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Free Will

How We Use It Creates Something— Karma (good or bad) 

“Kyle Rittenhouse is Not a free man”…. this is what God said to me when He came through with a message after Kyle’s verdict was announced last week. In fact, his punishment that was supposed to begin in a jail cell here on Earth will still happen – but in different ways now.

Creator said that He also wishes to let you know that He is “very unhappy” with the “mentality” and “maturity level” of those who decided Kyle’s fate... the jury members.

At only 17 years old, Kyle shot and killed two men and injured a third with an assault style weapon rifle that he bought, illegally and under aged. It may appear as though Kyle’s punishment for this has been avoided, given he was acquitted, but I have been asked to tell you otherwise. Although Kyle and those who support him see this as a victory, it will not be an outcome that he will be ultimately celebrating.

The decision to find Kyle not guilty and to not hold him accountable for murdering two people and harming another - has only resulted in a stronger sentence for him to have face when he goes into his Afterlife, as well as to have to experience here through acts of painful Karmic conditions, while he is still here on Earth.

God came through with a message to enlighten you about Free Will, to teach you that no matter how humans use theirs – God will Always provide justice for the crimes committed against His laws. Creator said, “No one can ever evade, alter or escape God’s punishment – if and when I decide to send it.“

The Jury Members Will Have to Answer

Creator said in a powerful tone, expressing both His sadness and disapproval with the jury members who “ignored God’s whispers and intuitive feelings” that He sent them— guiding them make the “just” decision, which was to sentence Kyle to prison.

God continued:

“Their choice to put their Earth Laws over and above God’s Laws and provide an excuse for the murders that Kyle did commit is a decision that they will have to contend with.”

Creator said that the jury members will also face negative Karmic consequences for “making their unjust choices,” which was failing to help Kyle recognize that his behavior was harmful and for not holding him accountable for murder. As a result, they have created some negative Karma for themselves to have to live through. They must be uncomfortable long enough for them to gain clarity on how they condoned the act of killing, as opposed to supporting God’s Law and wish, which is: ”Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

These uncomfortable conditions will be necessary to help them learn how they could have, and should have, made a wiser choice for the person they were helping, and for themselves, by honoring ‘God’s Law’ over and above ‘Earth’s Law’ and chosen: “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.

God said He wishes for you to know that the jury’s “limited-type of thinking” that supports harming and killing one another is seen and punished at a greater level than what you may understand. It goes beyond the perpetrator and “extends to anyone and everyone that supports the harm and who protects the killer. They too are at risk for receiving the wrath of My karmic punishments—so they learn, once and for all, to value Life and the reality that when they kill, they destroy a child of Mine that I, God Almighty, Source of All Life, has created to be My son or daughter. This soul belongs to Me, My child who I birthed… who I wish to see no harm ever come to from man’s hands.”

Kyle Is Not A Free Man

God told me that Kyle’s sentence will be sent to him in different and challenging forms in his incarnation now because of the delay of jailtime that could have started here; and then he will experience confinement in an even stronger form in his Afterlife.

Vigilantes Are Not Heroes

God also said He “does Not see vigilante behavior as an act of Heroism.” In fact, He sees it as the complete opposite and is asking people to stop this behavior before it is too late and “more bloodshed is made by your hands, which I will have no choice but to have to respond by setting up your Karmic conditions for you to learn from – so you evolve and learn to value Life and My children… down to having to feel My pain of loss of losing a child: something No parent should have to bear. Please stop now…. For My sake and Yours… “

Free will. It’s a gift, but one that is only ends up being a gift when we use it wisely.

Sending you each the peace and serenity that you can have—if you listen and obey God’s Will.

And so it is… Namaste.

Master Channeler Maureen

Principle Oracle for Kuan Yin

Principle Oracle for Jesus

Primary Oracle for Mother Mary

Primary Oracle for Buddha

Direct Oracle for God


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