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Who Killed JonBenét Ramsey? Unsolved Mystery - Finally Solved

Patsy Wants Her Good Name Cleared… And Tells Me Who Did It…

WARNING: Please be advised there is difficult content to read regarding child sexual abuse.

I have been given a special mission. Recently, I received a visitation from the mother, Patsy, of JonBenét Ramsey, the young child beauty queen who was tragically killed after being tortured and raped in her Boulder, CO home.

This may sound unusual to you, but it is actually normal for me to be visited by someone on the Otherside looking for justice for a crime committed against them or wanting misinformation about them corrected. I have been visited by so many people on the Otherside asking me to help reveal the truth about what really happened to them – for their sake and their loved ones, because the lies being told are hurting everyone involved and hindering their healing process.

I was amazed when it started happening. I would receive visitations from missing persons from unsolved cold cases seen in headline news such as Jacob Wetterling, Natalee Holloway, and little Caylee Anthony. All of them told me what happened to them and gave me the names of their killers. Even celebrities looking for help and closure about their deaths have come right into my living room, kitchen, or office asking me to intervene and help them including Prince, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Michael Hutchence (from INXS), Marilynn Monroe… and the list goes on.

I bring this up to let you know how important truth and justice are to everyone - even when we are on the Otherside. Being asked to help them has taught me that when we cross over, we still witness everything happening on here on Earth, and that we still value our reputations and justice much more than you might think. The souls in the Afterlife care very much about what people say about them here on Earth and want the truth to be told about them.

Last Christmas marked the 27th anniversary of the horrific killing of 6-year-old beauty pageant queen JonBenét Ramsey. With it, interest in the cold case reignited discussion online, and many of the old movies about it resurfaced. People are still asking, who did it? Many of these movies pointed the finger at JonBenét’s mother, Patsy.

On December 26, 1996, JonBenét Ramsey was reported missing. Her parents, Patsy and John Ramsey reported that they found a ransom note in their home demanding $118,000, a seemingly random and specific amount. JonBenét was later found dead by investigators and her father in their basement. She had been brutally tortured by being strangled with a garrote fashioned from a knotted white nylon rope and a broken paintbrush handle. The autopsy report showed bruising and blood stains in and around her vaginal area consistent with sexual assault.

The investigators never confirmed what was used to rape her. JonBenét was found with her wrists tied and black duct tape covering her mouth. The cause of death was determined to be asphyxiation from strangulation, as well as blunt force trauma to her head. The detectives determined the garrote was made from a paintbrush, which was broken up in three pieces, and taken from Patsy’s painting supplies. Through their investigation, the detectives failed to determine where the nylon rope or the black tape came from, but they did claim that they did not come from inside the Ramseys home (Boulder Colorado Gov, Denver Post, US Sun).

The Ramseys quickly became the main suspects in the investigation, a choice made by the lead investigator. A grand jury convened in March 1998 but was dismissed in early October 1999 due to insufficient evidence.

Sadly in 2006, JonBenét’s mother, Patsy, died from ovarian cancer. In 2008, John and Patsy Ramsey were officially cleared due to improvements in DNA technology. Unfortunately, public suspicion of the Ramseys (primarily Patsy) being involved continued to prevail over the truth of their innocence (The Independent).

The resurge of interest in the case, especially the rumors online and on TV accusing Patsy of the sadistic crime of killing her precious daughter, is why I received a visitation from Patsy and JonBenét Ramsey, who showed up in my bedroom on July 3, 2023, asking me to help them.

Patsy Visits Me with a Message Telling Me She Did Not Kill Her Daughter – And Then Reveals to Me Who Did

I was praying the Rosary, and suddenly I started receiving visions of JonBenét Ramsey. I was confused, they wouldn’t stop coming in?? I recognized her immediately from the unsolved case and also because she had visited me in the past (and told me that her mother was innocent). JonBenét was coming through, but I didn’t understand why. Suddenly, I started to see Patsy Ramsey. I saw her standing at the side of my bed where I was praying the rosary with JonBenét by her side. Patsy touched both my shoulder and right hand, and as she did, she said her name, “Patsy,” loudly to me.

I was just stunned. I stopped praying the Rosary.

Patsy then said:

“Would you please send a message on my behalf to tell people that I am innocent and to remove all the incriminating material online accusing me of killing my daughter…. because I did not.”

Patsy said she is “heartbroken that there’s documentary information online defaming her and accusing her of committing the heinous act of killing her daughter.”

Patsy said she is asking that people stop watching the documentaries “accusing” her of murdering her daughter and “slandering” her, because she said she – is “innocent.” She said it is very upsetting for her and JonBenét to keep watching this happen because she did not hurt, torture, or kill her daughter. Patsy said she wants people to know this and to stop entertaining these lies and slandering her. After filling me with her deep sadness, Patsy said that the people still accusing her of this malicious crime and false lies of torturing and killing her daughter are “hurting her.

I was blown away. She then showed me a couple of visions of documentaries running on Hulu and Prime, as well as stories online.

Patsy again said that she wants people to know she is “innocent” of this horrific crime – and that she wants you to know who is guilty.

Patsy then told me who killed JonBenét and showed me how it happened. Here is the unsolved case of who killed JonBenét Ramsey – finally solved:

While Patsy was telling me that she was innocent, she was also showing me a long vision-movie of who did kill JonBenét, how the guilty person did it, and their motive. She has asked me to tell you.

Patsy said she “did not kill” her daughter.

She then told me who did murder JonBenét:

“The handyman did it. The handyman abducted, assaulted, and killed JonBenét."

When she said this, she put a toolbox up to my face and wrote out ‘HANDYMAN’ in large black letters and said “handyman” again, so I had to see and hear it.

Then she showed me a vision of ‘Santa Claus.’ This ‘Santa,’ however, did not have the usual big round belly; instead, he was quite thin. He also did not have the typical long white beard. Rather, he had a greying mustache. I was a little perplexed when I saw this version of Santa and why he had different characteristics than how the typical ‘Santa Claus’ looks.

Patsy soon answered my question. She told me that it was her handyman dressed up in disguise as Santa Claus, as a way to trick JonBenét into getting her to go with him. This is who murdered JonBenét.

How An Intruder Got Into The House: Through A Broken Window

Patsy then showed me ‘a basement window’ that I could see was at ground level. She put a large ‘screwdriver’ in front of the basement window from the outside. I watched him use the screwdriver and ‘unscrew the screws around the window’ so he could quietly enter the basement window by removing the window.

Patsy then showed me the ‘toolbox’ again and said the handyman “had become obsessed with JonBenét.” She said, “he would stare at her when he was at her house doing handyman jobs.

Patsy said:

The handyman is a pedophile. He was infatuated with JonBenét and had been watching her.”

Who Killed JonBenét? The Handyman (and The Housekeeper Accomplice)

Patsy told me the murderer was her handyman, Mervin Pugh, and his accomplice was the Ramsey’s housekeeper, Linda Hoffman-Pugh.

Patsy said that Mervin Pugh “acted alone” and that there was “no one else in the home” during the incident. She said that Linda Hoffman-Pugh was a co-conspirator and the mastermind behind the plot who did “most of the planning of the kidnapping.” She said Hoffman-Pugh was also the driver waiting for Pugh in a car parked on the curb, ready to take him and JonBenét away after the abduction.

Patsy said the Pughs were having financial problems, and told me they were “desperate for money, food, rent, and utilities and that Mervin refused to work beyond doing random handyman jobs… leaving the burden of finances on her.”

I was informed that Pugh was “a full-blown alcoholic, barely functioning and unwilling to hold onto a job other than working as a random handyman and that Linda’s housekeeping position couldn’t afford all of their bills.” Patsy said, “Linda was desperate for money.”

Patsy said Hoffman-Pugh asked her for a loan of several thousand dollars and that she turned the housekeeper down. She said that Hoffman-Pugh, was bitter, resentful, and panicking for money for basic needs, and that both Hoffman-Pugh and Pugh were also in need of serious dental work on top of everything else, causing an even more urgent need for money.

She said her housekeeper, Hoffman-Pugh, and her handyman, Pugh, knew her house very well and which “windows they could easily pry open and get into the house through.” She said this is why Pugh used the bottom basement window – “because he knew there was a loose, broken window” he could use to gain access to JonBenét.

Patsy said, "They BOTH knew that not all the windows were working properly, and Mervin could easily pry open a loose one.”

By the way, I was shown that Pugh did not break the glass on the window he used to enter the Ramsey's house. He used a screwdriver to unscrew the screws on a loose window and slipped inside the basement through this window, where no one inside the house could hear or see him. Patsy said, “he was then prepared to take JonBenét out that window, taped and gagged when he had her.”

I was told that Pugh broke into the house while the Ramsey’s were at a Christmas party, when the handyman and housekeeper knew the house would be empty. She said Pugh “was lying in wait for his abduction.” Patsy told me that Hoffman-Pugh knew the family would be gone during specific hours that evening to attend a Christmas party, and that his break-in “was well planned out and executed.”

Motive was Money: It Was A Botched Kidnap for Ransom

Patsy told me, “The kidnappers (Pughs) were looking to abduct JonBenét for ransom money.” However, in the “thrill of the act of doing this, the pedophile couldn’t resist the temptation of sexually assaulting JonBenét” and that is why Pugh murdered JonBenét.

Patsy said:

“It was a robbery that went wrong.”

JonBenét was killed when Pugh became afraid of getting caught after JonBenét started screaming when he started torturing and sexually assaulting her. He first used the Taser on her when she started screaming to get her to stop screaming, but it didn’t work quickly enough for him. He started to panic when she continued to scream, and that is when he hit her head – as a means to silence her so that he wouldn’t get caught. But he hit her so hard that he accidentally killed her.

Santa Clause Was A Disguise

to Lure JonBenét Out of Bed and Trick Her into Going with Him

Pugh, Patsy’s handyman, dressed up as Santa Claus and lured JonBenét out of her bed to go with him, tricking her – by pretending to be Santa Claus. He told her that Christmas gifts were waiting for her downstairs, and if she would be quiet and not wake up the rest of the family and go with him – she would get her gifts. This is WHY she went with him so willingly and quietly.

Description of JonBenét’s Murderer

The Handyman Dressed Up as Santa Claus

The ‘Santa Claus’ that Patsy showed me was not your typical ‘Santa.’ He did not have a big round belly or a long white beard. He was thin and had a greying mustache. When I looked up photos of Patsy’s handyman online and saw Mervin Pugh, my stomach dropped – because that is exactly who Patsy unveiled was dressed up as ‘Santa Claus’ and who abducted and killed JonBenét. It was his face, handyman Pugh.

When I looked up possible suspects in this case, I came across Bill McReynolds, who played Santa Claus at the Ramseys’ house for a Christmas party the night before. I can tell you that is absolutely not the Santa I saw attempting to abduct JonBenét.

The Note from the Other Santa Suspect

Made JonBenét Trust ‘Santa’ More & Anticipate Getting Presents

I was shown that the ‘Note’ that the innocent Santa, Bill McReynolds, gave JonBenét saying that she would be getting a ‘special Christmas gift this year’ was an essential factor.

I was told that housekeeper Hoffman-Pugh was at the Ramsey’s Christmas party, and she was privy to this note. She knew that JonBenét would be extra eager to go with ‘Santa Claus’ – because she, a trusting six-year-old, was already anticipating getting a special gift from Santa Claus. The kidnappers then formulated the plan to have Pugh dress up as Santa, knowing there would be less of a chance of resistance on JonBenét’s part to go down those stairs with ‘Santa Claus’ to get her very special gift Santa’s note promised her. I wanted to cry… even more ☹

The Ransom Note

A Specific Amount and An Attempt to Frame Patsy

The note was two and a half pages long and found at the bottom of the kitchen staircase. The ransom that was demanded was $118,000, an oddly specific amount. According to John Ramsey, this amount was almost identical to his Christmas bonus from the year prior, suggesting that someone who would have access to the bonus information was involved. During the visitation, Patsy confirmed the reason the ransom note demanded $118,000, was because Hoffman-Pugh chose to demand that amount – and while working for them, she had overheard the Ramseys' discussion about the amount of bonus money John had received before.

The Ransom Amount of $118,000

Why The Pughs Carefully Chose This Amount

I was shown that this was the Pughs' thought process as to why they came up with using the $118,000, and why they thought they could get away with their crime successfully:

  1. The money would be available. They timed the abduction with the time when John Ramsey received his annual Christmas bonus.

  2. They thought this amount of money was large enough to pay off their debt, but small enough that the Ramseys would not feel inclined to get the police involved. They were counting on the Ramseys' devotion to their daughter and willingness to pay the ransom quickly – to get their daughter back as fast as possible. This meant less of a chance that the Ramseys would get the police involved so that the Pughs could get away with the crime of kidnapping by ransom.

  3. The Pughs also believed that because it was John’s ‘bonus’ money, it was extra money for the Ramseys, and they didn’t need it. They thought the Ramseys were rich and could easily live without this ‘extra money’ and, again, be more willing to give in and give it away without hesitation – to save their daughter.

The Notepad

I was told that Hoffman-Pugh had stolen a notepad from Patsy’s home with her handwriting on it with the intent to practice copying Patsy’s handwriting. She wanted to duplicate Patsy’s handwriting, so she could write the ransom note and, ultimately, try to frame Patsy for the crime.

The notepad was left behind in the house, at the crime scene, by accident. Hoffman-Pugh, who had been using it to practice Patsy’s handwriting on it, gave the whole notepad to Pugh before he went into the house so it would be easier for him to carry and not lose the actual ransom note that was still on the notepad. Pugh made the mistake of leaving the notepad behind. He was supposed to bring the notepad back when he brought out JonBenét. He made a sloppy mistake in his drunken state.

Police Claim There Were No Footprints Left Behind

That’s Because there Were None Out Back

Patsy told me that the Boulder Police said they didn’t find any evidence of footprints outside. She said this is misleading. She said that there were no footprints left behind – in the snow, because there was no snow in the back of their house where Pugh entered their home. However, if the police had kept investigating further, they would have found some elsewhere. They however failed to investigate the entire house and grounds properly and thoroughly.

The Bowl of Pineapple

A Place She Sat Briefly, While JonBenét Waited for ‘Santa’ to Grab a Flashlight

I was given clarity about the mysterious bowl of pineapple. I was shown JonBenét sitting by ‘The Bowl of Pineapple,’ smiling big and looking very happy. I was confused and couldn’t understand why. I was soon told.

Patsy told me that when her abductor, handyman-pedophile Pugh, dressed up as Santa Claus and got her out of her bed and down to the kitchen, he asked her to sit at the table for a minute. He decided he wanted to use a flashlight to make the rest of the walk down to the basement so as not to turn on any lights. Pugh told an innocent and trusting JonBenét, who was excited and anticipating getting her ‘special Christmas presents’ to sit and wait at the table for a minute, while he grabbed a flashlight. While she did, she ate pineapple from the bowl that was already sitting on the table.

This is why Patsy showed me the vision of JonBenét looking so happy near the bowl of pineapple. She was excited and happy, anticipating getting her Christmas presents from Santa Claus.

Patsy told me that Pugh knew where the Ramseys kept their tools because he was their handyman. He knew there was a flashlight in the kitchen and grabbed it from the cabinet. The flashlight I saw was large and heavy with a round top.


Murder Weapons – The Flashlight Combined with Strangulation

I was told that when Pugh started torturing and sexually assaulting JonBenét, he panicked when she started to scream. Sadly, a flashlight, on top of initially using a stun gun on her and then strangling her using a garrote, is what murderer Pugh used to deliver the final blow that killed beautiful JonBenét.

Patsy told me that JonBenét got tased when she had the garrote cord that Pugh put around JonBenét’s neck to torture and strangle her. This scared and hurt her horribly and when she started screaming. Pugh used the Taser to try to quiet her. Then he became more agitated and afraid of getting caught, so in a frenzy of high anxiety and drunkenness, Pugh grabbed a large flashlight and smashed it on JonBenét’s head to stop her from screaming – and it killed her.

JonBenét, after being strangled almost to death by the garotte, died from blunt force trauma to the head from the flashlight, which caused traumatic brain injury and blood loss.

I was told that Pugh didn’t mean to kill her. He meant only to knock her unconscious so he could carry her out the basement window, which was the kidnapping-for-ransom plan all along.

Sexual Assault & Attacked By a Pedophile Unfortunately, I was asked to include this, because Heaven and Patsy, want you to know that she did not torture and kill her daughter– and They want all defaming information accusing her of this heinous crime removed from all outlets.

My Guides said:

“The perpetrator, the pedophile, forced a foreign object into little JonBenet’s vagina and raped her repeatedly… throughout the attack. He also tortured her throughout the assault by using a garrot strangulation device intended to induce more pain and torture throughout the assault – during it and before and after it.

He left (the house) with the object that he used to penetrate and rape her with, which was a broken-up piece of the paintbrush handle.”

I saw a broken piece of a paintbrush as They said this.

They also showed me a description of the perpetrator, again. They showed me a Caucasian adult male in just his underwear, wearing white briefs (again, not a woman) to show me who committed this crime.

They said that “he did not penetrate her himself, but rather used a foreign object to rape her.”

I was told that they would have found DNA under JonBenet’s fingernails and on her body matching Pugh’s; and that there still is the chance that they can, if they test his DNA properly.

By the way, the detectives never did test Pugh’s DNA directly. They tested him indirectly through his ‘daughter,’ Ariana, and decided to clear his name this way. There has been speculation since then that Ariana is actually not his biological daughter, but rather his ‘granddaughter;’ which means Ariana’s DNA would be completely deficient and inaccurate to be able to clear him. I have been told that the right DNA tests can prove his DNA was at the scene of the crime.

It was a Robbery that Went Wrong

Because of the Handyman’s Sexually Deviant Tendencies

Hoffman-Pugh and Pugh planned a kidnapping for ransom because they were in fear and needing of money and thought this was their solution to get them out of debt; and because Pugh, a pedophile, was looking to abuse a little girl sexually who he had become obsessed with and could not control his deviant urges anymore.

Pugh only wanted to abuse JonBenét sexually, but then he got carried away and wanted to torture her – and then he ended up killing her by accident.

Hoffman-Pugh wanted only to kidnap JonBenét for money. She was not intending for it to lead to murder. I was told she did know, however, there was a chance that Pugh was going to sexually assault her, so she is not innocent of helping create this assault on JonBenét.

I was told the Pughs are sociopaths who lack remorse, and that Mervin Pugh has deviant tendencies of being sexually attracted to children. I was also told that he has been in “trouble with the law before,” and that he has been inappropriate with family members by abusing the young girls, and that Hoffman-Pugh has been covering for him.

Bolder Police Failed Miserably

Patsy told me that the killers got away with the murder of JonBenét because the Boulder Police were so intent on trying to complete the case by accusing her of the crime. The police had the evidence and means to find the real killers, which were exposed, but the police were so prideful and cared more about making themselves look right than about truth and justice.

Patsy’s Message About Child Beauty Pageants – Ban Them

At the end, Patsy said she “regretted ever getting JonBenét into beauty pageants.” She said she thought it was innocent to enter JonBenét into these competitions, and that she equated beauty pageants with the same thing as modeling. But, now that she is on the Otherside, she has “come to learn that beauty pageants are not just modeling but are actually exploiting children.”

Patsy then showed me a vision of red lipstick on JonBenét in full makeup and her hair done up. She said, “Beauty pageants make children look like seductive women, and that’s why the handyman ultimately made JonBenét his prey.”

Patsy’s Wishes

Patsy wants her daughter's murderers caught and criminally prosecuted, and she wishes for the Boulder Police to be held accountable for their high level of negligence and incompetence, and for the defamation of her good name.

Patsy also wants all documentaries slandering her and accusing her of committing this heinous crime against her sweet child to be abolished, and for her family’s good name to be cleared. Patsy wants you to know and accept that she is innocent and that she did not kill, or ever abuse, her precious child JonBenét, whom she loved dearly.

There was So Much Evidence Against the Pughs from the Very Beginning – Which the Police Ignored

The Pughs Were Considered the First Suspects

• Linda Hoffman-Pugh and Mervin Pugh were actually among the first murder suspects (New Zealand Herald).

Hoffman-Pugh Revealed She Needed Money When She Asked Patsy for a Loan

• Patsy claimed to investigators that Hoffman-Pugh was struggling for money and had asked for a loan of several thousand dollars, which Ramsey had declined (Rolling Stone).

• The Ramseys' housekeeper had "asked Patsy to borrow $2,000 shortly before Christmas," Fred Patterson from the Boulder Police Department tells the HLN program. "They had familiarity with the house, they knew JonBenét. It would have been possible to go to the house and take JonBenét without having a disturbance" (New Zealand Herald).

Detectives Found the Exact Same Black Tape at The Pughs' House

• When the detectives asked if the couple had any black tape, Mervin dug three rolls from his garage, two of them used; one unused (Steve Thomas’s book “Inside the Murder Investigation”).

Police found the same brand of duct tape used to cover JonBenét's mouth in the Pughs' home (New Zealand Herald).

Detective Found a Notepad that Hoffman-Pugh Admitted She Took From the Ramseys' House

Hoffman-Pugh handed over a notepad that seemed a visual match of the ransom notepaper and admitted it had come from the Ramsey house.

Detectives Found Three Pens that Match the One that was Used on the Ransom Note

Three felt-tip pens that matched the one used to write the ransom note were found at the Pughs' by detectives (Steve Thomas’s book “Inside the Murder Investigation”).

Detectives Found a Nylon Rope Wrapped Around a Stick, Just Like the Garrot Used to Strangle JonBenét

• Police found a two-foot piece of narrow nylon rope, then another length wrapped around a stick (Steve Thomas’s book “Inside the Murder Investigation”).

Evidence on the Pughs – A TON; But Failed to Use and Exam It

Instead, They Ignored it.

• The detectives left the Pugh’s residence with an armful of potential evidence (Steve Thomas’s book “Inside the Murder Investigation”).

Neither of Them Had Alibis

• When interviewed by detectives, Hoffman-Pugh said she was asleep in bed while her husband allegedly slept on the couch… neither of them had alibis (Rolling Stone).

Housekeeper Hoffman-Pugh Defamed Patsy from the Very Beginning

Behavior that the Police Chose to Ignore

• Hoffman-Pugh pointed the finger at Patsy for killing JonBenét (Rolling Stone).

• Hoffman-Pugh defamed Patsy initially, and the police didn’t question her slanted view of slandering Patsy, a mother who just lost her daughter in a heinous crime (Rolling Stone).

Hoffman-Pugh Manipulated the Police to Avoid Giving a Hand-Writing Sample

• After being questioned by police, Hoffman-Pugh was asked to print some words on a sheet of paper – ‘Mr. Ramsey, attaché, beheaded, and the number $118,000’ (all phrases in the ransom note) - but Hoffman-Pugh claimed she was too upset to be able to write (Newsweek).

Police Interviewed a Drunk Mervin Pugh & His Questions Were Close to What Transpired • Pugh was visibly intoxicated when he was interviewed, and the detectives knew he had had a few brushes with the law back in Michigan. "Is JonBenét missing or dead?" he asked. "How did she die? Was it natural, strangulation or what?" The questions were close to the truth, close enough to raise police suspicion (Steve Thomas’s book “Inside the Murder Investigation”).

They Told Lies to Detectives

They Lied About Knowing the House: In interviews, the Pughs denied knowing that there was a basement to the house, even though Pugh worked down there removing tree branches, and Hoffman-Pugh worked down there bringing Christmas decorations upstairs from the cellar in the prior weeks and cleaning up glass with Patsy from a broken window.

• Mervin Lied About Knowing the Ramseys: When questioned by the police, Mervin said he did not know the Ramseys when he knew them very well. He was a regular handyman for them, frequently working at their home.

The Police Ignored All of the Evidence that They Did Find at the Pughs'

• The police found multiple sources of evidence from the Pugh’s home. Still, they chose to ignore this lead and stubbornly focused the investigation on Mother Patsy, even though the evidence they found at the Pugh’s matched the crime scene.

• According to Steve Thomas’s book, the police did not do any testing on or investigate the items they found at the Pugh’s residencethe black tape, nylon cording, notepad, or pens, all of which matched the crime scene (Steve Thomas’s book “Inside the Murder Investigation”).

The Handyman & The Housekeeper Committed the Perfect Crime

Boulder Police Helped Them Get Away With It

• The Pughs devised a plan to kidnap a beautiful 6-year-old girl, whom the husband was infatuated with, to use as ransom to extort money from her parents because they were severely in debt and he was a pedophile looking to assault her.

The Pughs had the following:

The Means: They knew the house, where, and how to break into it – because they had full knowledge of it as the housekeeper and handyman.

The Motive: They needed money. Hoffman-Pugh had disclosed to Patsy that she was in ‘desperate’ need of money and asked Patsy for a loan. Patsy turned her down.

No Alibi

And More… everything else mentioned previously, which the Boulder Police decided to ignore and instead accused the girl’s mother, an innocent woman, of a malicious act of murder against her own daughter.

This was one of the hardest messages that I have been called upon to deliver, and I have been asked to deliver very advanced and difficult messages before this one.

I want you to know that while I worked on this, Patsy thanked me repeatedly for helping her clear her good name. My Guides also let me know that Patsy was grateful to me. I had to achieve a higher level of bravery to send this level of detail out to the general public, which is what Heaven has asked me to do. They want you to know that truth and justice are continually operating – wherever we are… here on Earth and in our Afterlife – and that someday, somehow, justice will always be served in God’s Court of Law; because we will always be facing our Maker someday.

However, justice may start for them here on Earth before they stand in front of God since Creator has allowed Patsy to tell me who killed her daughter, JonBenét.

Mervin Pugh died in 2018. He has met his Maker, and his sentence was waiting for him – in his Afterlife.

The housekeeper, Linda Hoffman-Pugh, is still here on Earth and able to confess – IF the police would honestly and properly investigate her and arrest her. There is still a chance that handyman Pugh’s DNA can be proven through his autopsy tests and results and through tissues on his (cadaver) organs (if he wasn’t cremated), as well through better testing through people that are proved to be his biological children. (It came out later that Ariana may not be, after they use her to clear Pugh. It has been speculated that Ariana is his ‘granddaughter,’ making her DNA inconclusive to actually clear Pugh).

I hope there are new and much better detectives at the Boulder PD because there is still time to catch the housekeeper, who can confess – so that justice can be served – here… sooner rather than later.

Blessings to you, JonBenét and Patsy. May you finally see justice and closure someday soon – for once and for all 🙏🌹

Blessings and Namaste to you,

Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher

Principal Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principal Oracle for Jesus

Principal Oracle for Mother Mary

Principal Oracle for Buddha

Principal Oracle for God


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