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I hope you will share this GoFundMe campaign with your friends and family. It is bringing relief to the Ethiopians who have suffered horrific abuses, have been driven out of their homeland, and need to start over.

It was created by a client who was inspired after reading my message about the atrocious abuses that the women in Ethiopia have been suffering. After I sent out my Ethiopia message, he reached out to me, saying that he was greatly affected by the message. He had also received his own vision in meditation, showing him the horrific ordeal...

-WARNING: Sensitive Material-

The client's vision included graphic images of the women being tied down and raped over and over again. To make matters worse, men were sitting by the women and charging other men for this opportunity. After a point, the women were so damaged they were no longer useful and many of them were killed.

My client revealed, "As someone who was raised Jewish, I was told the atrocities were worse than those of the Holocaust. That's why I was so motivated to do this. So many people knew about the Holocaust and chose to ignore it. Now we have a chance to do something about it."

I can confirm this as when I was initially stalling to deliver this message due to how horrific it is, my Guides came to me saying these men are comparable to discrimination and persecution that Hitler and the Nazi's committed.

In addition to sharing my client's GoFundMe fundraiser to help Ethiopian's in crisis, I also want to share with you how Heaven rewards kindness and compassion – so you can receive a blessing like he received.

When he reached out to me, I could feel his sincerity, and I could also feel his passion of wanting to help. I received a message from Jesus to "embrace his help" for a couple of reasons. One, his intention is pure, and because of that, rewards will be sent to all involved. Second, he was sent to help me get GoFundMe campaigns going because it will open more "fundraising doors."

After I accepted his offer to do a GoFundMe and send it to his friends and family, I received a visitation from Jesus, who told me that He was "pleased" with my client and "would be rewarding him." I was surprised and so happy for him, and I passed this on to him, so he could be aware of receiving a blessing from the Lord for his time and energy.

Jesus told me it accomplished what He wanted it to; it is raising more money to help people who are suffering in brutal ways and starving at a famine level.

After my client sent the GoFundMe out to his circle of friends, I was given a message from God. Heavenly Father said He was "pleased" with him for his humanitarian efforts. When God is pleased with someone, that means they will receive a blessing, a gift, from Him.

A blessing is something that makes our life on Earth easier and happier. It may be an increase in health, relationships, financial relief, increase in well-being, positive shift in career, etc. The list goes on. The client will receive two blessings to make his life 'happier' or 'easier.'

I decided to share this part with you to inspire you to reach out to me if you ever want to help and create a GoFundMe page to send to your friends and family on any causes you feel strongly about, or take time to volunteer for any humanitarian or animal welfare organizations that are important to you. I was fascinated and so happy to know rewards are being given to my client by both Jesus and God for his selfless act.

If you ever feel like helping me - help Heaven – help the suffering…. please do so! I will be grateful. The Ascended Masters will be grateful. Heavenly Father will be pleased. Heaven will show you Their appreciation in the form of a reward (even though that is not why you are doing it. I'm just giving you inside information).

Please help us reach our new goal of $10,000 by sharing this GoFundMe link with your friends and family. What greatly helps us is liking and sharing it on all social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and through email. This sets this fundraiser up as a chain letter, with the realistic possibility of reaching tens of thousands of potential donors.

Please Help Ethiopia

Blessings Always,

Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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