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Tragedy in Texas

Another Heartbreaking Massacre – Because of Guns

Sadness and pain are the energies that ripple through our environment, now lowering our vibration. We all mourn with aching hearts because of the devasting massacre that took the lives of 19 precious children and 2 teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday, May 24. After barricading himself inside a classroom, Gunman Salvador Ramos, 18, showed no mercy on the innocent children and teachers, or signs of sanity. He used a high-capacity, semi-automatic assault rifle and gunned them all down to their death until most of them were unrecognizable. The vibrations of pain do not just end on Earth. Heaven has been in deep mourning over having to watch this horrific crisis unfold. Their tears are streaming down after witnessing such a barbaric act, one they have sadly seen committed before. With so much pain in Their hearts, the Ascended Masters have given me a message that They wish for you to hear again. “Gun violence must be stopped, and the only approach your world should be looking at is banning guns from the general public (only letting those in service hold them). Unfortunately, your dimension has too many dangerous downfalls and challenges with a multitude of mental illnesses and personality disorders that cause harmful and violent tendencies and behaviors in people… as well as ongoing psychic attacks by demons who possess people and influence them to commit their evil deeds, like killing sprees. Our hearts break and mourn for yet another unspeakable crime against innocent lives because of senseless gun violence. We plead to you… How many more children must you lose… and feel the pain and misery of losing them because of allowing guns into your society? How many of your children do you need to bury, mourn, and weep over before you finally hear Our message and choose to listen– before you will change to protect them?” ~ The Ascended Masters pleading to you to protect children by prohibiting guns from the general public, 5/30/22

The Uvalde tragedy is now the second deadliest elementary school shooting in the United States after Sandy Hook, Connecticut (December 2012), when 27 people were gunned downed and killed at the elementary school. Please hear what Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, and Buddha are saying. People are not evolved enough to qualify the general public to be allowed guns – not even for hunting or personal protection. Unfortunately, guns can get stolen, and they do. More commonly, there are just too many unstable, possessed, and deranged people on Earth, which is why we shouldn’t allow the public to own guns. If you choose to take the position that the general public should be allowed to own guns and you know it goes against Heaven’s wishes, please hear me; as Their Principal Oracle - I know that there will be negative karma attached to that decision – because it is a decision that puts others in harm’s way. So, please rethink your position. Choose what will keep your fellow brothers and sisters safe—not having guns. Protect yourself from creating negative karma, and vote to ban guns from the general public. Period.

What Can You Do?

• Vote to Ban Guns. Help change legislation and make it impossible for the general public to carry a gun so that unstable and possessed people do not have the chance to kill our children (and adults). We do not live in Paradise. We live in a world where there are psychopaths, sociopaths, unstable, harmful, and dangerous people. Unfortunately, we live in a highly challenging dimension, where we live among them. If you want to save lives, then raise your voice, share this message, and vote to Ban Guns.

Here is a Petition from Sandy Hook Promise where you can sign to ban AR weapons from our society and keep our schools safe from those dangerous to us. Prayer to Help Bring Relief to Uvalde “Dear God, Please bring relief to everyone hurt and affected by the Uvalde tragedy. Please heal their hearts. Please help the family and friends heal their grief faster for their loved ones taken. Please show them more grace and release their pain from them, so they can heal quicker and feel peace again. Please bring all the children and the teachers quickly and safely to the other side of Heaven’s Door to be with You. Please send each soul an extra Angel to guide them and keep them company until they are in your grace. And so it is… Amen.” ~ Channeled to me by Ascended Master Kuan Yin

Please Think Peace…

Oracle Maureen


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