; so, the actions you choose will be only harmonious – so Our World be will free of violence. Work to achieve peace on earth and you will have passed the test of - cause no harm to another – and can be rewarded with the Karmic Blessings that Heaven is waiting to hand out. Peace to you.

Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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