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They Have Been Intervening to Save You from Misery

The Afterlife has a Lower Level

After the Blessed Mother Mary’s last message, I was overwhelmed with feeling that I too should speak up and say something – to try to get through to the non-believers. Her message was a plea to the non-believers, explaining that it’s not too late to make the choice to believe in Her son, Lord Jesus, because their souls are in jeopardy of being forbidden entrance to the Gates of Heaven. I am, and have been, struck with worry for their well-being because I am aware of how many messages, I have received from Mother Mary, Jesus, and God about the importance of believing in both Jesus and Heavenly Father, ultimately to preserve the soul’s destiny.

I was moved because what our Queen and our Lord and Father have spoken is true. I know that most of you on my mailing list are Believers, or you would have done as others did when these messages first arrived: you would have unsubscribed. Therefore, this message is more for you to absorb and transfer to those you know who would most benefit from this message.

The depths of my anxiety for the thought of these lost souls who deny Christ and also God is unfathomable, as is my sadness that there are so many unbelievers. There would not be so many messages being delivered from the Ascended Masters trying to save them if it were not so.

It occurred to me after Mary’s last message how high the number of non-believers must be, given how many times I have received visitations myself from Heaven. I now feel a strong conviction that I tot need to do something, to get through to them. Because the warnings of my Guides are a glimpse of their fates, and they will be unhappy with their choices which are leading them to suffer in their Afterlives.

Throughout the years of my ascension process, my Guides have shown and educated me, so that I could educate you - that there are different levels within the universe. They have gifted me miraculous experiences and brought me to different dimensions to show me, prove to me, that there is a Heaven, there is a purgatory, and there is a hell. We will end up at one of those dimensions upon leaving this existence. I had no forewarning of these experiences; they were all unannounced and I was forced to endure the shock and discomfort of witnessing the reality of the lower levels on multiple occasions.

Fortunately, I was in the care of my group of my Guides and Angels, who were present at my sides and all around me when They took me on these visitations to demonstrate that these lower levels do exist so that I had security in the knowledge that I was protected during these educational tours. However, even that could not alleviate the fear and horror that I felt when I saw them. I will elaborate further on what I witnessed when They choose. For now, I am allowed to explain that I did witness these lower dimensions and that I did see souls therein sentenced to experience suffering, isolation, and despair. My heart broke as I watched their pain.

Knowing what I now know, I wrestled with how much to reveal in order to get through to the stubborn, unenlightened ones, who will one day regret their defiant decision not to believe.

After asking my Guides for Their advice over several weeks, I received an answer a few days ago. God and Jesus, together, gave me Their answer of how I can help you understand. They gave me this message.

They awakened within me in the middle of the night by opening my Third Eye after announcing Their presence. They granted me a vision of a large golden gate surrounded in darkness.

Then then said of the non-believers: “They will be wailing behind the gates (of Heaven).”

I then saw how the non-believers will be denied access through the gates of Heaven and the gift of making it their eternal home, instead forced to exist behind the gates in the lower levels of Purgatory or even in the lower dimensions. God and Jesus showed me in the vision how they will live in darkness and misery. They will not pass through the gates of Heaven and live in the bliss of its Light with the Angels, Spirit Guides, and God Himself, or any of their loved ones who call Heaven home.

As my heart sank, I felt such fear for those who will face this fate for their own choice of non-belief. I also felt the feeling of disappoint in the vision from Them - that they would create this outcome for themselves.

Just as Mother Mary’s heart was heavy with sadness and worry for those who would deny Lord Jesus, refusing devotion to Him after all He did to help us and to teach us, as is mine.

I hope those who need to hear this message will actually Hear this message because the state of your Afterlife will be one of misery unless you choose differently and embrace the One who gave you all you need to know to earn a Heavenly Afterlife. The One who still to this day is by our side and helping us achieve Nirvana, so we do not end up in the lower dimensions. The One who still performs Miracles for you and help you achieve a better life. The One who is and who will always be our King. Your Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ. The One who you should not just Believe in, but who you should hold eternal Gratitude for do you never end up in the lower levels.

Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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