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Message from Maureen  … & Our Blessed Mother Mary about Medjugorje

The day after I wrote the last mailer, I received a visit from the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. She appeared to me and said one sentence: ”Tell them Medjugorje is real.” 

Then, She asked me to share this message to validate that She did in fact appear in Medjugorje and give the messages and miracles that happened during that event, which has been documented. 

Briefly, Medjugorje is a small village in Bosnia-Hercegovina, where six teenagers received visitations from the Blessed Mother Mary. They began seeing Her apparition, in full vivid form and color, and hearing Her messages on June 24, 1981. 

In my visit from Our Blessed Mother Mary, on 8/25/20, She said that She appeared to the children with messages, which She asked them to share:

“To help restore mankind’s faith in God and to encourage them to live Believing in an All Loving and All Powerful God that is watching over them and creating circumstances for them to evolve from. My messages were intended to help people understand God’s True Power over their world and their destinies; and to teach them to be faithful children to their Heavenly Father – so He can create the happy, joyful experiences for them, as opposed to the sorrowful ones. They were meant to restore their faith…. As this message today, is, which I send with a flowing of a Mother’s love for each and every single one of you.” ~Blessed Mother Mary, given through Maureen, a Primary FT Oracle for Her ‘Our Lady of Medjugorje Messages’ can be found in many places. Be discerning, which websites/articles you pick to read. Here is one that I was guided to that has a lot of Her messages that you can read and learn from HERE. Blessings,

Oracle Maureen


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