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Jesus is King

No Other Masters are Above Him

Whatever religion or spiritual practice you follow; your acts of devotion will bring you limited gifts – unless you also embrace worshipping Jesus. Ascended Master Kuan Yin gave me this message to share with you. She wishes to enlighten you about your worship practices, so you show Faithfulness to the one who can bless you more than any other can. “Jesus stands above all others,” She said, regarding the hierarchy of the Ascended Masters in Heaven. "There is no one who has been given the power and authority over the Universe and your planet (Earth) and the Heavenly Kingdom that Jesus has been bestowed with. He has gained the ultimate place in God’s heart, for His purity, devotion and ability to love under all circumstances… and never swaying from His commitment in serving both God and mankind, under all trying times. He was born and created to be Our leader – for All the Spiritual Guides and Angels in Heaven and yours. There is no other Ascended Master that compares to the Lord’s power, abilities, authority and ranking… as He is the One who sits closest to God, serving your Heavenly Father’s every wish. Please remember this. Please show your Lord, Jesus, the respect and praise that is worthy for the King that He truly is. Seek to be in His mercy, so you may receive His graces. Liken Him to no other… for He is the one and only true Son of God… Our Master and God’s gift of your Savior and King, who can bring you to life everlasting in His Kingdom, if you please Him.” What Kuan Yin is telling you is that no matter who is being worshiped in your church or spiritual practice, whether it be Buddha or Kuan Yin in Buddhism; Muslims praying to Muhammad; Krishna in Hinduism; Yogananda in its' spiritual practice; etc. – not one of these Ascended Masters or Gods or Goddess are ranked above Jesus. They are all at stations beneath Jesus, and all Guides, Gods, Goddess and Angels are ‘managed’ by Jesus. He oversees all of them. He is Their leader, and He is our leader. So, if you really want to earn gifts and blessings, then you will need to also be devoted to Him and be in His good graces. This means you may now be adopting additionally prayers and another place of worship; ones that show devotion to Jesus – If you want to work on earning His gifts, now and for your Afterlife. By the way, this is exactly how I have seen Jesus when He has appeared to me with groups of Guides, the Ascended Masters, my other Guides, and others, when They have appeared to me as a collective group. Jesus has shown me this – before Kuan Yin visited me with this message. Jesus stands about two feet taller and is bigger than all the other Guides standing next to His side. He will often stand in the middle, looking as though He is leading Them (the group). His presence is illuminating, just breath-taking; and He is much larger than the Others, allowing me to see more details in His appearance. He stands above them all. Master Channeler Maureen Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin Principle Oracle for Jesus Primary Oracle for Mother Mary Primary Oracle for Buddha Direct Oracle for God


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