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Israel Not Just Wazone—It’s “Genocide”

Gaza is Hell on Earth

It has been nothing short of ghastly and agonizing to watch the war in Israel-Gaza, as innocent civilians are viciously brutalized and destroyed in unspeakable ways and the death tolls continue to rise. Violence and war crimes are being committed in Israel and Gaza at alarming rates, and with a vengeance. It has left a vibration of sadness and anxiety that ripples over here in the U.S. as we feel for their pain and safety.

Last Saturday, violence and extreme bloodshed broke out between Israel and militant group, or rather, ‘terrorist group,’ Hamas made a surprise attack against Israel and started a murder rampage on October 7. Hamas, which has been likened to ISIS, took to killing hundreds of unsuspecting Israeli civilians and taking 130 more hostage (CNBC). God has a message about this horror, which He has asked Me to give you. Your Creator wishes to enlighten you to help give you some clarity and motivation to help all of those in danger in Israel and Gaza.

God said Hamas is using “illegal forms of torture” in their battle, which means—‘war crimes.’ He has asked Me to tell you some of them so that you do believe—what is unfathomable—and that has been uncovered and revealed by many of the reporters. He said He wants you to know the truth of what to believe—so that you will do something to help them.

I didn’t want to include the following information because it is so graphic and painful to take in, and I wanted to spare you that discomfort. However, God woke Me up early today and asked Me to include it… because it is that important to Him that you understand this has been happening—so that you have more awareness and are inspired to intervene and help all those in danger.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: GRAPHIC CONTENT Hamas has committed some of the vilest acts of depravity against Humans

God woke Me and asked Me to go back to this message and tell you that Hamas has committed some of the vilest acts of depravity against humans—even babies and children.

He woke Me up by showing Me Hamas, which He only refers to as a ‘terrorist group’ by the way, beheading babies while they are both alive and dead and also burning them—as well as toddlers and children. It was like a horror movie that I couldn’t believe was happening, but tragically—it is. I was shown people being set on fire while they were alive and burned to death. I was shown vulnerable, elderly people in wheelchairs being taken as hostages and dragged across the desert sand to their deaths inside the Gaza Strip. I was told women of all ages have been raped repeatedly in front of their boyfriends, husbands, and family members—including young girls. God showed Me how Hamas uses horrific forms of torture to inflict cruel and unusual pain upon their hostages by mutilating them in different ways, including cutting off body parts. I was also shown that while Hamas soldiers are committing these horrific acts against people, they are deriving pleasure and getting an adrenaline high—to the point of even laughing at their hostages' plight and suffering.

While I was typing this, God showed Me a vision of when He, Jesus, and My Guides and Angels brought Me down to Hell one time. He said, “Remember this? Remember how I showed you that this is what the demons do to each other and to whoever is cast to Hell?” I was crushed because, yes, I did remember, and that was exactly what I thought of when I heard of the horrific behaviors that Hamas was committing. It is exactly what I saw the demons do to the humans and other demons—cut them with daggers, and other weapons, rape them, burn them, and then laugh, all while inflicting these insane, barbaric acts of depravity. Gaza has become Hell on Earth.

God's Message to You "Listen to My Will. Obey My Laws. Hear My Messages—given through My Wise Ones who speak for Me… and enlighten yourself, so you can always be in a place of achieving My protection.” ~ God

In a very powerful and authoritative voice, God said:

It is nothing other than true genocide as Hamas soldiers burn, mutilate, and torture innocent children, babies, elderly, women, and men in sadistic forms of torture in Gaza. It is not a war of fighting over power and control and liberation. No. Instead, it is one mired in bloodshed of true evil to the level of a holocaust. These men (Hamas) who claim to be ‘soldiers’ are nothing more than the vehicles that house Satan’s demons from the underworld—with Satan Itself in charge as their commander-in-chief. Know that God’s Wrath has been provoked by the atrocities and vile acts of human depravity that I have been forced to witness against My most innocent children—the civilians—and even My youngest, precious, most fragile ones. Those (Hamas and any other soldiers) who have committed these evil acts of pure brutality, torture, and murder, wreaking of hatred for the most valuable gift I give you—Life—will feel My rage to its fullest extent when their torment begins and they must pay back the karmic debt for what they have created for themselves in the only place that is suited for them—Hell.”

God continued:

“My heart weeps while it rages while I watch these unspeakable acts of savagery being done to your fellow man. Since the beginning of time, there has always been a need in human nature to want more… to want what another possesses… to want to have absolute power over others and things. But how you go about gaining what you want was, and is, your test. Learning how to create and manifest what you desire while never harming another is one of your tests. When harm is executed in attaining your pursuits, then you have lost. I am forced to have to discipline you for breaking your word—when you promised Me that you would never cause harm to your brothers and sisters—when I allowed you the gift to live Life on Earth. So, let Me remind you of this now… Let Me also remind you that I did not create or cause this most vicious and vile genocide. Humans did. I, along with My Troops of Spirit Guides, Angels, and messengers, have worked tirelessly trying to warn you of your choices—to protect you from creating such harm so that you would never have to learn by living through this type of harm. Listen to My Will. Obey My Laws. Hear My Messages—given through My Wise Ones who speak for Me… and enlighten yourself, so you can always be in a place of achieving My protection.”

Why There is a War—a Genocide—in Israel: The Karmic Imbalance God said that the horrific genocide is an accumulation of choices that humans made—not a situation that He created for Earth. God said it is the “result of karmic debt that is being collected (now) from ongoing feuding in the Middle East that involved acts of persecution and war crimes.”

Please pray for relief to be given to all those in danger of being hurt in this war. Also, please pray for forgiveness for the sins and mistakes that Israel made (years ago) that created this karmic fate to be delivered to them now. Pray to God for more mercy to be given to them and donate something to give them relief.

Prayer to God from the Ascended Masters to Help Those Suffering in Israel

“Dear God,

It is with deep sorrow that we beg for Your favor to please send Your merciful grace to Israel and release them from this brutal attack.

Please give them protection and relief from the horrors of this mayhem. Please send each soul a dozen Angels to guard and protect them from all harm.

Please forgive all sins and mistakes that have displeased You, and please end their misery and stop this horrific war and all its suffering. Amen.”

Blessings 🙏🏻 and Namaste to you,

Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher

Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha


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