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Marjorie Taylor Greene Sabotaging Your Health!

Heaven’s Wish to Remove Her!

Like wow. Are you as shocked as I that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene got away with no consequences for her appalling and hurtful comments? Her comparison of us 'wearing masks to protect ourselves from contracting a deadly disease, to how the victims of the Holocaust were 'forced' to also 'wear uniforms with gold stars' – has left most people speechless, disgusted, and stunned. Add to that how Greene walked away from such cruel and deceptive behavior with no consequences from her superiors. Hmm….was she expelled? No. Were her political powers suspended somehow? No. Was she asked to apologize for her insensitive and ludicrous comparison? Hmm…again…No. In fact, the GOP has not held her accountable in any way. There was only a brief acknowledgment from House Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who, after procrastinating for FIVE days, finally admitted that her behavior was inappropriate and hurtful. Annnd that's it? Again…wow… Greene's callous behavior is more than concerning. Her lack of remorse for opening peoples’ wounds for the people the most horrendous tragedy that humans have ever experienced is hard for many of us to understand. So, Heaven wants to give you Clarity. The people holding political power and authority who are running our nation are significant to us in many ways. The decisions they make will have a direct impact on us: our living conditions, our health, our safety, our well-being, our peace of mind… Our Lives. The quality of their minds and hearts determine their choices. If you want a higher quality of life, you have to choose higher-quality people to put in office - those who think and feel from a higher level of ethics. I was asked to give you a message from The Lord Jesus about the truth behind Rep. Greene's behavior and expose why she made such a ridiculous comment, upsetting so many people. You are receiving this information so that you have truth and don’t fall for someone with ill intentions who is mis-leading you and trying to harm’s way. Heaven wants you to know better – so you make better decisions about who you put in office. I received this vision in March. Jesus showed me back then that Rep. Greene would cause drama and try to start wars with people – and why. He has asked that I reveal it to you so you know and know the truth of her actions and her state. Vision Showing me Greene Would be Starting Wars with People I awoke to a vision-movie that showed Greene ‘driving recklessly’ in a 'war-type jeep’ through streets filled with people. She wore 'inappropriate commando war clothes.' She was wearing a tight green commando tank top, matching short, shorts, and a black headband. She was driving a pink rugged-looking jeep aggressively throughout the streets and driving it carelessly off the streets - upsetting the people she almost hit. There were crowds of people watching her (her social media posts comments offending people). She drove dangerously close to some and care that she did scared them (she wouldn't care whose feelings she hurt). Her face looked like a zombie, checked out, and she didn’t care about running over the people. She cared only about getting where she wanted to go. She also looked like she wanted to 'start a war with them' (referring to her controversial and hurtful comments). She continued driving aggressively with no regard for the safety of the bystanders and wouldn't stop (wouldn’t stop offending and mis-leading people). I then saw Jesus's name written on the side of her Jeep. I saw He was trying to Guide her Jeep (to stop her hurtful comments and desire to cause to cause conflict). But she kept driving and would not listen to His advice. He still stayed with her, trying to stop her reckless driving so she would drive in a 'straight line' (so she wouldn't lie). Still, she refused to listen and continued driving her Jeep dangerously all around town, running it off the streets at times and upsetting the crowds of people (she has ignored His messages to stop lying and posting comments that would intentionally upset people and start problems). Jesus then showed me the 'black' headband on her head and how it was 'affecting her thinking' because it was connected to a negative entity that was influencing her. The negative spirit is why she drives her Jeep so aggressively and recklessly and shows little regard for other people's feelings. I was shown that she is not in full control of her 'thinking' and 'feelings' right now – a negative entity strongly is. They want you to create wars and conflict with people instead of peace and harmony. They want you to stop wearing your mask so that you get sick – and do not obey God and Jesus, who have advised you to wear it… to protect yourself. They are trying to create wars and dissension among you – through her hurtful comments, using her political platform and social media exposure and followers. The Message To further discern the message, Greene is corded by a malice entity. It is using her to mislead you to make mistakes that will hurt you. The most recent and serious one is her discouraging people from wearing masks to protect their lives! Look how ridiculous and deceptive her reasoning is – comparing it to theHolocaust. If you don’t wear your masks, you very well could get sick right now. That is what the negative entity wants – destruction. She is also – knowingly – starting conflict and arguments among people and causing dissension. She is not operating from a place of wisdom and kindness to better society. She is and has been, for some time, acting in a way to cause destruction and conflict among people, not harmony. So, please do not take her advice. Please know that we warned you that her intentions are not coming from a good place right now. It is Heaven's wish that Greene be “removed before she causes any more harm," Jesus said. "If you fail to do the right thing and make the honorable choice, which is to remove someone who is continuing to cause problems and conflict amongst each other, her offensive dramas will only continue to escalate… until she is freed from this cording." He said. So, for those of you who are fans of Greene, please know thatyou are not listening to or supporting someone operating from a place of Good Will or who desires peace on earth. Instead, she seeks to create wars and gain attention for it. Why Did McCarthy Did Not Give Greene Consequence Heaven wants you to know the truth of why she did not receive a consequence. I was told, “McCarthy doesn't' want to lose her popularity. He's keeping her around for the votes," Jesus said. Is this a wise and ethical decision? No. It is an opportunistic one. "He is being opportunistic and failing to create a nation that runs on respect, integrity, and compassion amongst one another. Instead, he has served to create division and mistrust with the use of his power. His karmic fate will painful. Her karmic fate will be much more painful for deception and misleading people, as well as making light of the biggest tragedy that human beings have been forced to face," The Lord said. Politicians have power over us. Heaven takes that very seriously. God and Jesus want only honest, kind, and generous people to be in positions of authority. The ones who are deceptive and conniving only cause conflict and pain. Choose wisely who to support because your choice will result in a karmic fate: positive or negative. Supporting the deceptive ones will result in negative karma because you chose to support politicians that cause harm with their lies and manipulations. On the other hand, choosing the honest ones who use integrity will gain you a positive karmic fate because you helped create a happy and peaceful nation by putting ethical leaders in charge. Now you know a deeper truth behind Greene's behavior (and McCarthy’s), so you are better informed. If you want to live in a peaceful nation, your politicians have to be peaceful. So let's do what we can to make our world better and choose only Kind people for politicians. In Peace Now & Always Master Channeler Maureen

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