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Jesus asked me to share His message

And prayer on how to earn His mercy...

Jesus said:

“Just as a mistake can be made… that sin can also be forgiven. Acknowledging the sin and asking God for forgiveness, versus, holding a self-righteous attitude Is the difference in—If and When—your sin will be forgiven. The only way to be released from pain and suffering that sins cause—Is to be forgiven… and be right with God again.”

Jesus’ prayer to help earn Forgiveness for Sins:

“Dear God Almighty,

Please forgive my sin of (state it; EX: Greed (vanity or stealing);Wrath (seeking revenge); Envy (jealousy); Pride (letting others suffer because of your self-righteous ego); Gluttony (choosing not to share what you have to help those in need); Sloth (laziness, not behaving responsibly with gifts God has given you); Lust (seeking out someone or something you want in a dishonest way), etc..) I now recognize my error in judgement and see the harm my behavior has caused others and myself. Please forgive my limited thinking and capacity to be strong and virtuous. I recognize my mistake of (state what it is and the harm it caused to whom) and promise to never repeat such an un-holy act again. Please forgive me.”

He then said:

“I Am on-call waiting to intervene and help bring relief to where there is misery, but they must earn my interventions and miracles. Praying for Forgiveness of Sins—IS the way God will open the door for me to be allowed to heal them… which is My wish.”

Blessings, Oracle Maureen

Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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