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Battle Over the Border

As the Wall Goes Up… So Does Chaos and Crisis

There has been much debate about the Border Wall preventing illegal immigrants from entering the United States. 

If you have been watching the news, you’ve heard what Biden, Trump, and many politicians have said about it.

But wouldn’t you want to know what God has to say? Your Creator has given Me a message about this ‘Wall’ that is supposed to give us protection—but instead… is costing us His protection

God’s Message About the Wall of Chaos—Crumbling Human Rights

Here is God’s message concerning the US-Mexico Border Wall, telling you what His Wishes are… so that you have the chance to make choices that will support His Will.

In the pursuit of building a Wall that was supposed to keep out danger, God has told Me that people are turning a blind eye to the violations that the Wall has caused—by harming people. God has relayed to Me His unhappiness about how His children have been, and are, mistreating His other children—and He has asked Me to tell you.

Sadly, as a result of building the Wall, there have been many abusive behaviors committed at the border. This has been a huge mistake, and God is enraged. He has witnessed innocent immigrants being beaten, starved, and even raped. He has seen how the children have been ripped from the caring hands of their parents and terrifyingly detained and isolated. He has seen how people have been forced into prisons of confinement with no food, water, or other basic needs. He has seen some of them die because of these abuses committed against them.

God has seen Border Patrol treat immigrants with a blatant disregard as human beings—and get away with it. He has also seen how most of these immigrants are not the feared drug dealers, gang members, or other threats that people claim… at all. God wants you to know He has seen all of the violent and abusive acts that have been done to innocent people of other nationalities, including children—and that there is absolutely, positively no justification for harming them by enslaving them, abusing them, and taking away their birth rights to be treated with the same equality, respect, and freedom as His children in the US.

God said, “God created all of His beings to be treated with the same rights of fairness, equality, and freedom and to live their lives being given the same respect and equal opportunities as every other human on the planet—so that no one suffers from discrimination or is disregarded or harmed. Causing harm to those who are using their basic gift of freedom to pursue a better life in the United States—is considered discrimination based on their nationality.”

Although illegal immigrants may be trying to sneak into the US through the border, it does not mean that there are justifiable reasons to mistreat, harm, or abuse them. It also doesn’t mean that we should view them as guilty of being a danger or threat and assume they are drug dealers or gang members. This, again, is more discrimination that is being cast upon them.

God wants you to understand that the way the US is handling the Border Wall is infringing on their rights to freedom and equality—when they become enslaved, separated from their loved ones, and then physically, mentally, or verbally abused.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) agrees. It clearly states, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person” and, “Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution” (United Nations). These statements are in direct alignment with God’s Wishes.

The glaring disregard for human rights that has been committed at the Wall has made God sad and angry. His children are being treated in discriminatory ways, which has put into motion negative Karmic consequences that we here in the US will have to suffer from. He is hoping His children will listen to His message—so that He “doesn’t have to strike [us] down any more than what [we] (the US) have created for ourselves.”

God’s Wish is to Break Down the Wall—to Stop its Abuses and Discrimination

There should be nothing blocking people from their fundamental right to pursue living their dreams. The Border Wall is causing a divide in what God’s plan was, and is, for Creation—which is to live with independence, freedom, and all the liberties that He gifted each of us—equally—so we can have the chance to make our dreams come true and live the lives we desire.

As far as the threat being issued that the immigrants are drug dealers, gang members, and un-desirables that could get in and cause us harm, God said we need to have a different approach. They should and must be dealt with through the criminal legal process and deportation as soon as possible.

God’s wishes are that we respect every human life and not impede another’s pursuit to advance and enrich their life—and their gift of freedom and human rights. He wants the wall to come down so that all His children can live in a state that upholds His initial dream when He created Earth—to live in unity together. Unfortunately, division creates more division, and harm—which is precisely what the Border Wall has done by allowing immigrants to become abused, enslaved, and separated from loved ones.

God’s Wish is that the US takes a different approach—one of tolerance, sharing, and cooperation… where every life is treated equally valuable and given the same gifts of freedom and independence that He gave to us when He created us.

Blessings, Oracle Maureen

Chief Principal Oracle for God, Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary and Buddha Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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