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Gunned Down Palestinians Waiting in Line for Food

A Show of Dominance by Israel

A couple of days after I delivered the heart-breaking and mind-blowing message that Israel "deliberately" killed more than 100 (and injured hundreds more) starving, vulnerable Palestinians desperately waiting in line for life-saving food and water from an aid truck, I received the answer - Why?

God gave Me more insight into this horrific and hard-to-believe tragedy. The IDF, who has been trying to blame the innocent, hungry Palestinians waiting for food by claiming that they caused their deaths because they stampeded the food trucks- is lying; God is angrier. He has now asked Me to give more clarity and the truth about the abhorrible massacre.

Our Creator said:

"This bloody brutal assault on innocent lives was a deliberate act of brute force intended to intimidate and dominate the Palestinian government (Hamas is one part of their government) in hopes of getting them to surrender their attack and submit to Israel."

Not only was this cruel attack intentionally planned and executed by Israel to kill weak and vulnerable Palestinians who were lined up waiting for food - who were easy prey - but it wasn't even an attempt to take out Hamas. God said IDF chose this brutal 'war tactic' as a way to show Hamas what lengths they will resort to in their pursuit of conquering them to gain control and power.

I was told this slaughter was a vicious assault intended to "show the Palestinian government their dominance and that they will do whatever it takes in order win and gain power and control."

Jesus said

"Make no mistake about it, Israel's unmerciful massacre of innocent, hungry, and vulnerable Palestinians shows their intention is to dominate Palestine– at whatever costs."

What God and Jesus want you to know, in addition to the truth, is that their diabolical motive was intended to overpower Palestine – not just the terrorist group Hamas. Israel more than crossed the line when it comes to the laws for war. They are guilty of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity through their continual pursuit of causing hunger and preventing the Palestinians from having food, as well as killing innocent civilians. 

God warned, "Because of their choice to withhold food (which has been a strategy that they have been using throughout their war), they have created a genocide."

The escalation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip is having a catastrophic impact on children and families. There is nowhere safe for them to go. Children are dying at an alarming rate – thousands have been killed and thousands more injured.Aid trucks are being blocked from delivering much-needed and life-saving relief. People have resorted to eating animal feed in order to survive.Around 1.7 million people in the Gaza Strip are estimated to have been internally displaced – half of them children. They do not have enough access to water, food, fuel and medicine. Their homes have been destroyed; their families torn apart. At least ten children have reportedly recently died (that we know of) from dehydration and malnutrition at a hospital in the northern Gaza Strip, according to  

Your Creator wants you to know that the reports you are reading in the news about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intentionally starving the Palestinians are true. Netanyahu is using this cruel tactic not only as a way to try to rid the area of Hamas – but also as a way to seek revenge against Hamas and gain control over the Palestinians.

God wants you to know this for many reasons. One in particular is because of the United States' involvement in this war and how it affects us. By sending weapons and money to Israel to help Israel in their war, we are helping to contribute and perpetuate these war crimes and crimes against humanity. War creates horrific karmic consequences. War crimes create even more significant and more severe l karmic punishments that will be sent. Helping any Nation that is visibly resorting to war crimes and crimes against humanity as a strategy in their conflict– will bring us very painful karmic consequences to face. We have a lot to lose… and we are already losing… this karmic fate has already been put into motion. This message is to help you understand WHY you shouldn't support the US's involvement in this or any war.

God wants Me to remind you that the devastating tragedy of 911 was the result of a catastrophic karmic consequence that the United States created because of its choices and behavior it used during the Operation Dessert Storm war – primarily when soldiers committed deadly war crimes against humanity. You don't resolve war with more war.

Now that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has shown that he is willing and has crossed lines (and actually has since the beginning by killing innocent civilians). The only safe place for us now here in the United States is to pull out – or we are going to pay an even greater karmic price than we already are for contributing to this violent and evil war by helping to facilitate its violence, murder, and war crimes. 

The wise answer for the United States is that it should not offer any help– other than in the forms of giving relief (food, water, medical, basic supplies, doctors, etc.) and assisting in strategies of helping rescue the hostages and all other people who are in danger of being harmed. 

To help Netanyahu in his 'revenge war' – when he has shown he is determined to destroy human lives in pursuit of his goal of attaining power– is a grave mistake for the United States. Israel's choice to kill the innocent and create a genocide has put them in a situation of having to experience that pain all over again, and it will be multiplied - due to the karmic fate they have created for themselves.

It will also be our downfall here in the US if we continue to aid Israel in its' evil behavior. God said He "plans to respond and wants us to protect ourselves from another catastrophic karmic event."  We do not want to live through another horrific tragedy comparable to 911, so the only way to safeguard ourselves is for the US to move away from helping Israel make war – and only give them aid and help rescue.

God has asked Me to enlighten you because we live under the principle of the 'Law of Manifestation' and evolve through the process of Karma – learning through the positive and the negative experiences we all manifest by our actions. This is another reason that war is never the answer... it creates more negative Karma for all of us.

Think and pray for Peace if you want Peace in your world. 

Oracle Maureen

Saint Mary of Bethany

Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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