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Remembering Jesus

On His Birthday this Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone, Wishing you happy holidays filled with love, fond memories, too many cookies, and hopefully a gift or two from your wish list. I was visited by Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, and Buddha, who send you all Their blessings and wisdom this Christmas day. They asked me to give you a message...

From the Ascended Masters: It is Our hope to help you see that Christmas is much more than presents and celebratory times with your family and friends. It is your Lord and Savior’s day, where both God and Jesus made His presence known to you on Earth. It is His birthday on Earth, and your gift from God. Jesus came into your world to help you gain a better understanding of the true divinity of your soul and the ever presence of God Almighty’s connection to all your circumstances – both in the here and now, and well into your Afterlife. Your Heavenly Father blessed you by sending you a holy leader who could deliver you from your sorrows and bring you peace, comfort, and joy through His wisdom and teachings. We ask that you please pay Jesus respect on His birthday this Christmas Day. Please show your gratitude for all that He endured to create a path for you to follow that showed you how to achieve grace - and the bliss of Heaven.

Pray to honor Jesus on His holy birthday, remembering His sacrifices, and give Him gratitude for all that He did to save and enlighten your soul.”

A Prayer to Jesus to Show Him Your Gratitude From the Ascended Masters

“Dear Lord Jesus, Please hear my prayer to you, thanking you for the gifts of wisdom you brought to enlighten and save our world with.

Thank you for making all the sacrifices you made to help us evolve. Thank you for enduring the pain and hardships that challenged you along the way to rescue me. Please know your words, actions, and efforts have taught me and helped me in many ways. As a way to show my respect and gratitude, I promise to work hard to follow your ways all the days of my life on Earth - until I reach Paradise.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Dear Jesus, for all that you have given me, so that I can one day live with you in the glory of Heaven.”

~ Channeled to me from Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, and Buddha on helping you receive more blessings from Heaven by acknowledging the miracle of Jesus.

Namaste & Blessings to each of you... Oracle Maureen


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