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Vaccination Rates Drop and Not for Good Reasons

This is Causing Problems for Us

My Guides call Earth "the schoolhouse for the soul" (all the tests, lessons, and hard work we have to do), and also the "playground for the soul" (all of the fun and joy we get to experience at the same). We, our souls, come here and take on a human incarnations on planet Earth – all for the sake of evolving our soul; so that we can advance ourselves to the next level or levels – of Enlightenment. Once we (finally) reach Perfection, living with such high ethics, free of all lower transgressions such as greed, dishonesty, vanity, addiction, and violence, etc., where we live a sinless lifetime. Then we are allowed to live Permanently in Heaven, God's Kingdom…. and do not have to come back here to live again. This is our soul's Ultimategoal.

We share this planet and all our experiences with each other – much like students living in one schoolhouse. There is a constant chain reaction happening between one person’s actions and how they influence another’s. We are connected.

We are in this together: when we have incarnated at the same time and are living and sharing the planet together. This is how you should look at All of your experiences on Earth. But, especially those that affect us as a collective group – like at a pandemic level… like the Coronavirus.

We have been suffering from a horrible and dangerous disease, Coronavirus, for a long, time now. We have seen the pain and suffering of people dying. I have had many Readings with people who have lost a beloved family or friend to this tragedy. It's heartbreaking.

There should be only one focus on everyone's mind right now, and that is doing whatever they can do to get ourselves released from this severe hardship. This includes getting vaccinated, so you do not become a carrier of the deadly virus!

Why people, at this point, are willing to play fast and loose by refusing to Not get vaccinated is not just concerning to me, it's maddening! Because going unvaccinated puts everyone else in danger by helping the disease continue to circulate in Our environment, taking precious lives.

It's only two shots… that's it! No biggie. The immediate benefits of saving lives far outweigh all of the fear-based thinking of… “but what could happen in the future for 'myself'”… type thinking that is going on in the minds of many who refuse to cooperate with getting vaccinated… which is a bummer of a reason, because they are choosing a decision from fear, instead of courage.

I have found this behavior mind-blowing: people are choosing to put themselves and others in danger by willingly choosing not to do something as simple as get vaccinated.

My Guides have asked me to deliver a message to give you a higher level of clarity on why most un-vaccinated people are really not getting vaccinated. The Ascended Masters are offering Their guidance and insight because They are very concerned about the current state of our health crisis. They are also very worried that if it does not change and if people refuse to take it seriously and take all of the precautions to protect themselves and OTHERS from a deadly plague – that another serious wave of illness will debilitate us and take More lives. They are offering Their help to save us from mistakes being made and from creating negative karma. Refusing to not get vaccinated is considered a threat and will result in delaying the virus from being released from us, as well as resulting in negative karma for those who are not doing what they can – to protect others.

Here is Their sorrowful and serious message that They have given expressing Their great concern for our well-being. Please read it that way.

The Four Ascended Masters, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary & Buddha, said the vaccination rates are dropping "because people are unwilling to cooperate with authority. They have the need to rebel against someone having a say over them – authority. It's an act of childish rebellion because it serves them no great purpose other than to feel superior by overpowering those in authority."

The vaccine rates are dropping. The U.S. is now averaging fewer than 1 million vaccine shots per day, a decline of more than two-thirds from the peak of 3.4 million in April (according to The Washington Post).

There are unsubstantiated conspiracy theories (that’s me being nice, I find them deplorable) being promoted by many people seen on TV who have ‘news’ show hosts (hmm Tucker) and also many, many politicians who like to Tweet-busy politicians (hmm Greene), as well as a lot of misinformation circulating around on social media from so many people in general speaking out against getting vaccinated. Former President Trump recently spoke out against having children vaccinated and discouraged it. The general public is also adding in their opinions and expressing negativity against the wisdom of protecting yourself – And Others – with vaccinations. They are not valid sources with valid reasons in the eyes of Heaven. The people speaking out against vaccines are causing ripples of misguided information and energy to be put out into the universe, influencing people by playing on their fears. Many of the un-vaccinated tare using this misinformation as their 'excuse' to not get vaccinated – all because the vaccine is being "requested" from authority figures: The President, the World Health Organization, many other reputable health professionals, as well as many reputable news/journalist sources, etc.

The reputable information that proves the validity of the vaccines and their power to protect us from getting and then transmitting the virus is surmountable to the other propaganda out there. It has been hard for me to understand people’s choices not to vaccinate. I'm glad my Guides have given us clarity on this.

They said of those choosing not to get vaccinated, at this point: "It is an immature power struggle that has put others in danger of contracting a deadly disease. The only exception to this is for those who have a true, valid medical condition that could make receiving the vaccine a risk for them somehow, and that should be backed up by two medical doctors before ruling out the vaccine." They said.

Plain and simple: Most of the unvaccinated people – just don't wanna do it - because they don't want someone telling them what to do…and they don’t wanna obey…. bummer again… because that puts the rest of us at risk of getting sick. Why – because you the odds are higher that the unvaccinated will get the virus and now it’s variant (because there is SECOND threat in OUR environment) and then pass it on to other people and get them sick… your mother, your father, your son, your daughter, and the list goes on and on… because… What do we do: We Share this environment….

The Ascended Masters want you to know that Heaven sees it as "irresponsible and reckless in Our eyes. It is Our wish that everyone (who is not in a medical danger) gets vaccinated."

Putting Others in Harms-Way Has Severe Consequences:

‘The Four’ also want you to know that we create a painful negative karmic consequence anytime we put someone in danger. Not getting vaccinated puts you at a much, much greater risk of getting the deadly disease, which you will then, most likely, pass on to someone else. Your choice in doing this will keep the cycle of the virus continuing to exist in our environment instead of doing something (getting vaccinated) to help stomping it out.

They told me, with sadness and seriousness, the consequences that the unvaccinated could suffer with for this kind of "irresponsible and reckless behavior":

• Another health scare or infliction through illness or injury

• Loss of job/income; so that 'opportunities' are restricted to you, because of lack of finances

• Loss of soulmate (s)- separations either temporary or permanent, so that you have experience living in 'loneliness' for some time

• That’s just to name a few….

Unmasking and socializing too soon, as well as not getting vaccinated has cost us. We have been sent the Delta variant as a consequence for these mistakes. I was told the COVID Delta Variant will be a problem now through September, and was also warned that people should take heed and:

• Wear Masks Still

• Stay at Home Much More

• Practice Social Distancing Much More

• Children Above 8 Years Old Need to Get Vaccinated Now

• Practice Humility More

• Refrain from Materialism/Vanity; Choose Purity

• Get Vaccinated - Obviously

• Keep Praying for Us (Earth) to get Released from this Hardship/Consequence

• Pray for those Infected with COVID; Pray for those to get Vaccinated

• Keep Praying for Protection from COVID and now Delta

• Keep your Faithfulness to God and Jesus "Unwaveringly Strong." You NEED Their protection to avoid getting this deadly disease. Remember this lesson/test and promise yourself you will never become unfaithful, no matter how hard life is. Pass this test. You have to believe when things are difficult in your life, pray, and wait for Their Miracles and Mercy to come to you, not just believe in Them when it suits you or things are comfortable and easy in your life. Faithfulness is believing – All of the time - through the good times and especially through the bad times.

Please think of the other people on this planet as your fellow brothers and sisters and do what is for their greater good. Please make wise choices to protect yourself and others from this deadly disease. Influence your family and friends to do the same. Please be compassionate to others and yourself – so we can be free of this hardship once and for all.

Peace to each of you … now & forever.

Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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