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A Little Recap

from a Big Expo!

It was fun to be part of the Conscious Life Expo again this past weekend. The expo is massive and draws people from all over the country. With COVID a lesser threat this year, it drew a huge crowd. It is always a pleasure to see my clients that I typically only see at the expo, and it was equally great to meet new ones.😊🌈

I enjoyed the workshops I got to do and sharing Kuan Yin's wisdom. I loved being part of the Divination Panel, however… Lol… I’m not sure everyone there felt the same about me after it was done. The topic of ouija boards came up, and a few panelists encouraged the audience members to use them. Divination uses tools like tarot cards, pendulums, dowsing rods, ouija boards, etc. After listening to maybe the third person encourage the use of ouija boards, I was taken over and channeled a difficult and long message from Jesus. I remember He suddenly opposed Their guidance and warned people not to use them because they are dangerous. I remember channeling things like ouija boards will open the door for demons and other negative entities (negative aliens and ghosts) to allow them into the person’s space, which could lead to a cording (possession). Even if it doesn’t go as far as a cording, it will lead to them being harassed by the negative entity and it is very difficult to get rid of them. I remember Jesus said with strong conviction through me that using ouija boards will create a negative consequence for people as a punishment because they are calling into and bringing demons into our dimension who could harm others.

I was caught off guard by the channeled message - so was everyone else! 😳. It went against a few of the panelists' work, including one panelist who mentioned that he taught people how to use the ouija board. When I was back in my body and realized what I channeled and that it went against a few of my peers' work, I felt terrible because I wouldn’t want to do anything to compromise their work. I broke the ice and we ended up laughing it off after I made one panelist promise me she would do strong psychic shielding and protection prayers for herself… so it all ended up good.😊 They still like me 😇 I think?

But that night, I went to bed, still worried that I had upset my peers. I was awoken by God soon after I fell asleep, who told me that I had “pleased" Him. God and Jesus told me that They “praise” me for my willingness to not shut down out of fear, being in front of a crowd, and allowing Jesus to enter me and channel the truth to warn and protect the audience. They said it took “bravery” to do it to my peers in front of a crowd and that they would be “rewarding” me for my efforts. They then thanked me for being “bold” and allowing Jesus to use me at the Master-Level Channeling state that I am created at and not shutting Him out - so He could protect people.

Later that day, I asked Them why the ouija board was so forbidden. I was allowed the answer. They told me the truth behind ouija boards and why God and Jesus disdain them - to the point of casting punishments onto people who use them. They explained that it is because ouija boards are originally how people started communicating with the 'name who shall not be mentioned' (but starts with an S). It is the primary tool used by satanic worshippers, especially satanic cults, in their efforts to connect with 'the name that shall not be mentioned' along with his other demons.

Using Divination tools will not get you into trouble, except for the ouija board. This is the one divination tool that God and Jesus do not allow because of its use and association with “S” and other demons. Using it will likely open the door to demons and let them into your space. This is because God will not gift you His protection since you were disloyal to Him by associating with a tool that was created, has historically been used, and still is used as the primary tool to connect with “S” and other demons - God’s enemies.

God is very clear and very serious about loyalty. If you want His gifts… such as His gift of protection, you must always show Him loyalty. He showed me in this experience that even associating with a tool that is directly connected to the one who betrayed Him most (“S”) will cost you His gift of protection. I would hate for anyone of you to ever lose God's gifts. Since He has enlightened me, I felt like sharing this wisdom with you - so you know something valuable to help keep you safe… stay away from ouija boards….😳😬

Thank you to everyone who came to see me at the Expo. I enjoyed my time with you. You made it so fun!🌹

Oh, and PS… I was thrilled that quite a few people came up to me after the panel and thanked me for having the courage to say what they really wanted to know (and suspected) of the ouija board… So maybe they will invite me back again to speak on the panel next year... lol… or not… lol. 😇

Namaste and Peace to you,

Oracle Maureen

Master Channeler & Spiritual Teacher


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