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Message from Maureen

I have shared many of the Miraculous Experiences that I’ve had with My Guides, Angels, and God here on My website. This was not something that I was ever planning on doing. 


In April of 2019, Jesus asked Me to write about My “Ascension Process” and share it on My website. He wanted Me to show people how My process transformed as I advanced with My Guides over the years. Not long after, God also requested that I share this process and the true nature of My soul. Creator asked Me to share the messages that have been revealed to Me about being a Direct Oracle for Him, what a Master Channeler is, and My role as a full-time oracle for the Ascended Masters.


They both explained that They wanted this information known because They wanted to inform people that the teachings and guidance offered by Jesus, Kuan Yin, Mary, Buddha, and God are available today through Me, Their Oracle


They want those who truly wish to seek enlightenment to understand that the messages, prayers, and lessons that are gifted on My social media posts, blogs, and website—as well as the philanthropic causes to which My charity, Angels Among Us Foundation, brings awareness to—are the teachings given by Them, and not by Me.


God explained to Me that He wanted His children (the people of Earth) to have this knowledge so that they can have access to Their teachings or live knowing that they had the chance to learn from Them. 


God said He wanted this revealed so that “they listen to You.” (He is referring to all the messages that are given to Me).


Please keep this in mind when you listen to every message, prayer, vision, meditation, and class that I provide, and also when you explore the charitable causes, namely the section “How Heaven Sees It” at


It was God’s and Jesus’s wish that I open up and share everything that I have included here. My wish is that you connect with Them and learn from Their priceless wisdom so that your soul can ascend to the next level of enlightenment.  


With Love,

Oracle Maureen

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