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Headquarters of a Mad-Man

God has a message for you about the truth of Trump that He hopes you hear, especially since so many people are still choosing to support someone who has created harm to our Nation; and who will continue to create problems if he is put back into any type of governing position.

Your Heavenly Father is very worried about the state of our Nation given the current circumstances with Trump, who showed his desire for violence when he spurred a violent riot on January 6, 2021- where people were hurt and killed– and has still not been held accountable for. In addition, with the recent indictment of stealing White House documents… Heaven wants you to think – how can this man still be able to run for President? Instead of being held accountable for all of these unethical acts, including violence, stealing and lying– he is still is being supported by followers who turn a blind eye to his misdeeds, and are helping him gain the next presidential seat.

God is upset and wishes you to know. He also wants you to know the truth behind Trump’s behavior in stealing the documents from the White House. The person you choose as president will determine what kind of a world we will live in… either a more joyful one, or a more negative one.

Trump’s Motives Behind Taking the Documents

I was told that Trump stole, boasted about and showed off the White House documents, many of which were classified as Secret and Top-Secret documents and a matter of national security. He also refused to cooperate in returning them when asked, and when he finally did comply, he failed to return all of them. He still kept a portion of the documents and hid them at his home. God said, this is because…

“Trump had a plan when he stole the documents from the White House. Trump was plotting a take-over. He stole and secured the documents from the White House after he was fired as President as a means (in his mind) to bargain with government officials, and to convince the public that America needed him– and without him, the world would fall apart (it would lead to your [America’s] demise.)

God also said that Trump’s thinking was that we (America) would likely “end up being destroyed by other countries looking to overturn ours,” and that Trump wanted the documents to also be able to bargain with those countries. Creator said that Trump was “acting in a paranoid and manic mental state.”

God said that Trump stole the documents, including Top Secret documents, from the White House, “to use as bargaining chipsin order to empower himself in all of these different scenarios.

Trump planned to reveal the ‘secret documents’ that he had in his possession in a manner that gave him “power and control in political matters and situations” particularly when we (the Nation) were more vulnerable, such as during a war.

Trump’s Main Goal in Taking the Documents

God said Trump’s ultimate motive behind taking the documents was because he wanted the American people “to be at his mercy, thus securing him to be President again. “

God said:

“It was a calculated, divisive, manipulative and dishonest act of blatant thievery that Trump acted on.”

Your Creator said to look at it like this — Trump “conspired and stole secret White House documents to use as blackmail in whatever political and war agenda he could to give himself leverage and make himself appear as a savior with a solution. He was setting the stage for himself to look like he was a hero with a solution– when the reality is that he planned to manipulate a situation to make himself look good and indispensable to the American people.”

Donald Trump’s Federal Indictment

This past week, Trump made his first court appearance in Miami, facing 37 felony counts, including 31 related to his ownership of documents related to national defense. This is all in addition to the other indictments he is facing in New York, Washington and Atlanta. These documents were apparently spread throughout the Mar-a-Lago property, which has hosted hundreds and thousands of guests since the end of Trump’s presidency (AP).

In May 2022, the Justice Department issued a subpoena for these documents. Trump claimed that he did not want anyone going through his possessions and before his own lawyer even had a chance to do an investigation, Trump had already requested that his aides move and disperse documents around the property. Upon the government investigation, Trump handed over 38 government documents, but it was suspected that there were more that were not being shared. As expected, upon the FBI’s investigation, over 300 documents were found (AP).

Trump Has Already Shown Us He Will Resort to ‘Blackmail Behavior’

In 2020, as the conflict between Ukraine and Russia was heating up, Trump requested that Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, investigate the Biden family and reported DNC corruption. At this time, Zelensky was in need of US-made Javelin missiles that he was going to use to defend against Russian forces. Trump had about $400M in aid, ready to provide to Ukraine, and knew that he could use this as a tool to get what he wanted out of Zelensky, rather than providing Ukraine with the tools they really needed to ward off Russian forces (CNN). History has shown us that Trump will continually use any power that he has to get what he wants, even if it is not for the good for the Nation or the world.

Trump Had A Plan

God said, Trump had a plan, and He wants you to know because so many people are still minimizing the dangerous and highly unethical acts that Trump has committed in the past.

Your Creator said Trump wanted to “brainwash the general public into believing he could save them from peril, by alluding he knew of information” that would help save us if we were ever threatened by war. Possessing these documents meant that Trump could try to convince us that he would be the best bet to keep us safe from the dangers of war (as well as other political threats) because he had inside information that he could use on us as a counter-defense.

You Should Know

It was revealed to me that:

  • Trump “hand-picked and chose” what documents he took with him.

  • The documents were not declassified. Many are classified Secret or Top Secret documents.

  • Trump was even “sloppy” and irresponsible with storing the documents. He has been keeping them in “plain sight, where anyone on his premises has had easy access to them.” They are a matter of national security to our country! He could have caused us a lot of harm by doing this; creating the opportunity for someone else to steal the documents. Thank goodness the DOJ intervened and found them, saving us from additional danger.

  • Trump “did conspire and steal. There was collusion involved and there was mal-intent behind his behavior and reasoning in taking them.”

At this point, with Trump’s behavior of choosing to use violence and inviting hate groups to help him create mob-violence at the White House, where people were hurt and killed, and now stealing and hiding more than 300 White House documents (AP), – and showing no remorse for any of these highly dishonest and dangerous acts, God said people need to look at him more critically and honestly now.

God’s Message to You

He said:

“Trump’s sanity should be in question by now, not just his ethics.” God continued, “for any American to allow this kind of unethical behavior into the seat of your presidency, you will be facing with living in a Nation that will be a mirror to his dangerous and toxic thinking. You will be helping create a dishonest and volatile Nation for yourselves.”

God said that so many people still want to keep their “blinders on for their own self-serving purposes, which is dragging out revealing the truth and creating healing” in our Nation.

God continued:

“The wisdom from these lessons... from these experiences… cannot be fully attained and learned until you acknowledge the wrong-doing, correct it, and evolve from this set of tests and advance your Nation.

You must achieve this by showing Me that you have learned your lessons and have chosen to seek the path of righteousness and ethics by valuing and choosing being wise and honest, over being greedy and opportunistic. Once you attain this level of enlightenment, then I can start to send you more of the Gifts and Blessings that I hear your prayers asking Me for. But, as long as you decide to empower someone who is highly narcissistic, mentally unstable and unfit to govern any Nation, someone who has shown you that he puts his own needs and wants over what is best for you and your needs… as well as someone who worships acquiring wealth and materialism more than doing good by himself and for you – then My Hand will stay down by My side and you will not see and feel it touch your environment with the Gifts and Graces that you seek to experience the most. These are My wishes… learn from this... learn to evolve… choose better and My Hand will touch your Nation and give you better, because you earned it by choosing better.”

God has warned me that not only is Trump facing very serious charges with Him which will be delivered in excruciatingly painful karmic consequences at some point in his life here on Earth and in his Afterlife but, also for those who support him. They too will have negative karma, at what degree that God sees fit, for their act in helping to empower someone who has caused harm, and shows he will continue to cause harm, to God’s people and the people of this Nation.

Here is a link to the first message about Trump and the documents that he took. God gave it the headline, “A Crime Scene,” and asked me to tell you – it is.

God has given you a gift. The gift of wisdom. Your Heavenly Father has enlightened you to the truth behind Trump’s actions, because his behavior is alarming. God is trying to protect you. Please hear His message. God does not want someone unqualified managing our Nation. He does not want someone who will bring harm, destruction, low ethics, and danger into your world. He wants you to choose someone who will bring harmony and peace into your Nation…. so that He can reward you by giving you His Gift of a Blessing and the gifts that will come with it.

Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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