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FAITH: You Were Never Intended to Live Life On Earth Alone

We were not intended to do this alone – Life on Earth. We were given an opportunity, when we were sent to Earth, to better ourselves so we could someday reach a level of enlightenment that would allow us to live full-time in Heaven. We come here seeking that level of spiritual development and we work in this difficult dimension through tests and lessons to help us achieve this goal. We are here as long it takes and as many times that is needed for our soul to accomplish this mission. To be released from having to keep coming back to this difficult dimension, and be freed of living with pain and hardships and finally live in Nirvana, is our soul’s goal.

We experience challenges from the moment we get here: physically, mentally, and emotionally, and they never stop. But, we are given support, relief, a light in the darkness. We were sent here with a connection to help us, one that knows the path and who can ease the suffering – the One who created us and Earth, God. We were placed here by the Hand of our Creator, our Source of Life, God who opened His heart and His world giving us unconditional Love and support, especially if we seek it. Thus, making the journey and its hardships and challenges easier through His guidance, support, and intervention.

We were never supposed to think we should or could accomplish the difficult challenge of life on Earth by our means only - because we were brought here by God. We were born and created by God. He decided to give Love to our souls and give us life. God created this planet, which we use temporarily and regularly for our development.

He, our Almighty Creator, intended all along that we would accomplish our lifetimes under His guidance. In the same way that a parent here guides, protects, heals, and rescues their child on earth.

We were meant to live with God so that Heavenly Father could give us the directions to live here happily and not suffer. Stepping away from thinking you need God's help, guidance, and mercy while you live in His world, the Earth plane, is how you will feel pain and more hardships erupting in your life because you let go of the Hand that would have led you away from the suffering.

It is only by living here with God's presence in your life that you will be guaranteed to accomplish the lessons and tests to completion and get to experience joy.

You can only receive your Creator's messages to help you, teach you, warn you, praise you, rescue you, guide you, and save you – if you live holding a space committed to Him.

God knows your shortcomings, and He knows how you can overcome them. God knows your strengths and how to reward you for achieving them. God knows the Game of Life because He created it, and He made the players too – you, us. Play by His rules in His world and watch how much easier and happier life is for you. Respect and honor the One who gave you all of this, your beautiful soul, and the chance to come here to learn – and watch how many more miracles are given to you.

Believe in your Heavenly Father and worship Him for all the moments of Love you have been fortunate to experience. And thank Him by letting Him lead the way for you… so you get the chance to have more.

Love your God and the gifts He has given you here.

You were not intended to do this alone. Show God you understand and respect this by welcoming Him into your life and watch how much more positive your lessons and experiences become. Faith.

With Love,

Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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