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Recent Gun Violence

I was asked to give you this message From Jesus and Kuan Yin about the recent gun shootings in Colorado and Arizona that sadly led to so many deaths. They are pleading to us to implement stronger gun control policies. They said: “There should be no law that permits a civilian to own and possess a gun… Ever… for this very reason (the recent tragedies). Humans can be and are inflicted with both mental illnesses And evil tendencies. These challenges make them easy targets for the malice entities to inhabit them (this means possession) and use them for their agendas, which is to cause pain and destroy lives. Our wish is for you to continue – at a Much harder level - to strive to become a ‘Gun-Free’ society. In the meantime, take larger steps to implement much stricter gun control policies to protect your fellow brothers and sisters; failure to do so will result in more consequences being sent to you… especially to the ones who have voting power. Think you will never pass your test and achieve your goal of becoming a Peaceful Nation if violence is allowed to happen."

~ Channeled to me from Jesus Christ and Kuan Yin in hopes of helping us create a Peaceful nation... by establishing stronger gun control policies.

What Should You Do Now?

Vote for stricter gun control policies. Push legislature and encourage your local politicians to implement this. Be more forceful. Pray on this regularly.

Prayer To Help End Gun Violence

“Dear Jesus & God,

Please enlighten those who still wish to carry and use guns to understand the true threat and danger they impose on All who share this planet. Please help them release their desire to own and use guns and to choose Only peaceful actions.”

Prayer To Help Those Who Have Transitioned Quickly Due To Gun Violence

“Dear Creator,

Please open the Door wide to Heaven’s Kingdom and welcome Home your children who have lost their lives on Earth, suddenly and tragically, to gun violence. Please help them transition and heal quickly and easily so they may have Peace and Serenity now.”


Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Regular Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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