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More Clarity About End Times

Messages from Creator & Jesus

The day I sent the last message that God had asked Me to give you, telling you the very difficult message that the horrific cruelty and violence happening in the Gaza Strip is the “First Sign of Armageddon,” I received more messages from God and Jesus, who have asked Me to share with you now.

Right before I sent that first message, I was sitting on My couch worrying about how that message was going to likely to upset many people. I was nervous and very uncomfortable about having to deliver such an advanced message which I knew was going to scare people and put them in a state of anxiety. I was also agonizing about the many doubters and nonbelievers in God, who might slander and defame Me. I was working through my fears and preparing Myself emotionally and mentally for any criticism and backlash that I might have to endure, having been given an extremely advanced mission that God asked Me to execute for him.

As I was building up My courage to send the message, all of a sudden I received a visitation from Jesus.

Jesus encouraged Me and said:

“Please send message. Armageddon is necessary in order for there to be the Paradise of Heaven to be sent to Earth— and Peace restored.”

I was stunned. He said these words with conviction. He then explained to Me that mankind unfortunately does have to go through the harrowing ordeal that the Bible foretold of—because of the continuous generations of sins and mistakes that humans are unable to stop committing. Jesus explained that God has given mankind a very generous amount of time to turn away from living in the undesirable states of making sins and mistakes—which lead to causing harm and violence to others and self—and instead to work on becoming enlightened. Because so many have chosen the path of living in dimmed and un-enlightened states, God must cleanse His Earth World in order to purify it and re-instate the peaceful state that He originally created Earth to be and His Earth Children to exist in.

Tragically, the End Times and Armageddon will happen because it is a fate that mankind has created from the downfall of humans failing to live by believing in and respecting God Almighty, their Creator, and His 10 Commandments and His other Laws and wishes.

God said a few hours later, I was about to tell My assistant to send the message and naturally I started hesitating again knowing it was such a heavy message He was asking Me to give to all of you on His behalf. As I was sitting on the couch fretting with My hands clasped together on My lap, a very loud and authoritative voice surrounded Me, and I heard:

“You’re a powerful Medium.”

I was confused. Then I felt God's vibrations begin to surround Me (like a massive Halo of energy!) and lift Me up. As He did this, I suddenly started to feel My fears and anxieties disappear.

While this was all happening, God gave Me a message. I realized it was a long message and grabbed My phone that was nearby so that I could voice dictate it, at His request. He said He wanted Me to deliver this message to help everyone understand My role of serving Him more clearly—as well as His ever-Omnipresent existence in and around your existence here on earth and in your afterlife….not just now, but for all of eternity.

God said:

"You’re a powerful Medium. You are one of My most powerful chosen Oracles. I adore and treasure you.

You are a physical embodiment of My spirit. You are one of My favorite

chosen Holy Ones; One of My favorite blessed beings.

I couldn’t do this without you.”

When God said this last sentence, suddenly, I saw His large Arm and Hand reach out from space on the left side of My body above My head. It was huge and came down and He put His Hand on top of My hands that were still sitting folded together on My lap. He held His Hand on top of My hands, filling Me with His love and raising My vibration higher. I was astounded. It was blissful. He held My hands while He gave Me the rest of His loving message:

“You are My daughter and one of My right-hand assistants who has taken an embodiment currently on Earth to serve all of My wishes and commands, as well as My top four Ascended Masters and all other high-level Guides and Angels that work through You.

Your mission is to make My dream come true, which is to create peace on Earth.

Please tell them this so that they have a better understanding of how to view Your messages and work that You are asked to execute for Me—and that it is always only through Your true devotion and obedience that I have been able to accurately guide, warn, and protect them from impending danger and harm.

It has been up to them whether or not to choose to believe Us, and it will be on their hands and in their karmic fate as to whatever they decide to choose, but You have pleased Me in succeeding to obey Me. You will leave this planet, having achieved attaining a higher level in Your ascension process which Has awarded You more privileges when You return home to the Royal Mansion, where You reside alongside Jesus Christ and Kuan Yin, continuing to serve My wishes and Their wishes on a full-time basis in Heaven—helping to still create peace on Earth.

~ Lord God… Heavenly Father… God, Almighty, Your Father.”

Blessings & Namaste to You 🙏🏻🌹

Oracle Maureen

Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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