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How You Talk to God Matters

Insight to Improve Your Prayers

I was asked by God to teach you how to “talk” to Him.

Creator said He “wishes to bless each of you with what you desire the most, as well as gifts you couldn’t even dream of for yourself.”

But His ability to do so depends solely on the merits you have earned with Him. Merits are your karmic blessings that you have created and accumulated for yourself through kind acts.

His ability to gift us blessings also depends on his desire to want to help you, if and when your Heavenly Father feels inspired to “step in” and improve your life circumstances. Examples include an upgrade in your job, housing, relationships, health, income, career or social opportunities, etc.

God has given me insight over the years regarding the importance of how we talk to Him and how He wishes to be addressed. How we talk to Him does affect His desire to grant us His blessings, mercy, and grace. It matters.. a lot.

I consider this priceless information that I am sharing with you. Please hang onto it. Use it. Implement it, and please cherish it.

These insights have been revealed to me primarily by God, but also by Jesus Christ and Kuan Yin.

How to Speak to God: Humbly & Respectfully

Always speak to God humbly and sincerely when you ask for something. Speak to Him with the utmost respect. Never come across sounding demanding, firm, or stern. Never complain heavily or go on a rant to God. Never, ever give God an ultimatum.

God is your Creator. He made you. He chose and created your soul. He is your Father in Heaven – your ‘Heavenly Father.’ He created your planet, everything on it, including all animals and other living beings. He has given you every single thing that you have. God holds all the power over you, everything and everyone on your planet, and the Universe. You would not exist if it were not for God’s desire to have you. Without God and His blessings, you would not have all the wonderful things and people in your life. For these reasons (and many more), you should speak to your Creator always, and only, in a highly respectful, humble, and sincere manner.

If you disrespectfully speak to God, He will not only deny you your wishes; He will most likely send you a karmic lesson to teach you the importance of humility and respect when addressing an ‘authority figure.’ You do not want that.

But, if you talk to God in a humble, sincere way with kind, gentle words, God has shown me that He “listens louder” to those prayers. This means He hears that person’s prayers louder than other prayers. It stands out and gets more of God’s attention. You need to get God’s attention and move His heart for Him to grant you a blessing and change your negative circumstance into a positive one.

How to Pray

Use “Dear” in how you address Him. Jesus, Kuan Yin, and God have taught me that this shows holding endearment and adoration towards God, which also shows respect and that you are giving Him authority over you.

Ex: “Dear God/Creator/Heavenly Father/Source of Life/Divine…”

These are the most common names He has given me. So I know you will please Him when you use any of these to start your prayers.

Use humble and kind words and speak sweetly and gently… almost even meek. Again, this shows God that you are holding Him up as your ultimate source of guidance and authority and have the utmost respect for Him.

When I would ask for something, I used to say: “Can I have….”

I was corrected both by Jesus and God. They would talk over me and change my words to say: “May I please have…” and, on occasions, “May I have more mercy with…" (depending on what I was praying for). Jesus said that using the word ‘may’ instead of ‘can’ shows God a higher level of respect because I am willing to make myself more humble to Him with this word choice. In doing so, He will hear my prayers even louder because they are more respectable and worthy to Him, which will earn me more of His attention, time, and consideration. This, then, will make it more likely that He will grant me my wish sooner, or even at all, if I am allowed.

“Dear God,

May I please have mercy with…”; Or “May I please have more help and relief from…” (fill in what you are miserable, sick, or suffering with that you need relief from).

“Dear Creator,

Please send me relief from…” (fill in exactly what you want improved: career, health, housing, relationship, finances, family, overcoming addiction, etc).

“Dear Divine,

It is with a humble heart that I ask for Your mercy to be granted upon me so that I may receive relief from…” (again, fill in exactly what you want help with).

“Dear Heavenly Father,

Please forgive my sins and mistakes…” (fill in any that you know of).

God needs to know that you are committed to working on evolving from the error that you made. Jesus and Kuan Yin taught me to follow it up with the following:

“I promise to be a better person.” Or “I promise to be a better follower of Jesus’s ways.”

Always show God your gratitude. Make Him feel how grateful you truly are for the chance to receive any of His help. Make Him see that you understand the magnitude of His power and superiority over both you and the Universe and that you will be patient and grateful for any gifts He gives you, when He gives them to you. You can then conclude the prayer with:

“Thank you for listening to my prayers, dear God. Thank you, Holy Divine Father. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for any of your mercy and grace. Blessings. Amen.”

Repeat your prayers 3-5 times minimum.

Saying your prayer using ‘prayer hands’ (hands held up in traditional prayer position) will make your prayer ‘louder’ to God’s ears. He will hear it over the others and make it a higher consideration – because you have talked to Him respectfully and humbly.

• Saying your prayer kneeling will also make it even louder in His ears because it is another act that shows humility – which shows God respect. If you are unable to kneel, you can use prayer hands, light a prayer candle, or pray near a cross or statue of Jesus.

Always thank God for listening to your prayers and express gratitude when finished. Think He is in constant connection with all of His beings and planets and is using His energy and time at a never-ending pace to support, guide, protect, heal, and help all of us. Gratitude shows respect for His time and willingness to listen to you when He has so many other responsibilities to tend to.

Never Blame God for Your Difficulties – Ask for His Mercy

Never, ever blame God for your hardships. Blaming God and expressing resentment at Him for your difficulties will be a huge mistake. God has shown me that He feels hurt, sad, and angry when He is blamed for someone’s troubles. He will often send that person a lesson that will humble them, and the wish they wanted to be granted will mostly likely be placed on a shelf for a long time.

When we suffer, it is because of several reasons, but none of them are because God put it on us for an unjustifiable reason.

We suffer because of the negative karmic consequences that we have created for ourselves through unethical and unkind behaviors. We suffer because we have broken God’s Laws and Commandments (10 commandments). We didn’t listen, even though we were warned, and sadly, God has to send us our punishment for a mistake we made. Another reason someone may suffer is because they have charted a difficult, advanced lesson to evolve from.

You will never get your prayers answered if you hold blame, anger, or resentment toward God. In fact, the opposite will happen. Your Creator will ‘discipline’ you and send you a karmic lesson to help you learn to not project your anger onto someone innocent. The lesson will undoubtedly be uncomfortable because it will involve a very humbling experience.

If you make a mistake and project negative thoughts toward God, clean it up – quickly. Do not be prideful. Swallow your ego and start asking for forgiveness – and mean it. God is a forgiving God, but you must ask for forgiveness if you make a mistake and offend him with how you spoke to Him. Go into regular prayers telling God that you didn’t mean what you said and are genuinely sorry. Keep asking for forgiveness until you feel that He finally has given it to you.

When you are troubled by something difficult in your life, do not blame God. Instead, humble yourself and ask Him for His mercy and grace to save you. This is how you will change your circumstances - by the grace of God. Ask Him with complete sincerity and take accountability for what actions you may have done that created this circumstance, and beg Him for His Divine mercy and grace to be bestowed upon you. Keep asking and praying for this – until you finally see it show up and rescue you from your pain. Then, thank God for the mercy He gave you and be grateful for His loving grace.

Keep Your Thoughts Pure

God doesn’t just hear your prayers. He also hears all of your thoughts and feelings you hold on Him. So, keep all your thoughts to God and about God very positive and pure. In fact, the more you keep them kind and loving towards God, the more likely He will take the time to listen closely to you and your requests.

God wanted me to enlighten you about the importance of knowing how to speak to Him, so you could earn more of His embrace, and He could grant more of your wishes. God surrounds you, your planet, and your galaxy, sitting high above you in His Heavenly Kingdom, where He hopes you will make your home with Him someday.

God wanted to give you this gift of wisdom to help you get closer to making your dreams come true by knowing how to talk to Him so you move his heart in your direction.

And I did too. I hope you do what He says… so He hears your prayers ‘louder.’


Oracle Maureen


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