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You’re Giving them a Gift…When you Connect

As a Medium, I cannot begin to tell you how Excited and Grateful the family and friends in Heaven really are – when they get the chance to ‘come through’ and communicate through me to their person here on earth.

Immediately, I will get filled with their feelings of Happiness and Gratitude, when I merge with a soul in the Afterlife. Also, in addition to all of the messages that they channel through me conveying their Happiness; I will also get direct messages from them - to me… Telling me that they are Sooo Happy to have the chance to connect with their person. A lot of times, they will also thank me during a reading or after and even give me gifts of appreciation… such as bouquet of flowers or rainbows or chocolates or stuffed animals…. the list goes on. When they thank me and give me their gifts; they also fill me with their Happiness and Excitement and Gratitude – for the opportunity to use a Medium to bridge the gap between them and their person here on earth.

So... trust me, when I say: You Are Giving Them a Gift – when you go to a Medium, who can help you connect and reunite with your loved ones in Heaven… so your relationship can continue – for you and for Them.

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher Maureen Allan Oracle for the Higher Realms


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