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Repubs Deny Credit to Officers… Whaatt???? Guilty of Neglect

Oh My Gosh. Are you as repulsed as me with the politicians who voted "no" to awarding the officers who protected the people at the horrific Capitol attack? I feel like if I ever see their names in the news, I need to wear deflective rain gear and tall boots just to get through the news story since they are slinging so much …. Ah… (fill in the rest)… ‘C@#*’.

By the way, that's me… I am not channeling yet . But, I have to say, when I found out about the 21 Republicans that voted against awarding medals to the officers who defended the Capitol and all the people there, my heart sank. I felt deep sadness, even pain, knowing that they had made a "mistake" by disregarding the hard work, pain, and suffering that the police officers endured in a dangerous battle. I also knew that they would regret their decision because it was not a "just" decision, and it will bring them negative karma– so they can evolve and learn more about ‘Gratitude.’

Heaven sees their decision with the same sadness and sooo much more. I was visited by Jesus and Mother Mary a few days ago. They asked me to give you this message. So now I will be channeling the message that Jesus has given you, so you know the truth behind their behavior and How Heaven Sees this situation. The Lord is hoping that by enlightening you, you will not support or follow their thinking.

If you don't already know, a group of Republicans (most all of them Trump supporters) opposed acknowledging the officers who fought to protect people at the Jan. 6 attack at the Capitol. The officers had to work under very threatening conditions to defend and protect people at the Capitol from a dangerous mob of Trump supporters. Many were hurt in the battle. The band of attackers tried to intimidate, harass, and evidence now shows even harm, kidnap, and possibly kill specific politicians that stood in Trump's way of gaining presidency – all in the name of loyalty to him.

The burning question is: Why would these politicians not vote to honor and show respect to the officers who put lives on the line to save their lives, their colleague's lives, and the lives of all other innocent people involved? When asked why they voted no, most of the Republicans said they didn't like the bill's "language." They didn’t like that it referred to Jan. 6 as an “insurrection.” Say Whaattt???? Yep. They responded with fabricated excuses trying to convince whoever they can persuade that it was not a dangerous insurrection. Some even argued that there was no “mob” and that there were just “tourists” there that day… (you know what I’m going to say here… Whaaattt???). And their lies go on and on and on…. so much so that I am going to give you just a few links to see for yourself.

So they didn't like the language? Huh, I bet. They want to cover up and bury the person’s actions that they are loyal to - Trump. They didn’t like the “language” because it was honest and revealed the truth about how truly horrible the assault was that day to the people at the Capitol and the officers who defended them. They want to deprive acknowledging the bravery of the officers to minimize Trump’s bad behavior, and theirs because they supported him. Their efforts are to hide Trump's involvement in inspiring and motivating the attack. They are trying to conceal this truth since they are or want to ‘be in bed with him’ to gain favors from him.

They don't like the bill's content because it clearly mentions the violence and destruction that happened on Jan. 6. It praises the law enforcement agencies who responded to the security threat. It lists three Capitol officers (one who died after being attacked by rioters) and two others who later died by suicide.

A Message from Jesus About Withholding the Awards from the Officers

Jesus said it's a "True Tragedy."

"They fought to defend and protect the government officials. They were up against a mob of terrorists that were determined to cause fear and even bodily harm with weapons. They should be commended for their bravery and commitment to safeguarding the politicians and everyone else inside the Capitol.”

Jesus said the 21 Republicans who voted "no" chose "to not show respect and gratitude" to the officers, who stepped up and performed their duties under an "advanced challenge." Because of this, they are guilty of "neglect."

He went on to say it was also a mistake when they "deflected the seriousness of former president Trump's political actions of steering and motivating crowds of people and groups of online followers to cause a revolt in his favor."

They should be holding Trump accountable for his actions that caused harm and pain – and death; and help him be honest, not cover up for him. They will suffer from more negative karma because of their dishonesty.

"They are using a desperate attempt to try to divert people's attention away from the awful truth of Trump's shameful behavior and theirs because they have offered him their support this whole time. It's a divisive and calculated move to get you to minimize how truly horrific Trump's actions were in lying about his defeat and carrying on about it. He manipulated people about his loss and then finally inspired and helped create a dangerous mob situation where people were threatened and hurt."

They are conning you with their excuses of why they said no, and they are doing it for the chance to receive favors from Trump by giving him their loyalty. They could have chosen to be loyal to the officers who worked to save lives, but instead, they have shown them neglect.

Despite opposition from the 21 Republicans who voted "no," Congress passed with an overwhelming 406 "yes" vote. It authorizes the creation of four gold medals: one to be given to the U.S. Capitol Police, one to Washington's Metropolitan Police Department, one to be displayed by the Smithsonian Institution, and another to be housed at the Capitol.

I'm going to have to have my reflective gear and tall boots by the TV next time I turn on the news… going to be ready for any muck… I know Who to watch out for. I’m not going to fall into their ‘C@#*’ ….

I hope you don’t either….

Sending a Great Big Thank You to all the officers, on this dimension and in the Afterlife, who used their courage to protect the people at the Capitol... Thank You! We commend you for all your efforts. You earned it! I know Jesus will be giving you a special Blessing because you stayed, fought, and used your Bravery to save lives. Amen.

The 21 Republicans who voted against the bill are:

  1. Lauren Boebert of Colorado

  2. John Rose of Tennessee

  3. Andy Harris of Maryland

  4. Thomas Massie of Kentucky

  5. Bob Good of Virginia

  6. Louie Gohmert of Texas

  7. Barry Moore of Alabama

  8. Ralph Norman of South Carolina

  9. Matt Rosendale of Montana

  10. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia

  11. Chip Roy of Texas

  12. Paul Gosar of Arizona

  13. Andy Biggs of Arizona

  14. Warren Davidson of Ohio

  15. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania

  16. Matt Gaetz of Florida

  17. Greg Steube of Florida

  18. Andrew Clyde of Georgia

  19. Jody Hice of Georgia

  20. Mary Miller of Illinois

  21. Michael Cloud of Texas

Sending You Blessings Now & Always….

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