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Deployment Has Cost Us

A Message from Your Creator

The war on Ukraine is a senseless, unprovoked and tragic act of violence and mayhem in the eyes of Heaven. Sadly, the actions of the U.S. has cost us. Heaven wants you to know why the U.S.’s involvement has caused negative karma so people can learn from these mistakes and not repeat them.

I was given a series of difficult visions from God about the negative karmic consequences that our participation in the war has created for our nation. I was also given messages about your Creator’s deep pain, sadness, and anger over the U.S’s behavior, which has contributed to the war’s brutality.

God wants His people to know that He is expressing His deep sadness and rage about the U.S.’s deployment efforts. When we deployed soldiers and weapons to help Ukraine win their war, we contributed to the violence. God wants you to know that this is what is behind the recent angry storms, making their loud, crushing statements throughout the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and Florida, where destruction and fear have humbled our nation.

Unfortunately, the devastating hurricanes, Ian and Fiona, were God’s way of scolding us for “deploying soldiers and weapons” to help Ukraine their war, which resulted in creating more violence and getting more of His people hurt, tortured and killed.

In God’s messages to me, He let me know that He is “enraged” about the U.S. contributing to the tragedy of this war – by choosing to deploy weapons and soldiers to help them fight and win their war. Soldiers are committing many atrocities in this war, including the most disturbing ones— war crimes. War crimes are much higher degrees of violence that include heinous acts such as child rapes, gang rapes, massacres, and torture of innocent civilians by soldiers. These soldiers know they are breaking the laws that the governments have in place to protect civilians, but instead are disregarding the laws and committing pure torture and evil upon people - including children.

Why is Deployment a Mistake?

There are several reasons why our act of deployment is seen as a mistake in the eyes of God. One, is that Americans are contributing to murder and violence. It is also helping Ukrainians commit murder and violence by giving them the support of weapons and soldiers who are helping train them, and also fighting on their behalf. God has shown me that anyone who commits murder, even in a war, will never be allowed to go straight into Heaven when they die. They will be forced to have to suffer an undesirable afterlife in a painful level of purgatory. God has told me, and shown me, that there are no exceptions, not even in war. When the U.S. decided to deploy, we are, in essence, helping other people commit murder. God is furious that the U.S. has deployed soldiers and weapons. He said in doing so, this action has “tied us and connected” us to their war, where many people are being brutalized. This is helping further manifest the war, and now our act of deployment is contributing to keeping it going and getting more people hurt. God said our hands our now “soiled,” which means we are considered guilty of a crime in His eyes. We have created a negative karmic consequence for ourselves – thus, the threatening and devastating storms we have had to endure.

In one vison, God showed me His wrath. I was shown that when the U.S. sent the Ukraine armored military trucks (carrying weapons into the Ukraine), He sent us “storms” as a result (as a punishment). As I saw the armored trucks being deployed, I saw them driving downhill, (God showed me this was a downfall and that there will be a punishment sent). I was also told that soldiers and people who are responsible for committing this act will be sent to the lower realms (purgatory), away from Heaven for their participation in doing this. While I saw the armored truck driving downhill, Creator then turned my face to see first one, then a second, and then a third hurricane hit Earth, all causing destruction. He said, “when they did this” (send the armored trucks into help the war), “I had to do this” (send in the storms to the U.S.). God explained that when the U.S. “contributed and participated” in the war by supplying Ukraine with soldiers and weapons, He had to balance the karmic fate that we created for ourselves by helping manifest violence and destruction – here in the U.S.

Biden deployed the soldiers to Ukraine, not to directly fight in the war, but to train and teach Ukrainian soldiers to fight, under the NATO defense alliance. However, I was shown that this is not entirely true. God showed me that there are American soldiers fighting this senseless war.

I was given another vision. It showed soldiers that were tortured and brutally assaulted. I was mortified. I saw how one had been tortured by being kicked repeatedly in the body and head. He suffered a concussion, black eye, a broken arm, and a broken leg. He couldn’t see or walk straight. He was covered in bruises, limped, and had bandages around his head and his broken arm. God showed me him taking a ‘victory walk’ towards the finish line (when the war is finally over) back home to the U.S. and looking forward to receiving a medal for his participation. God showed me he would not be receiving recognition from the Americans for his contribution verbally or a medal, but that instead he would be receiving permanent neurological and psychological damage, and physical problems for the rest of his life. God expressed that He is both sad and angry about the sad reality for many of the soldiers who will have outcomes that will be similar to this soldier's. God said that the soldier never had to put himself through the abuse and torture that he did, and that He would also not be rewarding the solider, but instead will have to send him his karma for fighting and creating violence.

The U.S. is keeping from you how many soldiers are actually fighting in the war. While Biden claims no Americans are fighting, you will find conflicting information that there is an “un-disclosed amount” of Americans fighting. God wants you to know that there are enough to make Him angry.

When the U.S. deployed soldiers and weapons, the U.S. is now viewed as “guilty” in the eyes of God for helping to “manifest violence and harm people.” God explained that He used hurricanes as our karmic lessons to destroy the land, homes, businesses, and, unfortunately, the people in the hurricanes’ explosive paths, here. He used this natural disaster because it mimics the actions of war, destroying things in a similar fashion.

God said He is also unhappy with “America’s apathy to the situation and the lack of response” to Ukrainian refugees. He said wants us to “help rescue and save those who are in grave danger” by donating and volunteering much more.

God continued to tell me that the string of volatile storms is His way of “expressing His pain and unhappiness with His beings,” and that they are happening in the areas on the globe that they are happening in because of secondary reasons that align with their karmic fate, which they have created primarily due to a lack of belief in Him.

He asked that I help you understand this direct connection between the cause and effect behind karma and manifestation, and that this was not what He wanted to do. But, rather like a strict Father figure in Heaven, He was forced to teach disobedient children who needed to be enlightened, corrected, and disciplined. The storms were the act that He knows would balance out the crime that the U.S. committed to be the best teacher for His people to learn their lessons in the most humbling way possible - so that hopefully we (the U.S.) will not make this mistake again in the future.

I’m sure you are asking why were the people who were hurt and affected by the hurricanes – the ones hurt, when they did not personally choose to deploy? Because they committed other mistakes that fell in alignment with needing to have their karma cleared and this consequence fell in alignment with this exact lesson plan that God felt was the best teacher for them to learn and grow from and clear their karmic debt.

U.S. Deployed Many Soldiers (A Few Examples):

  • 3,800 troops were deployed from Fort Stewart, Georgia, to bolster U.S. forces in Europe after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

  • At least 12,000 service members from various U.S. bases to Europe, with a couple of thousand morealready stationed abroad shifting to other European countries.

  • More than 100,000 U.S. service members serving in Europe with many along the eastern front of the alliance.

  • More than 20,000 additional forces were sentto Europe across all domains — air, land, maritime, and cyberspace.

U.S. Gave Money & Weapons (A Few Examples):

  • The U.S. has set aside an obscene amount of $13.6 billion for a Ukraine aid package to be used for weapons and training for the war on the Ukraine, according to

  • The U.S aided the Ukrainian military with$675 million of U.S. stocks, including more ammunition, armored vehicles, and anti-armor weapons, according to

  • The US has provided245,000 rounds of 155mm artillery ammunition, surface-to-air missile systems and laser-guided rocket systems.

When Do We Fight in A War?

I’m sure you are wondering what the answer is when it comes to war then. God and Jesus have shown me over the last several years that when we are faced with danger, whether in a war situation or individually, there are no situations in which we are allowed to defend ourselves by committing murder. They have shown me that They will only allow (which means we will not get negative karma) us to use a weapon to defend ourselves by injuring the person as a means to escape from them. When we choose to kill, the negative karma is extraordinarily high - which means extraordinarily painful. This is why They are sending you this message and why God is sending us angry storms, because He is wrathful about the violence and killing that the U.S. have participated in – through the act of deployment.

Please take to heart this message from your Creator. Nothing good comes out of war. God has taught me that He holds “disdain” for any and all acts of violence and killing – even under the conditions of war. God wants us to evolve to the level of being capable of resolving our conflicts with one another without ever having to hurt or kill each other. This is one of our “tests” and “missions” that we are supposed to eventually recognize and understand here on Earth.

You cannot live in Heaven, permanently, and make it your forever home as long as you believe in, and act harmfully towards another human being or animal. This is one of God and Jesus’s primary conditions They have for us before allowing us into Their Paradise. As long as you believe in war, you will be forced to keep coming back to Earth, reincarnating, and working on evolving your soul until you finally mature to the level where you see that Peacefulness is the only state that Love can exist and survive in. Living in a state of Harmony and Love will allow you to achieve the level of purity you need to attain in order to be able to live in Heaven near your Creator, God, on a regular, permanent basis.

A Message from Your Creator About War

“Love is the path that leads to my heart. War wreaks of violence, pain, murder, and torture. This is the surest direction away from where My Golden Gate to your Glorious Afterlife awaits to open for you.

Please hear My wish, I will not allow those who choose the path of violence into My Palace. I cannot allow those who seek out and contribute to creating wars on My children, My planet. There will be a home for you in your Afterlife, when your time comes, but please know that I will not allow My Golden Gates to open for you if are one who seeks war. Your home will be elsewhere.

I wish to be a peaceful Father. War pushes Me out of My serenity and into a state of wrath. I beg you. I warn you… do not be a child of Mine that pushes My limits and sends Me into rage. It is not a natural, nor desired, state for Me.

Love is the direction you must walk and practice in order for Me to open up and unlock My Golden Gates and allow you to enter My Paradise so you can call Heaven home.”

Please help the Ukrainians affected by this vicious war. Please honor God’s wish to not support war. Choose Peace… so our Heavenly Father can send us Peaceful Karmic Blessings instead, please…

Blessings, Oracle Maureen


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