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How Should You Address God?

His Names He Wishes You to Use

I have been asked by God to tell you the names that He has announced himself as over the years. He wishes to enlighten you to help you speak to your Maker in a more holy, sacred, and honest manner, so that you can have a better chance of earning more of His graces.

God is giving you this insight because He wants to gift you His help and miracles and make your life better. How you speak to, and thus treat, God is one of the first steps you must accomplish in earning His attention and blessings – if you so desire them.

God asked me recently to “tell them My names.”

He said it is important to address Him formally by His names because it conveys respect to Him. He said it is also important you know His chosen names because they convey His magnificent power and authority. They also reiterate who He truly is, which, since He is not among us in a physical body on Earth, can be doubted or discounted. Focusing on and accepting who God really is will help you see your ‘mortal-ness’ compared to God’s true ‘Divinity.’

The very first time God spoke to me was when I was a child. I would hear Him announce Himself as “God” throughout my childhood when He gave me clear messages guiding, protecting, or helping me. Other times, I would hear God reminding me of my relationship with Heaven and He would tell me that I am an “advanced channeler working on Earth again.” He said I needed to be ready to surrender to the Guides and Angels that would be using me to speak through me at any given moment. I would also see the words, “God” written out in my head often when I received these communications.

When God would give me His messages, I would often be filled with feelings of peace, serenity, and love. His feelings that He would give me when He would speak to me always helped me accept my realities.

Later, when I became an adult, I experienced hearing from God again during my ‘miraculous experience,’ when my Spirit Guides and Angels came to activate my psychic abilities to a much higher level and called upon me to work for Them. I went through a long period of seeing the silhouetted, life-size apparitions of seven of my Spirit Guides, one of my Guardian Angels, and my deceased father that lasted 6-10 hours each night over a two-month period. During this time, my Spirit Guides, Angel, and God activated my psychic abilities to an advanced level. They slowly encouraged me to use my abilities to help people by doing readings and healings, which would bring them peace, joy, and closure.

Unfortunately, I didn’t readily welcome this shift in my life because I worried about the possible persecution and social alienation as a result of having psychic abilities. I feared that people would become afraid of my abilities and pull away from me. This caused me to procrastinate in honoring my Guides’ and Angel's wishes to put part of my title (ranking) on my new business cards when they asked that I officially put myself in business.

When trying to accept my title of “Master Channeler” that my Guides and Angels had revealed to me (that I had attained before I even incarnated here), I received a very powerful response to my fears one night – from God… who insisted that I accept it.

As I lay in my bed at 10 pm this night after receiving yet another message from my Guides and Angels asking me to put “Master Channeler” on my new business cards (that I was still procrastinating to include), I received an extraordinary experience.

I was met with the biggest sensation of energy that started from within me. The energy filled me up, starting in my stomach (my core), and then continued all throughout me and then outside of me until eventually, I could not feel my physical body anymore. I was soon enveloped in white light all around me and raised up. I could not feel where I began or where I ended. Suddenly, my third eye opened, and I saw a big blue sky above me and a large body of water beneath me. A huge white glowing globe of energy appeared high above the water in the sky. When I saw the vast, round source of energy appear in the expansive blue sky, I heard it announce Itself as:

“Source of Life. All-Loving. All-Knowing. All-Forgiving. Creator. God…”

At this point, I was beyond overwhelmed remembering (from my childhood) how powerful God actually is.

I saw all of these titles spelled out in white letters in front of me. I then saw small balls of white light (and heard God say “the souls”) fall from the big globe of white light (“made from God”) into the large pool of blue water (“Universe”) and float down their own individual paths. As I saw this, I heard God say: “You are Master Level Channeler, born and created by Me.. to be a Master Level Channeler for the higher realms. You are a Master Level Channeler (and He telepathically said ‘since the inception of your soul’).

He then continued and said that He wanted me to be who I am and asked, to the point of requiring me, to put it on my new business cards and said He wanted me to be strong enough to announce who I am and who He created me to be.

I was so humbled and overwhelmed that the next day, I obeyed, doing exactly as God asked of me, and put my title and ranking on my business cards.

I wanted to share with you this very personal experience that I had with God, not only because he shared His desired names, but also because of the power and authority He showed simultaneously. My relationship with God has never been the same after that. I went forward with a very humbled spirit because He, Creator, taught and reminded me of so much in that one experience.

Over the years, God has continued to use all of those names regularly for Himself. Here are a few other names in addition to these that your Creator also goes by:

“I AM. God Almighty. Almighty Powerful One. Heavenly Father. Divine. Divine Source of Life. Maker. Your Maker”

These are all the primary names that God has spoken to me that He wishes to be addressed by. So, when you pray to Him, talk to Him, ask him for things that you would like, now that you know His names that He wishes to be called.

When you speak to God, make sure you do so very respectfully. God has also taught me how important it is to talk to Him in a respectful and humble manner, so much so that He has asked me also to teach you - because it is that important to Him. Sooo, coming up in the very near future, I will be sharing with you how to talk to your Maker so you can move His heart and mind, and earn His forgiveness, protection, guidance, help, mercy, and blessings.


Oracle Maureen


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