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Abolish Abortion Part 2 --

A Follow Up: Some Answers Given on this Difficult Topic

Well, that was a very difficult mission to complete: delivering the message about Heaven’s wish to abolish abortion last week. Whew… so glad it’s over. However, it did bring up many questions from some of my followers. The Ascended Masters did ask me to respond to some of them (most of them are on Facebook) and give insight to this very personal and passionately-debated topic.

Since I am thinking not all of you read the social media comments and questions, I am bringing some of the questions here, as well as adding some new insight,so you may have a deeper understanding of this long-argued issue – given its very personal nature and the many important and valid factors surrounding it: Does our free will have a say in abortions since it is our body? What about the unplanned pregnancies that happen because of violence and force? When does life begin? And does God really consider abortion an act of killing? (those have been answered)

There are challenging circumstances involved with pregnancies sometimes, especially with the unplanned ones, and the ones that are the result of brute force and harm perpetuated against a woman.

Here is some clarity on these very difficult angles of this challenging topic that the Ascended Masters have given me to give you further enlightenment on, so that you may know the wisest path to follow.

Here are some of the questions that I was asked after my previous message: God’s wish to abolish abortion because He does consider it the act of killing (for those who have not read it, you can find it on my blog:

Q: Is there an exception for young girls what have been molested by a family member?

A: A young girl who gets pregnant because of getting molested. Tragic, I know! Again….There is always karma, a test, initiation, or lesson involved in all of our experiences – even these, as hard as it to believe (our karmas are carried over from past lives and the tests and initiations we decide to undergo to help us evolve are forgotten once we leave Heaven and come into our incarnations). When these types of pregnancies happen, the girl most likely committed an act that she now has to balance out her karma with (through her tragic experience)… and this is how God and she (she co-created her “Life’s Chart” when They designed her incarnation) decided was the best way to do it. The pregnancy could be her burden for a past sin in a past lifetime. Or it is not karma and this soul simply chose a very advanced initiation for herself to go through to advance her soul much quicker and higher. Whatever is the truth of the experience is - karma or an initiation - the answer is still to not abort the baby and kill it. The right choice is still to give it up to someone who can love it and raise it… even though it could be a difficult for her and her family. The answer is: no, she is not allowed to abort.

I was told to expand here. I was shown that with tragedies concerning underaged girls like this, God can and does intervene and release them form the burden of their unwanted pregnancy. I was told that God can take a pregnancy as easily as He can give a pregnancy, which means God can create a miscarriage for them and release the pregnancy from them. I was told that this happens often. Young girls are given more mercy and grace with their hardships if they have earned Creator’s help in this way. So, there is a great chance that their pregnancy may not even come to full term for them to have to deal with, and they would be saved from the pain of it – by God.

Q: What about pregnancies that are the result of rape?

A: The same act of mercy can also be given to rape victims (outside of a family member). A miscarriage can be sent to them and free them from the responsibility of parenthood or having to choose whether to keep or give up the baby. I was asked to tell you that God bestows mercy to those who suffer under these trying circumstances (even though the experience was set up in their life paths). There can always be a shift - a miracle. He can always take a pregnancy from someone and does to show them mercy and grace… especially under these types of ‘special’ circumstances where true harm has been committed against a woman. They are given more mercy and grace…. in one way or another….. The answer on whether to abort is still no.

Q: What about our free will?

A: Choosing an abortion may be using your free will, but it is against God’s Will. One choice will keep you safe from pain, the other will send you into it… so choose wisely. What someone chooses on this issue will create a karmic experience for them to live through - positive or negative.

How you choose to support this issue- permitting and allowing it into our society or safeguarding people and protecting them from making a mistake by not permitting it in our community – will also create a karma for you. No, we may never ban abortions. We are too far unevolved for that right now. But that does not mean that you should just accept that position. If you do, you will create a karma that aligns with that – which is one that is nothonoring God’s Will and helping to protect the people that are going to make a mistake. The ‘right’ answer is to vote for no abortions and to speak about it peacefully to help enlighten people that their choice to support it will affect them negatively in their future – because it goes against God’s Laws.

Q: Why are there (unwanted and wanted) miscarriages?

A: Miscarriages happen when God decides to take a life. Just as God decides to give someone a life, He can and does take a life. Creator told me a couple of years ago: “I give them what they have, and I take what they have.”He has asked me to share this. Some examples The Masters have shown me of why God would take a pregnancy is when someone chose an abortion or killed a life (in their present lifetime or one of their prior lifetimes) - this would be a karmic consequence for them that they would have to balance out before they would be allowed to hold and keep a pregnancy. They may also have a miscarriage if they have been wishing to not get pregnant. Or, if they have already become pregnant and fell into fear and doubt and started wishing it away. And there are more reasons…

You have received the answer of how God sees this very controversial and personal issue. God does see abortion as an act of killing under all circumstances... You can either choose to please God or yourself… that is your choice to make. This is why We have spoken up. We know what it will cost those who choose not to listen to Source of Life and please Him. It will cost them a lot - and We wish to save them from that mistake. So, please hear Us and choose wisely for yourself...

The Masters and God have taught me that no matter what we are up against here, no matter how difficult our circumstances are, that we are never to harm or kill one another. They have shown me there is no justification for it . Yes, this is a very big bar set for us. We forget it when we get here (Earth). But that’s why you came here - to test yourselves. Striving to reach this goal and attaining it is what will allow you to finally be free from having anymore incarnations on the difficult planet Earth - and be allowed to live full time, permanently in Heaven.. where no young girls are harmed… no women are violated…. no children are killed in school massacres... no pandemic is killing us…. no friends and family leave us….. where no pain and suffering exist.

I felt the desire to help give clarity on this issue, stand up for God’s wishes, and back up the message that the Ascended Masters gave last week. In addition to the strong message that They gave to enlighten you, They started enlightening me several years ago and showed me the truth that abortions were considered a mistake. I was unprepared and surprised for this lesson. When the first vision and message came in showing me that there are consequences attached to aborting babies, I worried for our very liberal society – which I completely understand. However, I also received my orders from my Superiors, which was to enlighten people to protect them from making a mistake. I wanted to share this with you to let you know that They have given me much more insight on this topic than just the channeled message from last week to help guide you to listen to Them.

Blessings and Namaste,

Oracle Maureen


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