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Uh Oh… Covid Making a Comeback

Too Many Got ‘Comfortable'

Ugh… It’s never fun to be asked to deliver difficult messages. But, although they are a bummer to get – they are actually a gift for us; because they warn us and give us a chance to do something to help protect ourselves. This message is being given to you in that spirit. I received a message from Kuan Yin last week about Covid. Goddess of Mercy and Compassion said, with worry for us, that the virus is, sadly, being sent back to us and will be showing up in certain regions of the world. Here is Her message to you: Your Heavenly Father has become displeased with the lack of devotion shown to Him and His holy son, your Lord and Savior, Jesus. We had hoped that you would have listened to His warning that He would execute this painful disease upon you again if He became unhappy with His children becoming unfaithful to Him and His son again. He has experienced a drop in loyalty to worshiping Him. Please hear our plea to you now. You are getting comfortable again with your improved “quality of life,” and many are no longer praying to Him for His mercy and grace and showing Him gratitude. Please do not make this mistake. Remember to always hold God and His son, Jesus, in your heart and thoughts, and seek Their blessings, mercy, acceptance, and express your appreciation for Their gifts. Please do not make the mistake of turning to Them only in your times of need. But instead, turn to Them always and forever. Protect yourselves now by becoming more disciplined by embracing more strict prayer schedules devoted to Them, and showing your love for Them by attending Their church regularly… not because you need something… but because you genuinely want to show your love and devotion to Them. It is I, Kuan Yin, along with the other Ascended Masters, who will help guide you on the path where you may be protected from suffering - but it is your choice to listen and obey our message. We pray that you make a wise choice and heed our plea. Blessings to every one of you.” ~ Channeled to me from Kuan Yin in hopes of alerting you to your level of devotion, so you do not suffer the consequence of this painful virus. Kuan Yin’s message is clear. Now that God has advanced our lives to a higher level and given us back many privileges and comforts by freeing us from the deadly plague– many people have stopped turning to God and Jesus … because they are not living in a threatened state of need and fear. She has come forward to enlighten you that They need to be worshipped and embraced by you still – out of love and devotion… not only out of need. Show Them your faithfulness – always… not only in your time of need. This is a requirement that They are asking you to achieve… or we will see more of Covid… to humble us… And I don’t think any of us want to go through that again. Namaste & Blessings to each of you…

Oracle Maureen


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